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  1. milla

    Population control?

    It sounds it but watch out if you don't do something quick enough you will have hundereds of little guppies. in no time. I suggest tetras for population control. Black Widows, adult silvertip sort of size. Well seeing as for 10 years or more they have paid for 90% of everything aquarium...
  2. milla

    Population control?

    Good news is they won't start eating healthy plants. They will devour any dying leaves though. I'm going to suggest your overfeeding and if you want to see them drop off without any work on your part cut down the feeding to twice a week for a month or so. Then you won't get a load of new...
  3. milla

    Population control?

    Option 4. Sell / trade the excess to a LFS. I get £1 a pair fancy guppies, min 25 pairs though not worth it to them for less volume. And £5 per 100 ramshorn snails (puffer food) they will take all i can provide. Though if you can be bothered there are people buying ramshorn snails at a...
  4. milla

    High Quality CO2 Reactor?
  5. milla

    External Heater

    The hydor ones work. Iv'e had one runnning for 10years no issues. There are issues with them that need taking into consideration before opting for one 1. They are rather large you need adequate cabinet space to hide one in aswell as a external filter / pump. 2. If your external filter...
  6. milla

    Powerhead placement

    I'm a bit out of touch on current practices they may have changed. But the idea used to be to get the flow all going in the same direction. You want even movement all around the tank not rip tides.
  7. milla

    Amano and Cherry Shrimp keep dying!

    ok so my guess would be a lack of calcium. The water changes can trigger shedding. Lack of calcium and other minerals can lead to deaths during shedding. But i could be wrong your water maybe hard as rock.
  8. milla

    That was a waste

    Yes sera have just reformulated all of there foods. Including onip
  9. milla

    Co2 Regulator not fitting Co2 bottle?!?! cheaper disposable co2
  10. milla

    Co2 Regulator not fitting Co2 bottle?!?!

    Dennerle sell an adaptor. I believe other dispossble to regular thread adaptors are available Aqua essentials used to sell them
  11. milla

    That was a waste

    Mine go into a feeding frenzy for bug bites sinking pellets.
  12. milla

    Extension lead for timers

    Look for an extension tower. Surge protected and sockets are angled so timers fit side by side. Usually double sided so 6 - 10 sockets and some have usb sockets also. And stand up inside cabinet so bonus drip protected around £15 on amazon
  13. milla

    Clip-on light for low tech bowl?

    I would just pick up s nice looking adjustable desk lamp amd daylight bulb.
  14. milla

    European plug adaptor

    Thats whats supplied by ehiem on products sold to uk market. Screwed on semi permanent.
  15. milla

    Perspex Lids

    I pay £6 per sq ft for 6mm with safty edges at my local glaziers / glass cutters So 3 would be about £18 - £20 float glass. opti white would be more expensive i expect
  16. milla

    Perspex Lids

    At this size why not just use glass?
  17. milla

    Lockdown EA Aquascaper 900

    The ones that are turning yellow are all crypts. Nothing to worry about its normal the emersed grown leaves will all go this way evetually. It's the new growth you will need to keep an eye on for deficiances not the old emersed growth . You can remove the bad leaves if you want.
  18. milla

    Twitchy Agro Corey!

    Spawning begins with increased activity, where the males begin actively pursuing the females. Once a female accepts a male the male will fertilize the eggs and she will deposit them. And then the beahviour will die down until next time there's a egg heavy female in the tank. Adult julii corys...
  19. milla

    Twitchy Agro Corey!

    Sounds like it. The males will swim next to the female to encourage her to spawn. A "T" shape formation will take place and then the famale will deposit the eggs .
  20. milla

    Help with Fish selection

  21. milla

    Balancing aquarium

    Hi, Check out the pruning guide below
  22. milla

    Help with Fish selection

    Yes it's all about the aged tank not filter. The filter keeps things ssealed away nohings available to the fish. You can add a mature filter to a new setup and get away with adding some fish imediately with care and attention. But the tank is still effectivly sterile for a period of time...
  23. milla

    Help with Fish selection

    Well if you don't have a qt tank then they are going straight into the tank. Same rule applies staight to tank or from qt I would only want to be putting them into an aged tank. Which is different to cycled, by aged i mean a tank thats had time for all the bacteria and micro organisms to...
  24. milla

    Livestock Prices Post Lockdown

    Radical thought but maybe thats the price we should be paying. :eek: When the fish are the cheapest thing in the aquarium including the food to feed them just maybe we have the thinking wrong and the hobby / markets need to think good and hard about what we are doing and make some changes...
  25. milla

    Help with Fish selection

    Hi, Try them with meaty foods most are not really a fan of algae / veg, The reason they are all over plant leaves and hardscape isn't for the algae its for the biofilm and the microorganisms that grow /and live in it.though there are some that require wood as part of there diet also. If you...
  26. milla

    Apparent plant deficiency, or something else... But which? Orwhat?

