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    Ed's Rio 180

    Tank is looking great Ed! I particularly like the Crinum calamistratum - been thinking about some of that for mine. Bet it's going to look top notch by Christmas Day! Have a great Christmas!
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    Feedback Saved again!

    Thanks once again to Richard... off on holiday tomorrow and realised on Monday night my CO2 was on it's way out. Got a reassuring phone call yesterday and order arrived this morning! Can always rely on AE :D :D :D
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    Hi no moto

    Sure are! Looks good! :D
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    [FoF] October 2008

    Great pics. The stand looks wicked!!! Nice work!
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    2ft Optiwhite - The Rising Sun

    Great pictures :D
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    Where are you from?

    Re: Where are you from Nottingham
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    Poll: Do you use gabbly chat?

    I can't see that. But Clark did enlighten me! Lots of computer talk mainly :shock:
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    wcmm nooky show

    I had a load of WCMM's a while back and used to see the males displaying and competing against each other quite aggressively! The females are always full of eggs but I've never had anything come of it. I think they are beautiful and much underrated!
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    Congratulations, Aqua Essentials!

    Congratulations Richard! Had any thoughts about how to make sure you come first next year?! :wink:
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    Poll: Do you use gabbly chat?

    Blonde girl question :oops: ... what is it?!
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    Group meetings/events

    I think it's a good idea - the Portuguese ones looked brilliant! I think most of us would pay an 'entrance fee' to make it possible. And I bet we could amass a fair bit of free stuff between the members and the sponsors... :D
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    First planted setup.....

    Lol! That's almost as dangerous as the book... or the tropica site for that matter. I end up with a bigger and bigger list. And then another tank... and another... :lol: :lol: :lol: Mark's advice is very good though - set yourself a max number to avoid that 'kid in a sweetshop' syndrome...
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    Dan Crawford's Jurassic Dawn

    Absolutely love it!!! One of my favourites so far! :D :D :D
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    Cleaning Piping?

    I do mine when they look like they need it. Eheim do a flexible cleaning brush on a long piece of nylon - cost about £3 and works a treat
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    Take Our Survey

    me too
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    Ukaps at glee, featured on the Unipac stand.

    Nice work! And loving those t shirts! :lol: Wish I'd have known - I was down in Brum so could have had a peek
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    Bank Charges?

    Have a look on
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    Business Startup

    Hi Tom, George pointed you at a great source of info - there are some pages particularly targeting the East of England. There should be details of one Enterprise Agency who are contracted to provide all the business start up advice in your area - if you can't find it easily then just call them...
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    1000 members...

    ... any day now!!! It's great to see so many people joining up every day. And so many starting to post on a regular basis. Congrats to all the founders - George, Dan, Matt, Graeme and James - it's a great achievement. And to Clive, Ed and the other mods for their constant help and support...
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    What fish foods do you use?

    I use a mixture of granules and pellets and fry food when I'm being lazy - no particular brand though, whatever I've got. Other times I buy a lot of live food - I really notice the difference in colours on my fish and my cories are much more active when they're getting plenty of wriggling...
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    Top beginners' FAQs

    I kind of agree with bugs, but... The question Clive seems to answer time after time is 'why do i have algae?' PS Hope you're keeping ok George
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    Pelvicachromis pulcher

    Hi beeky, I guess my WCMMs are probably getting on a bit, and maybe I've been a bit mean about my angels :mrgreen: I drew that conclusion mainly because the bigger (and maybe older) ones are still there but the littler ones are gone. I have had them a fair while though and I got them second...
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    5th Anniversary Aquariofilia.Net - 20/21 September, Lisbon

    Hi João and welcome Congratulations on your 5 years and on organising what looks to be an amazing event! I wish I was able to go and hope that some of our members are tempted and can tell us all about it! Maybe we should do something similar?!
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    Great incentive to get me selling again! :lol:
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    Pelvicachromis pulcher

    I think I'm persuaded! They sound like great little characters. Thanks all. Johnny - I may be back for advice on catching babies if I'm that lucky! Ed - reassuring to hear you've got a similar set up. Funnily enough I've been looking at congo tetras too :D Re the WCMMs - yes when I had...
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    Pelvicachromis pulcher

    Fish numbers in my main tank are starting to dwindle, in part due to old age, but also due to my angels who got a bit peckish while I was on holiday :shock: I've been trying to decide what fish to introduce, but am struggling to make up my mind, and to work out what would be compatible. I've...
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    A Few Pictures of My Fish and Their Homes

    Great pics Johnny. How many tanks have you got?
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    My First tank using E I.

