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    Filter Media: from one pump to another

    Hi guys Just wanted to run this by you pro's to see if it is ok to do. I've just purchased a new filter (Aquamanta 300EX) which I plan to use in my 100ltr tank once I've rescaped it to replace the Fluval 205 that I currently use. I'm hopong to rescape the tank in a day and add my livestock...
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    FLuval 205 and Hydor External Heater(200w or 300w?)

    Hey guys I'm looking to replace the ugly internal heater I have in my tank with a Hydor External Heater. problem is I'm a little stumped as to which version to get due to the the hose connectors on the Fluval. The default hose that the 205 comes with is 14.5mm in diameter. Now I'm not too...
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    Issue with Fluval 205

    Hi Guys Just realised yesterday evening that for some odd reason my Fluval isn't pushing out much water. So, turned it off at the main, pulled the plunger a few times up and down fearing I might have air in the lines, and turned it on. I could then see that it was back to normal. Yet this...
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    Which Powerhead

    I'm thinking of growing Glosso in my tank and understand that I need to have good circulation of CO2. After reading a few posts from people growing Glosso, looks like it may be worthwhile me investing in a powerhead to help circulate CO2 over the Glosso. Question is which one to get? Am I ok in...
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    To sraybar or not to SPraybar...that is the question

    I've just been wondering lately whether its worth investing in a spraybar for my tank over the default outlet that comes with the Fluval 205. Can someone give some benefits for introducing one or is there really not that much difeerence between the two. And yes, its for a planted tank with a FE...