    They went brown / yellow and fell off. New growth then started at each leaf node. The stems allways looked healthy though. No rot or anything.
  27. milla

    Apparent plant deficiency, or something else... But which? Orwhat?

    I got a pot if 53b fron tropica. It was enersed grown and lost all its leaves in two weeks. Took twelve weeks before recovering to the point they could be trimmed and replanted.
  28. milla

    Not sure what lights now...

    Yes thet type matter somewhat from a visual perspective the plants don't really give a damn. It's all about the colour rendition The Daylight are what you allready have The naturall has a more yellow tint to it meant to hightlight greens in plants. As new standard jewel tanks are fitted...
  29. milla

    Not sure what lights now...

    Well t5's work fine. Some people prefer then over led. You will need same size & wattage jewel bulbs they are an odd size. But £40 a pair against £140 for a new jewel led unit and bulbs. Me i'd go for cheapest option.
  30. milla

    Livestock Prices Post Lockdown

    Trust me findd the time you can thank me later. Tim's a awesome fella top notch breeder (for many many years) and used to (maybe stil does) run the local fish auction and now a brick & motar store. If anyone in your area kows how to get hold of the fish you are after he will.
  31. milla

    Livestock Prices Post Lockdown

    Your in the birmingham area check out TAaquaculture for fish ;) you can actualy visit the store lucky bugger,
  32. milla

    Livestock Prices Post Lockdown

    Time to ditch the franchise stores and find your good old local LFS (even if local means 50 mile or more). Yuo know the ones that have been run by the same person / family for decades. The ones that are part of the local fishy comunity / clubs etc hobbyists turned shop owners. The type that...
  33. milla

    Will I be able to buy some fish soon?

    Sold they never shut. Pet shops are essential services apparently. The ones inside garden centres not so
  34. milla

    Will I be able to buy some fish soon?

    My LFS is open with social distancing. But the tanks are nearly empty they can't get any stock from the suppliers.
  35. milla

    Planning for no CO2 in "Lockdown" situation

    Pubs are locked down:arghh:
  36. milla

    Empty Fire Extinguisher Disposal

    Your local firestation will be able to tell you were to get an extinguisher serviced,
  37. milla

    Biggest uk aquascaping group is a facebook page with 2146 members?

    Aquatic Plants. Clues in the name ;)
  38. milla

    tube advice

    Yeah they will be fine. The only differance you may see in swapping them could be a slight colour differance. It won't make any differance to the plants.
  39. milla

    TESCO cat litter

    Over time the sand will end up been capped by kitty litter.
  40. milla

    Importing fish

    Speak to them they should offer a discount for bulk orders over advertised single price. How much will the cost break down to per fish from thailand or wherever including shipping?
  41. milla

    Importing fish

    Seeing as these aren't anything out of the ordinary why not just ask your LFS to order them in from their suppliers.
  42. milla

    Preferred CO2 levels and gas exchange

    Option 3: 24/7 Co2 good surface agitation. Removes any chance of issues due to fluctusting Co2 levels.
  43. milla

    Managing my plants so that they fill out?
  44. milla

    low tech 12 gal

    If your getting hair algae whilst dosing liquid carbon up the dose a little or spot dose in the affected area.
  45. milla

    plant id please?

  46. milla

    Which Crypts are the smallest ones ??

    does the Wendtii brown grow the same as the green ? Yes, just a different colour upto 30cm Cryptocoryne amicorum - 10-15cm Cryptocoryne legroi - 15cm Cryptocoryne walkeri - 12cm These are about the smallest crypts i can find that are readilly available in the UK.
  47. milla

    Philips Aquarium Purifier

    from phillips website q&a 3. Does ozone have an effect on medication / fertilizers? Answer: Because a lot of fertilizers are made up of metals or carbon-based materials, they will be affected by ozone. We therefore recommend you to switch off the TAP 2 hours before adding any medication or...
  48. milla

    ADA NA green bulb

    According to the TGM page for this bulb it is only compatable with ADA equipment. Quote "* ADA confirmed the metal halide lamp compatibility only with our genuine lighting equipments." ... alide-150w However theres plenty of examples on the american...
  49. milla

    Open Top Tank Need Advice

  50. milla

    Placement of up atomiser and external heater?

