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  1. papa_c

    Co2 cylinder adapter /extender

    Easier solution is the black collar/handle on the CO2 bottles are removable. They unscrew counter clockwise, if stiff a little WD40 and a tap the handle round with a hammer, it will screw off totally allowing easier access to tighten the regulator on.
  2. papa_c

    Kitchen nano 35L

    Personal i like it without a carpet.... you might consider adding a little MC between the rocks here and there and let it do its own thing, but once it gets going you will need to trim it back to stop it over taking.
  3. papa_c

    2,000L High tech BEAST

    That's some serious trimming going on! I'm looking for some trident it you have going?
  4. papa_c

    Temperature/Nitrogen assimilation

    @ceg4048 The oracle returns! ...Good to see you back fella...
  5. papa_c

    When can I add amano shrimp and how many?

    I remember read somewhere not to remove the mounts and the shrimp eat them as a source of calcium. I tend to leave mine in there and they "disappear" very quickly. Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  6. papa_c

    Journal Lockdown wildlife pond

    I built a pond a few years back and to keep the pebble beech in place i placed a 4 x 6 piece of timber across the width of the pond under the liner so the top was 2 inches under the final water level. This created a natural dam holding the pebbles in place from the main pond. Never had a pebble...
  7. papa_c

    Schismatoglottis prietoi 

    I bought one that was similar looking, to separate it I just spilt it into half and I was able to see the individual plantlets. I ended up with about 20 small individual portions that have been planted up. Within a couple days they have started to throw up new leaves.
  8. papa_c

    Algae problem.

    Looking at the colour of the drop checker, to my eyes it is blue which indicates more co2 is needed. Can't see any live stock so i would wind the co2 up quite a lot. I would also drop the temp to about 21c. The higher the temp the harder it is to get co2 into the water column.
  9. papa_c

    Estimate flow loss when reducing pipe diameter?

    I would always go with the original design recommendations, as there would have been some extensive testing during development. However if you already have the 19mm filter you could always mock up the reduction and test the output.
  10. papa_c

    Eheim double taps

    Hey Stu, Sorry forbthe delayed reply, 16/22 on to 12/16 howe definitely does not fit together. The size of the male and female parts of the tap are different sizes. However the 12/16 to 9/12 does fit.
  11. papa_c

    Eheim double taps

    Hey Stu, I'll check first thing the morning, I've got a couple of sets of each in garage and will fish them out....
  12. papa_c

    Resolved! SSL issue when viewing posts

    Hey @LondonDragon , I'm seeing SSL issues when viewing posts on Android Chrome. Main forum menu and specific forums are fine.
  13. papa_c

    Edge of the Jungle

    I love how we use kids as a perfectly legitimate and reasonable excuse to convince the better half to somehow squeeze another tank into the house! I would be lying if I said I have never done this before :D:D:D Looking forward to seeing how it comes along.....keep up the good work.
  14. papa_c

    Critique my hardscape Messing with 10l Nano scapes

    2 and 6 for me...
  15. papa_c

    Woodland Troll - Take Four

    Troll snot from Harry Potter! :eek:
  16. papa_c

    Discoloured macro mix . . .

    From my experience it is this that causes the brown tint. Immediately I stopped adding it my macros they remained clear I mix up enough for 2 months at a time. Nothing else has changed and I'm still using RO water.
  17. papa_c

    Fert Calculator V1.8 - AIO, TPN, Solufeed TEC, improved compare/clone Plus Help File

    Hey Zeus, Interesting spreadsheet, not sure if it is my mistake but based on the calculations I get from rotala butterfly your ppm dose/weekly for NO3 and PO4 seem massively different. Rotala gives me a 30 and 12 ppm weekly dose respectively and your sheet gives 120 and 48 for the same dose...
  18. papa_c

    Discoloured macro mix . . .

    I had the same issue when using potassium Sorbate and ascorbic acid.....stopped using it and don't have the problem any more. Never got to the bottom of the reason.
  19. papa_c

    When you are beekeeper...

    Just goes to prove nature is a wondrous thing! Truly amazing
  20. papa_c

    ADA live demo in the UK

    Would love to but sadly the link is showing sold out :(
  21. papa_c

    2 tanks 1 sump

    I think the moderators should ban this thread, cos it is showing that I don't have deficiencies of nutrients in my tanks but deficiencies in my skills!:D:D Very stunning tanks! :clap:
  22. papa_c

    Ikea kallax as an aquarium stand?

