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    Euro 2012

    Hmmm! after watching the Germans..who i rate well above the Italians.but not as good as xavi and iniesta and co. Im English through and through.Do we really have any chance :crazy:
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    ITS FRIDAY: Joke of the Day

    One night a policewoman pulls over a drunk driver. She politely asks him to step out of his car. He willingly does so. She says, "Anything you say can and will be Held against you." :lol: He replies "BREASTS."
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    ITS FRIDAY: Joke of the Day

    What do you do with a years worth of used condoms? Melt them, turn them into tire and call it a goodyear.
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    Apistogramma Viejita rainbow

    Try google images.ive got pics up of them.well it says apistogramma viejita.. cheers mark....
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    My Product reviews

    Very informative reviews on the led light units carl :clap: cheers mark.
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    Looking for a rimless, brace-less tank

    ive used poseidons palace,hes a sound guy.just tell him exactly what you want and hell do it.and even deliver it.i've have recently purchased a 7x2x2 its not rimless or optiwhite its just what i wanted personally,give him call you wont be dissapointed. cheers mark.
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    Hello UKAPS....

    welcome. :thumbup: your tank looks very nice and plants look healthy is there someone looking at us in the middle?
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    Brand new CO2 bottle 6KG

    nice on mate :thumbup: customer service means alot when your spending wads. The planted tank crew sound good... :clap:
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    yakushima forest

    google yakushima forest japan
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    yakushima forest

    sorry may be i got the post wrong google (yakushima forest)
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    yakushima forest

    what are you confused with. :?:
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    yakushima forest

    i was googling and found this site as i was looking for some inspiration for a mossy type of scape. someone may have already found it.but its worth a view.. :thumbup: enjoy mark.,
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    green sock moss

    anybody heard of this moss? or is there a more well known name for it? cheers mark.
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    How to make Ada sand? Crazy...

    a moulinex is a 1980 version of a food processor.
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    man city? champions

    Lets hope RVP dont end up at the emptihad....
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    man city? champions

    Yep they do,but still in my eyes GIMMIC FC. :lol: COME ON NEXT SEASON
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    man city? champions

    :clap: well done to you blues,enjoy the moment just like Blackburn Rovers had the chance to THAT ONE TIME. :)
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    Elude tree - Attempt No.2

    well there you go pictures faster than my posting......lol.
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    Elude tree - Attempt No.2

    looks great.like the wood,nice and twisted looking.are you putting anymore rock in or not going overboard... :thumbup:
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    Dragon Stone

    if you want a trip out on sunday your welcome just pm me... cheers mark.
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    Dragon Stone

    im off up there for a couple of boxes of mini landscape rock on sunday ...luckily its only 35 mins away from me... :thumbup:
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    redsea reg quick if poss

    yes it will.. cheers
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    Accuracy of test kits?

    :clap: :clap: :clap: What a fantastic easy to understand post,there should be no more cycling woes. :thumbup: cheers mark.
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    How many of you faced this already?

    hey mate brings back memories that.And smells and puke and all the good things in life.......lol.i found trying to do that manouvre in the early hours of the morning most challenging...and in the dark... by the way..whats the gloves all about YOU WUSS. LOL.never had them In my day..... cheers...
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    t5 tube prices

    Nope! no reason just not looking in the right place.Thank you. cheers mark.
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    t5 tube prices

    I've just been looking on the lamp specs site at some t5 39watt tubes,which i thought would be one of the cheapest as people on this forum have used before. i was going to get 2x colour 96 and they were £13.30 each excluding vat.Also 2x grolux which were £9.55 each excluding vat.which i total up...
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    other half

    You wont ever please the other half.Unless They are on the same drug as we are :lol:
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    7'x2'x2' t5 lighting or t8

    Thanks for your input mark.t5's do pull me in the direction.just wanted some thoughts. thanks mark...
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    7'x2'x2' t5 lighting or t8

    Before i start my journal,i have landed a 7x2x2.The question is would 4x39watt t5's in a diy hood spread wide and end to end be enough for a low light co2 set up, or would that light be far to much?I intend to grow all types of plants including carpet,mosses.or would t8's be a better option...
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    What lights ?

    what are you wanting to grow?
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    BBA in a basic, low maintenance tank - please help

    If i'm right in saying.The addition of any form of carbon be it yeast,gas or liquid injection your tank becomes high tec and not a basic low maintenance. :?:
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    HI ALL

    Hi Stuart and :text-welcomewave: Theres plenty of help on here pal,just ask away.... :thumbup:
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    Reducing filter noise

    clean out the impeller housing,use cotton buds to clean down the impeller shaft column,make sure the impeller shaft isnt bent,use petroleum jelly vaseline to lubricate the propeller shaft...and check for them darn snails. cheers....
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    tank built to size in west Yorkshire