    Will be Ok either side of Heater.
  51. milla

    E I Dosing with soils

    The columbo flora base like ADA releases ammonia when first wet so you may want to think about upping the water changes for a while.
  52. milla

    Please Identify this Cory

    Bronze Corydoras (Corydoras aeneus)
  53. milla

    EI and water changes

    You seem to have strayed from your original question. You asked why a large weekly water change with EI. The answer to RESET nutient levels. That's it. EI is a fert regime nothing more. Large water changes which are used by aqaurists in high-energy tanks to combat algae issues/ remove...
  54. milla

    EI and water changes

    EI is a fert regime therefore the only reason for large, regular water changes is to reset nutrient levels to prevent build up thereof. The basic principle of EI is to always provide more ferts than the plants can consume. Thus to prevent build up to toxic levels a reset is required...
  55. milla

    Soil substrate, nutrient dosing, and CO2?

    Yes search for Mineralized Soil Substrate on here viewtopic.php?f=17&t=16405 and the net. Plenty of examples of great tanks with little added ferts and co2. Granted you are mineralizing the soil in the tamk and you may not have used the same mix but the principles the same. The driving factor...
  56. milla

    Soil substrate, nutrient dosing, and CO2?

    The substrate choice doesn't really maske a differance once you add co2 you are basically you are going hi-energy / hi=tech whatever you want to call it. All i do is treat the tank as if i was using any commercial substrate so, EI, Co2, 50% water change Once a week (every 2 days for first...
  57. milla

    Soil substrate, nutrient dosing, and CO2?

    Yes, it works, I use EI, Co2 and capped soil substrate with no issues. You will be turning on the turbo swirch though compared to non co2. Plants grow faster but the trade off is more time staying on top of the maintenance.
  58. milla

    Moss tank questions

    In the tank you describe, Moss & ferns is there any need for soil if ttere are no plants planted in it ? anyone got any tips for me? Add shrimp - lots of shrimp what moss is best for carpet? fissidens fortunas. imo what moss looks best hanging off branches? weeping, fissidens...
  59. milla

    Low tech and plants

    Why mix just dump salts straight into tank nothing easier The article indiacates how much for a 20gallon tank your tank is approx 40 gallon so double it. For40 gal start with Sunday – 50% or more Water Change then dose [1/2 teaspoon KNO3] + [1/8 teaspoon KH2PO4] + [1 teaspoon MgSO4] Monday...
  60. milla

    glass lid.

    No, won't make a bit of differance. Still going to be uber lighting for size of tank
  61. milla

    bubles in tank

    A drop checker is a piece of kit that gives a visual indication of how much co2 is in the water. read this
  62. milla

    Evil genius ... of the space saving paintball kind.

    Something like this ... -p/273.htm
  63. milla

    is welding co2 safe to use

    Yes as long as your regulator is for disposable bottles.
  64. milla

    what to do?

    How about the Dry Start Method (DSM) ... 0+gal+tank
  65. milla

    what size Koralia

    Tank vol approx 405L Reccomended 10* vol turnover per hour = 4050 l/hr ehiem pro 2073 = 100l/hr aquamanta ef400 = 1400 l/hr total so far 2400l/hr So 1 3000lph wavemaker would take you past the reccomended 10* vol turnover per hour 2 would be pushing you up to 20* vol turnover per hour
  66. milla

    Visit to Planted Tanks shop, Selby, N.Yorks

    Missed this and i should comment as i walked into the shop just as they werre admiring their handywork. Missed seeing the scape happen by an hour gutted. Cracking scape and a fantastic transformation. Even more so when you realise that the hardscape is virtually untouched a few additional...
  67. milla

    Any shops in North Yorkshire???

    Harrogate Aquatics, Moorland Nurseries, Forest Moor Road, Knaresborough, North Yorkshire HG5 8JY PlantedTanks, Units 3&4 Prospect Centre, Prospect Way, Selby, North Yorkshire, YO8 8BD
  68. milla

    iPhone 4 questions not got one but looks fairly straightforward
  69. milla

    PTFE tape

    Shielding gases[CO2] are necessary for gas metal arc welding to protect the welding area from atmospheric gases such as nitrogen and oxygen, which can cause fusion defects, porosity, and weld metal embrittlement if they come in contact with the electrode, the arc, or the welding metal.
  70. milla

    Advice for cherry shrimp set-up - now with pic

    Re: Advice for cherry shrimp set-up Sounds like a nice setup, cherries should thrive in it. As garuf has said already i would reduce your temps by 2 or 3 degrees. As for food something with added calcium helps reduce fatalities during moulting, something like hikari crab cuisine mine also go...
  71. milla

    Right now Im getting seriously effed off!

    if its this reg ... -4384.html edit. my bad if its this reg it only works with TMC cylinders
  72. milla

    How noisy is your Koralia/Resun?

    tried it on a K 1 didn't work for me
  73. milla

    noisey koralia

    will ahve to try this
  74. milla

    Distilled water dkh

    read here viewtopic.php?f=20&t=11198&start=0
  75. milla

    Digital timer resetting itself

    The trouble with standard timers is that they are not built to withstand the intial surge you get from lights /solenoids etc. However there are some really good ones out their designed to run lighting (lamps) . Trouble is they are a little bit more expensive, but really do work and keep working...
  76. milla

    Amazonia aqua soil II

    My problem was the flow from the spray bars down the front of the glass stirred up dust. The dust meant i was having to clean the filter every week as it was clogging the pads and severly reducing the flow in a matter of days. Had no end of trouble with BBA around the lower leaves due to the...
  77. milla

    Amazonia aqua soil II

    probably that it breaks down it dust / mud in a very short space of time. Check out LD's journal for pics/ details of how bad it can get.
  78. milla

    Amazonia aqua soil II

    Regular , i have just had to cap some 6 month old II because of dust issues.
  79. milla

    Going to get my first ever aquarium!

    You state you have ordered a 90x45x45 rimless/braceless optiwhite tank. I assume this will be open topped, therefore assuming you are going to use standard liy pipes or spray bars there shouldn't be any need to get the tank drilled. As both these hang over the rim of the tank. The only reason to...
  80. milla

    Which is the quietest 1200: JBL, AO, TT or AM?

    The last couple of external filters i purchased were 2nd hand eheims from ebay and then i replaced o-rings, seals and impeller with new. Usullly comes in at half price or their abouts. Last one i got was as 2075 (£75) and new o-rings and seals (£15-20). A 1200lph eheim filter for £95...
  81. milla

    opening a store (mid life crisis)

    how abot a TGM franchise viewtopic.php?f=47&t=10002
  82. milla

    apple snails and planted tanks

    Re: apple shrimp and planted tanks Apple shrimp ? Are you sure you didn't mean apple snail.
  83. milla

    Cleaning filter sponges

    when they become clogged enough to rerduce flow visibly. Remove from filter and rinse in tank water, not tap as chlorine will damage / kill some bacteria.
  84. milla

    How the **** do I get co2 tubing off

    use one of these between : ... -1939.html Connect C02 tubing to one end of straight, then connect airline hose to other end (which connects to your diffuser) - this way you never need to struggle with attaching tubing to glass diffusers again.
  85. milla

    which co2 system

    You can use a solenoid on that system.
  86. milla

    Has anyone used this plant supplier?

    And don't forget about There is a 10% discount off your order. Use UKAPS1 as the checkout code. This will only be available for UK mainland deliveries only.
  87. milla

    Has anyone used this plant supplier?

    Yes, was impressed with quality. Probably the best non-potted (tropica / aquafluer) plants i have had online or from LFS. Can take upto nearly a fortnight to recieve plants depending on when you order, but this is made clear on website so no worries there. See attached links for others...
  88. milla

    Cheap 150w MH lamps?

    Yes, atleast thats whats in my arcadia. type Rx7s Using exact same bulb i find the colour rendition to be slightly yellow
  89. milla

    Betta mini cube

    Johnny AqauriumHK on ebay £29.99 + £31.99 delivery
  90. milla

    Trimming of stem plants
  91. milla

    Dymax Nano LED light

    To be honest i just wrote it off.
  92. milla

    Dymax Nano LED light

    Yep same one sorry, sme make, seller, price
  93. milla

    Mosses in low light no CO2 or carbon suppliment tank

    Quick answer : YES
  94. milla

    Dymax Nano LED light

    Don't mean to be the bearer of bad news but i bought one of these a while back. It went in the bin, nearly burnt the house down. LED's got hot plastic melted. No way 40+ watts of light nearer 4 Was about half as bright as the 11W arcpod it was supposed to replace.
  95. milla

    Tanks in a greenhouse!

    Would think it would be too hot in summer and too cold in winter.
  96. milla

    what lighting do I need for EVO 70 aqua one - novice help!!

    Re: what lighting do I need for EVO 70 aqua one - novice hel The EVO 70 is 135L and comes with 2 * 24W T5 i'd stcick with those and you should be able to grow anything you want. Low to high light without any need to add additional lighting.