    Lovely tank!! Really like the rock placement
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    280L 'Cangai Crossing'

    47 days and counting :D :D :D We went to Byron Bay last year :D
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    280L 'Cangai Crossing'

    Hi Nikko and welcome! I've been having a look around on and there are some fantastic native tanks! I'm looking forward to getting out there! I'm loving the blue rock - I'm looking forward to seeing more pics where the colour comes up a bit more realistically
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    Happy Birthday Jayne

    Happy Birthday Jayne! Hope you get some good stuff for that tank! :mrgreen:
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    deep tank ideas

    That would be just like putting me in a sweetshop! :mrgreen: Where's your shop Sye?
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    suggestion - plant index

    Matt, this sounds like a really cool idea! It would certainly make our index different!
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    deep tank ideas

    Hello Sye and welcome Marine is definately less forgiving! We've got both and it does take a lot more maintenance. I've never had a tank that big so haven't got much advice, but it might be worth having a read of Jayne's threads including this one... viewtopic.php?t=1590 and posting in the...
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    Less than 1 WPG

    Hi Brian, Tank looks great - looking forward to seeing your others! Whereabouts in Queensland are you? We'll be in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast in a couple of months. Didn't find many good LFS last time, so any recommendations you can give us would be great! Cheers
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    Bow fronted aquariums?

    We've got 2! I much prefer how they look and agree with what's been said about fitting in to your home. Ours work really well. I agree they don't take a good photo, but i'm no photographer. I like the fact that the perspective is different depending on where you sit - it adds new dimensions...
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    My Only Problem - Surface Scum

    We had bad surface scum on our marine tank, but an airstone has sorted that. Still don't know what caused it, but the airstone is hidden behind some rocks so it doesn't get on my nerves! Perhaps it would be a good idea to fill in some of the details about your set up and your dosing regime?
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    Africa Zambot 2008. Warning, lots of pics!

    Africa just takes my breath away every time! You're very very lucky :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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    Universites, Leed's met vs. Lincoln.

    I love Leeds! I used to think it was the only other place I'd live - great night life! :lol: It does have that 'big city' feel though, so it depends what you're after... I'd agree with Mark; Lincoln is tamer, but still lovely.
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    Hi Wayne & welcome!
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    How to call the Police

    Brilliant! Properly laughing out loud! :lol:
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    Happy Birthday Lisa

    :lol: oh yes! :lol: Hope you have a great year Lisa!
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    Outside the wire...

    Scary stuff. I've got other mates over there. Hope you all stay safe and get back here soon N x
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    Happy Birthday Ed

    Happy Birthday!
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    should i give up marine for another planted tank?

    Beeky is right about the similarities! Sometimes I just need to think about what I've learnt on here and apply it. There are also a load of great fish for controlling algae :mrgreen:
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    should i give up marine for another planted tank?

    It's fair to say that marine is a lot lot lot more expensive than our tropical planted tanks. It's certainly not easy either - most people stock up way too fast which stores up trouble for later. It's all a matter of preference, but there is definately room for both in my house :mrgreen: We...
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    Trumpet snail prob

    I'd PM Matt - if memory serves me right, he's got loads of snails and knows quite a bit
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    saintlys sumatradriftwood scape

    Lol! My b/f used to say the same about me. Then he got a marine tank :mrgreen: Expense on a planted tank [or 3 :oops: ] just pales into insignficance!!
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday both of you! Hope you've had a few shandies. And well done to LD for spotting!! :D
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    Surface Scum - Keeps Coming Back

    There's no CO2 going into the marine tank and I've had the problem far worse in that one than the planted tanks have ever been! I run the airstone on [yet another] timer!
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    Surface Scum - Keeps Coming Back

    Had this problem on our marine tank (so I'm not sure the algae would be the same type?) but having tried the paper towel thing and big water changes for ages, we tried the airstone. It did work like a miracle overnight! No problems since
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    Eheim aquaball

    Very quiet IMO
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    Greenline Closing Down

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    Photos of your tanks from around the UK

    That sounds cool! When would you need them by?
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    [FoF] October 2008

    Gutted I can't come! Not gutted that I go to Australia a few days later though :P :P Hope you get plenty of photos posted for those of us who have to stay behind!
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    Anybody else have this problem?

