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  1. TBRO

    JBL in line Diffusor

    I got one of these and set it up on my external filter. The bubbles coming out look quit big to me? Is this normal? Drop checker still went green just like with the in-tank Diffusor Sorry about the weird kids TV in the background! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. TBRO

    How long for drop checker to change?

    I’ve just got a new regulator so, I’m trying to get the BPS right. My diffuser is at the bottom right and the drop checker is at the top left. After six hours, it’s still only a blue/green not the apple green desired. Plenty of flow, two external filters and a hydor 900. Should I change the...
  3. TBRO

    Hot Solenoid??

    I’ve been testing my old CO2 kit, I ran the whole rig for about 1 hour, just to see if it all works. Picking up the Solenoid valve, it’s very hot. Not burning but certainly uncomfortable to hold in the hand. Is this normal? I don’t want a fire hazard! It is 10 years old but has been in...
  4. TBRO

    Regulator Safe?

    Hi, looking for some quick advice. I’ve had this regulator in storage for several years. It’s endured a couple of house moves. At some point the plastic over one of the dials has been broken. Otherwise it looks fine. Do you think this would compromise it’s safety? Will be using with a small...