    I run a hydro prime 10 on each cube. The cabinet is pulled away a bit from the wall, the filter sits on the bottom shelf at the back, as the taps are at an angle they fit perfectly pointing in the right direction
  23. papa_c

    Ikea kallax as an aquarium stand?

    Here you go, not to the standard of some tanks on here! rescaped the left tank last weekend and the right about 4 weeks ago.....monte carlo is struggling and some algea on the vesuvius as I have been away for 2 weeks with no maintenance during that period but should come back with so care. Came...
  24. papa_c

    2 tanks 1 sump

    Gotta be proud of those tank
  25. papa_c

    Do I keep it???

    Had the same with some H'ra. As @Siege mentioned plant it int he tank and it perked up with 24 hours and looks to be growing nicely, obviously so long as light co2 and ferts are in good order.
  26. papa_c

    Ikea kallax as an aquarium stand?

    I have 2 30l EA cubes on a 2 x 2 Kallax shelf been there for the last 18 months with no problems or bend in the shelf they sit on.
  27. papa_c

    Adding Potassium Sorbate to EI mixes . . .

    Thanks Ian I use DPTA FE in the micro mix, Is this still required if I use RO water for dilution?
  28. papa_c

    Adding Potassium Sorbate to EI mixes . . .

    Hey Wookii, I never managed to understand the brown reaction. I now don't add either potassium Sorbate or ascorbic acid to my macro and micro. Between making each micro and macro mix I simply sterlise the containers with cheapo baby fluid. Haven't had any issues with mold growth based on a...
  29. papa_c

    PH monitor suggestions - continual use

    Must admit I'm enjoying reading the debate...however are we really concerned about measureong ph to the 1/1000th when we does EI based on teaspoon measurements! Sledgehammer and walnut springs to mind
  30. papa_c

    Adding Potassium Sorbate to EI mixes . . .

    Hey Daryl, Water is rock hard cambridgeshire water. Last time I checked out of the tap kH was around 18 based on a hobby test kit. I have a plumbed in RO unit in the kitchen and use this for mixing my macros and micros. Good to know that it hasn't impacted the chemistry. When mixing up my...
  31. papa_c

    Adding Potassium Sorbate to EI mixes . . .

    Really no idea why! One thing I noticed was when mixing K2SO4 in hot water to dissolve it, this turned light brown colour immediately....never experienced this in cold water. When I add 500ml to 70g of K2SO4 it 'fizzes' wildly. Any chemists out there that could give an educate reason? Has...
  32. papa_c

    Adding Potassium Sorbate to EI mixes . . .

    Reading on this previously my understanding is that you should use 1g per litre of liquid in conjunction with acetic acid to drop the ph. I've used it for my mix but strangely my ei mix turns brown but no signs or mold is visible. My latest batch I have just mixed with macro salts to see if it...
  33. papa_c

    Very slow growing 53b

    Good shout..will give it a try
  34. papa_c

    Very slow growing 53b

    Thanks for the input. Could be spacing around the 53b the is a bunch of h. Vesuvius in front of it which I may remove to help I don't think I'm lack fe as there are no signs of chlorosis in any of the plants from what is can tell. As a pure experiment I'm tempted to syringe some EI solution...
  35. papa_c

    Very slow growing 53b

    Hey Guys, First time I have used this plant and can't work out what the problem is with my 53b. It is growing but extremely slowly. Started as tissue culture 2 months ago at the same time the H'ra to the right of or it and it is the slowest growing plan in the tank, my H.Pinnatifida grows...
  36. papa_c

    How long does co2 last

    Auto spell correct working well on this one:):):)
  37. papa_c

    PH monitor suggestions - continual use

    Hey Andrew, I have my tank running seamlessly from a Raspberry Pi for the last couple of years. I have a central rPi controlling dosing pumps, lights, C02, thermostat and 24/7 ph logging with a cheapo ebay probe that has been in the tank for 2 years and never lost calibration. I test it on bi...
  38. papa_c

    Ongoing, consistent, plant growth problems and deficiencies

    Interesting read this I had a similar situation, very poor nd stunted growth...I was dosing EI, played around with the ratios, running CO2 at nose bleed levels, light increase and decrease with still no better results. Everything is automated lights frets and CO2, so I know that I everything was...
  39. papa_c

    Autodoser flood!