    Lol! We call our tanks 'cat tv'! If I could find my camera cable, I could show you loads of pics of both kittens sat glued to the tv :lol:
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    Funny e-mail

    Properly did laugh out loud! :lol:
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    Happy Birthday Aaronnorth!!

    Me neither but isn't that one of the good things about forums like this?! Happy birthday mate! Hope you're having a good birthday!
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    Can't send out P. Helferi - Really sorry - Have horrible luc

    Lol! Yeah... I know what you mean. Not a bad bunch :D
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    Can't send out P. Helferi - Really sorry - Have horrible luc

    Hi Lisa - that all sounds so awful!! Glad you're a bit happier now. Is the move to Cambridge a permanent one? I drive through on my way to my mums fairly often [she would say not often enough :oops: ] so I could see what I've got to help set you up again. Best wishes, Nicky
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    Power cuts

    We had quite a few long power cuts in the run up to Xmas. [I reckon someone overdid the decorations! :evil: ] I found that putting towels/blankets minimised heat loss - which is probably not so much of a problem at the moment. The marine nano was the most worry as it lost heat quite quickly...
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    A New York Moment

    My favourite place in all the world :D Even I can take a decent pic in there so I'm looking forward to some pro shots! :wink:
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    wedding photography

    Like it! Is that your business Mark? If so would be interesting to see your website... I'm not planning on getting married myself, but I'm not too far away from you and happy to spread the word!
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    A New York Moment

    Some amazing shots! Love the one of the tour boat. Looks like you had a great time :D
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    George away for 4 months

    Be safe xx
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    Anyone entering the ADA 2008 aquascaping contest?

    So does that mean that 75% of the UK entries are UKAPS members?! :D Good luck to you all! :D :D
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    Feeding Time... Video

    He's cool!! We're after some figure 8 puffers for the spare little tank upstairs. Just found out we got to wait til August - didn't realise they were seasonal. Yours has got such character!
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    "Déjà, beaucoup de fois avant". (15.08.08. rescape).

    Re: "Déjà, beaucoup de fois avant". (27.6.08. rescape). I like the new wood - option 1 but I agree with planter
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    UKAPS Calender 2009

    How about a one off 'tank of the year' type vote?! :wink:
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    UKAPS Calender 2009

    Top idea!! :D :D :D I think it would be a good idea to encourage donations, but I agree that just offering it for download and via TGM/AE etc might encourage new members! I'd print one off and take it to my LFS for a Xmas pressie - to encourage them in the right direction. Look forward...
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    Supporting UKAPS?

    Great news!!! :D :D :D
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    Tropica Plant Nutrition + How do you dose it?

    Hi Yodaman and welcome Is it TPN + or TPN? The difference is important I tend to split my weekly allowance and dose every other day rather than all in one hit. I also vary the quantity slightly according to how the plants look. 30ml sounds ok to me(others may disagree), but it depends on...
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    IRC Channel

    Re: IRC Poll I'm inclined to agree with James. I look at quite a lot of old posts so that I can learn. If the discussion is mostly elsewhere that wouldn't happen. I know the existing posts would still be there as a resource but it could end up taking the life out of this forum. Not so...
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    co2 service by carrier.

    Please don't! Not with so many cylinders in the queue :wink: Me too! :D :D
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    Limnophila aromatica - The Rice Paddy Herb

    Fingers crossed I think mine are ok! :D None melted but not seen big growth yet either. Looks great though! Thanks again
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    diy tpn+

    This happened to me a few weeks ago and just got worse and worse :shock: I did lots of 50% changes and then did about 80% - pretty much as low as I could - cleaned the filters etc etc. The tank is totally clear now. I wish I'd gone straight for the big water change rather than waiting. Good...
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    Strange bubbles from substrate

    I've got a chopstick I use to prod about between the plants in the areas of the substrate that are densely planted. Little bubbles get released. I do notice the difference in the size of the bubbles if I leave it a while though. :shock:
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    A walk up Abba Falls with brother Crawford.