    Try this guy hes not far from you http://www.poseidons-palace.co.uk/
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    Dodgy CO2 regulator and solenoid

    Could you may be get a tap and die set and rethread the unit something like this maybe http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?q=tap+an ... 29,r:1,s:0 cheers........
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    What did you get for xmas? (fish related or other)

    its not opti-white and it wont be started until i've got evry thing i need. its only 80"x24"x22"high..... :wink:
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Merry xmas everyone :thumbup:
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    Regulator Creep

    2kg re-fill bottle will back a hell of a lot more pressure than a disposable. so the settling pressure on shut down would be what your registering would be about normal .....i would think...unless im missing something?
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    Regulator Creep

    What size is the refillable bottle?
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    10 k White

    10k will only change the colour rendition of the tank not boost the light.or is that what you meant? cheers.....
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    Anyone using Hydor External Heaters ?

    been googling to try and find a solution for the clicking noise and came across this. it sounds more like it may be related to the flow through the heater. If the flow is slow, the heater will cycle quickly. The heater turns on, rapidly heats the small amount of water in the heater casing, and...
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    T5 luminaire - comparing Arcadia to cheaper option

    dont know where that cheers if...came from :eh:
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    T5 luminaire - comparing Arcadia to cheaper option

    1. There is no light fins with this luminaire so i suppose it all depends on how high above the tank you have it if you suspend it,but with the legs it should be minimal. 2.There should be plenty of room for lily pipes etc. cheers.. cheers...if
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    Anyone using Hydor External Heaters ?

    What actually have you wired up causing the rcd to trip?
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    Needle Valves within the UK

    Try Aquamedic or ADA, see if they do one if your looking to spend big bucks on something that does the same as a none brand... cheers
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    T5 luminaire - comparing Arcadia to cheaper option

    I have 2 of the allpondsolution t5 luminares 4x 39 watt for my up and coming tank and can say that they are more than adequate for a high tech set up.i bought 2 for the price you would pay for a branded type and they will do the same job. they also come with tropical tubes.. they come with...
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    Needle Valves within the UK

    Aquaessentials do one http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/ae-desi ... -5569.html
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    Drool!! One can but dream

    That holds 1359.21 ltrs and 1ltr weighs 1kg wonder what the total weight would be with all the subsrate and decor :crazy:
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    Low-tech aquarium...Update

    Re: Low-tech aquarium looks great nice one :D
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    Low-tech aquarium...Update

    Re: Low-tech aquarium looks good,got any fts.
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    How do you know how much light?

    I would have thought its guaged on how much effort and time your willing to put in. high light=lots of effort+more expense i.e co2/ferts/regular water changes low light=less effort+less expense/no co2/fewer ferts/very few water changes.. hope this helps cheers....
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    A Couple of Questions About My New Regulator

    Hi i have 2 of these regs..there the dogs................ 1.i use the adaptors..check with an electrician if your cutting the plugs..to be on the safe side 2.close the needle valve. 3.attach the reg to the fe. .screw the knob into the reg[ hand tight] until it stops turning ....that means the...
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    810l (210g) teak root tank

    Hi leonroy, ive had a similar size tank which was 72x30x30 which was big.obviously a big tank can give you a greater footprint to scape.but has its pitfalls from my experience,i'll name few. 1.is it low/high tech..can you get the co2 down to the substrate adequately? if not will lead to...
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    350 Gal manzy dsplay

    Absolutely awesome :clap:
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    The start of something new

    will try and get some pics up today.......
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    The start of something new

    got the tank made by Jez at poseidons palace.
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    The start of something new

    ok i'll only use 3 of the filters : :lol:
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    The start of something new

    Hi everyone as i've said in the new members intro,i have had past experience with planted tanks to some degree,with some success,any way i've been off the scene for some years now,and thought i'd give it another go now i've gained some more upto date knowledge and info off this very informative...
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    New member saying hello...

    yeh will get some pics up soon,and thanks.....
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    Hello from Assendelft

    Hi Lars..
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    New member saying hello...

    Hi everyone,found this forum sometime back now and have read and read and read to get up to date with the planted tank world,i have reasonable experience and have had quite good success in the past days of heating cables etc.but wont go that far back and bore you..... i have accumulated quite...
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    Dennerle DeponitMix

    Hi, eddboy, i dont usually post,but do a lot of post reading,now as to deponit mix,they suggest that you use a heater cable which is not needed,i used this method a long time ago,and didnt get the results that we get today,i would say avoid it,it is old material and is quite expensive in my...