    I have these on my dosing pump, they are not like normal NR valves as the have a low working pressure so ideal for liquid flow, different sizes available as well
  40. papa_c

    How many Nerites should I have?

    Tank is an EA900 (200l) and I'm looking at getting some Clithon Corona snails with the view to keeping the wood and slower growing anubias and buces clear. What would be your recommendation on the quantity to introduce?
  41. papa_c

    How many Nerites so I have?

    Tank is an EA900 (200l) and I'm looking at getting some Clithon Corona snails with the view to keeping the wood and slower growing anubias and buces clear. What would be your recommendation on the quantity to introduce?
  42. papa_c

    New tank and nerite snails

    How many clithon Corona snail would you put in a 200l tank?
  43. papa_c

    Help needed for Betta tank

    In my mind easily...I have 2 30cm cubes on an IKEA Kalax 2x2. Been there for over a year with no sign of sagging of shelf distortion. Agree that you will need to be careful of water stains.
  44. papa_c

    Fluctuating CO2 Levels

    Really interesting discussion...I live 2 miles from AG and the water here is very hard....they use water straight out of the tap as I do....I can not get my plant growth anywhere near belief is maintenance is the key....ensure everything is scrupulously clean...I'm embarking on a...
  45. papa_c

    Liquid co2? 100 gallon...

    Ex Alto, took me a while to understand but now can't stop laughing:):):)
  46. papa_c

    Virus protection

    I second windows defender. Best protection is to control your surfing habits ..dodgy site increase the risk of malware and viruses. Don't install anything unknown, be wary of unsolicited emails and you should be ok. If you really want to part with for about £20 from Argos is a...
  47. papa_c

    Tank over hang

    Must be tested for strength by EA otherwise they would not build them like this. The bottom of the tank is constructed so it is inside the verticle sides, whether this has an impact on the stresses and strains I'm not sure. Good thing is I've not heard of any scare stories of EA tanks...
  48. papa_c

    Tank over hang

    This is incorrect there is definitely no support under the EA900 front edge as per the picture below...
  49. papa_c

    Tank over hang

    Interesting that my EA 900 has an overhang of about 18mm at the front with no support under the tank, this is to allow the doors to be flush. This is by design of EA. I can't see this being any different...I guess hundreds of these have been sold and present no problems
  50. papa_c

    A question, dissolved oxygen and a pond

    YESSSS! Darrell, look forward to shortly receiving the prize of joining you on one of your future field trips....if only to carry all your gear!
  51. papa_c

    A question, dissolved oxygen and a pond

    Here's my guess..... Would suggest that it is choked full of algae, blanket or something slimy like BGA, due to a spike in ammonia, limited plant growth and rather smelly.... But thinking again as you are surveying it with interest it could be a thing of beauty and confound all expectations...
  52. papa_c

    Co2 diffuser just can take the pressure!

    Unless the tubing has stretched and is loose where it attaches. Do you remove the diffuser from the tubing to clean it? Possibly slice some of the end of the tube so it is fresh tubing, refit and see if the solves the problem
  53. papa_c

    Plant tools

    Also have a look at these...
  54. papa_c


    Can't resist suggestion is a .22 calibre and a telescopic scope! But seriously, a few houses back I lost all my 6" koi in one day, about 15 of them went. Restocked a few and put up high lines which seemed to do the trick till I sold the house a couple of years later.
  55. papa_c

    Tribute to Roy Smith (Greenfinger2)

    Very sad indeed.....
  56. papa_c

    What’s the difference?

    I have a couple of Edens that I can sell for £20 + p&p each. Let me know if you are interested. Each Used for a month on temporary tanks. PM me if interested
  57. papa_c

    Product Review external Filter for 19 litre tank

    I have a similar sent up, but ea300 cube witha hydro prime 10 filter. Good flow but not excessive using glass intake and poppy pipe. Uses standard 12/16mm tubing
  58. papa_c

    Aquascaper 300 Filter Suggestions.

    I'd second the hydro prime 10. I have them on two ea 300 cubes' flow rate is fine through a poppy pipe.
  59. papa_c

    Dampening air pump vibration

    I've got one in my 200l, if I turn down the output it is alot quieter than running at full output, might not be an option depending on how much flow you need. It also helps to make sure the surface it sits on doesn't act as a resonator. Mine sits on a piece of the bosses old yoga mat which...
  60. papa_c

    DIY Acrylic Tank

    Only comment is to research acrylic properties. I have some 3mm sheet and it is very flexible. I think 1000mm lengths will need to be much thicker to prevent bowing.
  61. papa_c

    Twinstar..what is it?

    Zeus, in your 500l what setting do you have it set to, and how long do the reactors last before you have to replace them?
  62. papa_c

    Twinstar..what is it?

    Hey Tim, my experience of the Chihiros reactors is they seem to last no longer than 2 months. After the first clean the output always seems reduced. Almost as though there is a coating that is removed when first cleaning that impacts the function.
  63. papa_c

    Stand for 30 litre Dennerle cube

    Amazon has them for 40 quid including delivery...
  64. papa_c

    Stand for 30 litre Dennerle cube

    I have 2 x easy 30l cubes sat on a white IKEA Kallax shelf. Been on it for over a year and is solid with no signs of sagging.
  65. papa_c

    Cloudy sky

    As soon as the discussion has moved onto open fields and mini slate dry stone, I now have the vision of a single matchbox tractor on one of the hill slopes to complete the diorama! But serious love reading this thread, keep it up Andrew..
  66. papa_c

    Tank temp co2 solubility

    Mines set to 22c, looking at many journals and YouTube clips from the pro they are in the range of 20-23. Lowering the temperature has another benefit. At 22 my heater is rarely on even though the house stat is only set to 20 or 21 on cold days.
  67. papa_c

    Ada 60p, talawa land

    Good to hear this.... I constantly search for the good in social networking but always see the negative impact on the mental health of young and old.
  68. papa_c

    Filter Foam

    Best place is Ebay, search for 20ppi foam you will get a 50cm x 50cm piece for about a fiver. Way cheaper than pond foam
  69. papa_c

    2,000L High tech BEAST

    After a glass of wine and a crap working week, this really made me smile! Not to mention tank envy :thumbup:
  70. papa_c

    ADA Terra Base

    For me the shape is too uniform even after 3 months of growth. Going TBRO's way with oasis means you can shape it to something more softer and organic to start with.
  71. papa_c

    Taking the plunge at last.

    Hey Chris, slate is a layered rock and is generally split using a bolster and hammer. I would split it first they hit with a hammer to make smaller pieces. I remember a journal from I think a Dutch/Belgian member who built a rather impressive hardscape in the form of terraces and walls. Looked...
  72. papa_c

    A stranger dog...story

    Really great and interesting story, coincidentally i was at the vets yesterday and they had a little notice on the wall saying something like 'look with love and they will notice, talk to them gently and they will respond' Sounds like your experience is living proof!
  73. papa_c

    Question regarding shrimp breeding, in a controlled space.

    Now you have really lost me! Never heard of Roger H. Lincoln and not seen Fight Club! :)
  74. papa_c

    Question regarding shrimp breeding, in a controlled space.

    Intresting strategy on a forum that is based on helping each other! Unless I have misunderstood the reply
  75. papa_c

    Suction cups for lily pipe

    How about these Or...
  76. papa_c

    Help - plants melting noob

    First thing that comes to mind is the lighting period, I would cut it down to 6 1/2 hours and up the maintenance to 75-80% water change per week minimum. Pay attention to cleaning the substrate, gently using a turkey baster is good to loosen the detritus.
  77. papa_c

    The Falls - DOOA Wall 60

    It now reminds me of a mangrove region in flood cycle! Very impressive
  78. papa_c

    Twinstar..what is it?

    Bit the bullet and purchased a new disc. Here's what I have found, TDS out of the tap is 295, the old disc doesn't produce bubbles, new disc does. I does EI salts and the tank water measures 600+ TDS before weekly water change. Old disc doesn't produce bubbles, new disc produces bubbles as...
  79. papa_c

    Twinstar..what is it?

    purchased a Doctor 3 couple of weeks ago, was working fine but the "output" from the mesh has decreased to a trickle, there is no calcium build up on the mesh. My tank has very hard water and I dose EI ferts. Any ideas has the mesh got a limited life, if so, how long as mine has lasted little...
  80. papa_c

    Custom Tank Dimensions!?

    Careful if you step away from standard width tanks (300/600/900) you may limit your choice of lights. Learnt the hard from my experience when I had a custom 1000 wide tank built.
  81. papa_c

    RO water or TAP water in a planted tank

    Personally it's a ball ache in cutting RO, and ending up with the same parameters, tried it and it soon got boring and expensive. Water companies are paid to maintain the quality,. As said unless you have specific requirements for ultra soft water for to livestock requirements stock to tap...
  82. papa_c

    Nano iwagumi

    I would move the AR mini to the left hand side at the front corner of the rock. Might balance it better, but again personal choice
  83. papa_c

    After the Move

    I like it, in my mind it gives a destination point at the end of the path, if you are not sure try different sizes to change the perspective and see if you prefer it. Lovely tank tank, even considering all your challenges.
  84. papa_c

    Nano iwagumi

    Good news! The calm has been restored, I can now concentrate on this properly :)
  85. papa_c

    Nano iwagumi

    Looks good, but somehow a little terrifying! It always looks like the rock is just about to roll down the hill and smash the side glass
  86. papa_c

    EA Aquascaper 900 high gloss metalic anthracite cupboard

    Thanks Guys, was hoping to get some quick photos from actual tanks from members. Direct email was my next option. OCD will take care of the finger prints so no worries on that front. I've seen the samples and settled on Metallic black but that is no longer produced, while the samples are the...
  87. papa_c

    EA Aquascaper 900 high gloss metalic anthracite cupboard

    Looking for a picture of an EA Aquascaper 900 with a high gloss metalic anthracite cupboard. Need to get the bosses approval on the colour before ordering. If you have the 600 with the same colour cupboard happy to see that as well.
  88. papa_c

    Under tank support foam

    I used a 3mm pvc yoga mat cut to size works perfectly ... eBay is your friend for these.
  89. papa_c

    2,000L High tech BEAST

    Really fun watching this develop. Have you considered an inline UV filter to clear up the green water? never used one myself but for this size tank it may help. Plant growth looks good. At least what I can see through the green water
  90. papa_c

    Health of my plants. Problematic alternathera reinekii

    My tank is 60cm high, water depth was at 55cm.
  91. papa_c

    Health of my plants. Problematic alternathera reinekii

    Hi I had 4 x t5 tubes and nothing but trouble, reduced to 2 x t5 with better success. To start, I would reduce light and increase plant mass with easy fast growing plants. Twice weekly 50% water changes and observe for a couple of weeks then report back on the progress.
  92. papa_c

    DIY dosing

    Perhaps my set up is slightly more than a DIY solution, I'll pull together a complete post on it, it been running my tank for the last year via a rPi3, includes temparature control, dosing control, pH monitoring. Scheduled via Cron jobs, Writes to my home Server 2016 to SQL database, realtime...
  93. papa_c

    DIY dosing

    I use similar but rated at 5v got them off eBay.
  94. papa_c

    PH PEN

    I had a Hanna combo pen....from memory they don't use the standard 4.0 and 7.0 but 4.01 and 7.01. Whether this would make any difference not sure. Make sure you store the pen in storage solution...I didn't and had to replace the ph tip at a cost of £60 after 6 months.
  95. papa_c

    Help - diagnosis and fix

    Had similar only way to get rid of it is to syphon it out at water change and then do multiple weekly water changes to keep the tank really clean. For me I was on twice weekly 75% changes and it took 3-4 weeks to get on top of it.
  96. papa_c

    No worldcup chat?

    Can't resist mentioning... GERMANY! :wave::wave::wave:
  97. papa_c

    Possibly a dumb question... How the heck do you count your fish?

    My Otto' s play hide and seek constantly. Strangely after a good water change they always hand out together on the front glass for an hour or so and then go back to hiding.
  98. papa_c

    Ideal Tank Height?

    I'm with Edvet on this tank is 60cm high always struggled with 4 x T5. Plants melting despite 1.3 point drop on ph with CO2 over 10x lph turnover and EI via dosing pumps. Reduced down to 2 x T5 and it seems to be the magical cure. That coupled with regimental housekeeping.