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  1. FishBeast

    Fishbeast's first Iwagumi

    am going all out this time round and making my own substrate and using very strong light. The plan is to cap with some old Amazonia 2 and do a dry start with light set to 3000 lux. I will lower it to 2000 when I eventually add water. Thread on how I made my substrate can be found here: Started...
  2. FishBeast

    FishBeasts 500 Ltr "Forests Edge" Video added

    *UPDATED 20/5/11* Size: 500 Ltr Filtration: 2x 2400 Ltr/Hr Canister Wave Maker: 12000 Ltr/Hr - Reduced to 6000 Ltr/Hr and then removed completely as it was too hectic. Total Filtration: 9.6 turnover/Hr Total Turnover: 9.6 turnover/Hr Lighting: 156w 6500k T5 for 8.5 hrs a day...
  3. FishBeast

    Fishbeasts 400 LTR Journal (continuation)

    Hi guys, I have lossed my journal and after about 20 mins of trying to find it I have given up and created this continuation of it. It is basically a rainbow fish tank with a few additions Size: Tank 134g 6x2x1.5 Lighting: 312w T5 (6x 39w 6500K, 2x 39w 10,000K) I class this as being over 3...