    Beautiful pics! Well... the first ones anyway! :wink:
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    Strange bubbles from substrate

    What does the gas smell like?
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    Supporting UKAPS?

    :D :D :D
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    Limnophila aromatica - The Rice Paddy Herb

    Wow! That tank looks stunning Clive! :mrgreen:
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    Feedback Another gold star for you guys.

    Me too! And Richard never forgets to let you know when stuff comes back in stock :D
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    Limnophila aromatica - The Rice Paddy Herb

    :lol: It's as ready as it'll ever be! Always got space for orphan plants :D :D Thanks Clive
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    My new scape named Variance.Sneaky pre-ADA peak.

    Really can't wait to see the full tank shot - it looks amazing! You'd never guess this was a neglected tank!! What's the purplish coloured plant in the first shot? Good luck in the contest!
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    Help please questions posted - The Angel Garden Rio 240 Jour

    Re: The Angel Garden - NEW PICS ADDED 25TH MAY, PG2 Sorry to hear about your job! Those angels are beautiful though - shame they won't leave their eggs alone!
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    What do you do?

    I work in the public sector managing economic development programmes :? . Personally I'd prefer to do what Dave and cichlidsrgr8 do! Lots more time for pottering with my fish!
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    Hurray new camera pics!

    Great pics! You're right, it's really hard to catch the mountain minnows! Lovely cories too
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    120cm - Cuspidated Jungle

    Love it!!! Exactly how many tanks do you have?!
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    Cloudy water - yeast?

    Thanks again Clive. I cleaned the external filter on Saturday when I discovered the problem. I've since added my little Aquaball to help clear it - I'll pull that out tonight and see what's in it. Bigger water changes planned for the weekend - am waiting for payday to buy a water change pump...
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    Cloudy water - yeast?

    This is depressing! Tank still looks awful :cry: Did 50% change on Saturday and Monday, and set the CO2 up last night. Tonight it looked worse than ever - I could barely see the plants or fish that aren't right at the front. Changed 50% again tonight. Not sure what else I can do but keep...
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    Moving - Suggest Options for me please

    Depends on how much you like your current set up and whether or not you'll have somewhere to move straight into. Last time we moved 2 tanks, but did them on a different day to all the furniture! We borrowed extra water canisters from our LFS and a load of polystyrene boxes - we spent more time...
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    Cloudy water - yeast?

    Thank Clive - you confirmed my gut instinct, just need to persuade sceptic b/f! Tank not as cloudy as yesterday but still very murky. Working tonight but will do another big water change tomorrow and get the CO2 going!
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    Osaka 320 - Jungle *WIP*

    That's quite funny. I think I've ordered Stargrass before and then binned it cos it looked rubbish! Will maybe try it again at some point
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    Osaka 320 - Jungle *WIP*

    Hi Gribz, I really like it! Just enough wildness to suit my tastes, but still well defined! The lotus looks great. What's the plant on the left?
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    Cloudy water - yeast?

    Discovered part of the problem... the pipes on the external filter were kinked - probably from putting it back together in a rush on Saturday. Have done another 50% water change and put the airstone on. Have dosed ferts as usual and some excel as no CO2 on the system at the moment. Still not...
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    Cloudy water - yeast?

    Was doing general maintenance on Saturday and realised one of my Nutrafin canisters had backfed into the tank. Irritated beyond belief as I finally bit the bullet 2 weeks ago and bought a pressurised system, but it was out of stock so I've been waiting on delivery. So ripped the Nutrafin out...
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    Limnophila aromatica - The Rice Paddy Herb

    I love the look of them side by side even more!! My tank is full of P. stellata, and I've been thinking of thinning it out for some time Thank you! Will do. Might be more than a week or 2 though... about about to post my latest trauma in the CO2 section :cry: