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    anyone know where best place to find these is?

    Hi All, Where would be the best place to get Cryptocoryne balansae and Blyxa? If anyone has any they are getting rid of I would gladly pay for it! Regards Kev.
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    Drop checker

    Hi all, I have just recieved a new JBL drop checker and have a problem. I followed the article on this website using exactly the same checker But after putting in 1.5ml of 4Kdh water then 3 drops of the reagent, my colour is a definate dark dark blue, not bluey green indicating 7ph. so I have...
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    Redwood roots

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how long to soak Redwood roots for prior to placing in tank, as I put them in and they are really bouyant! It is quite a large piece for a 5ft tank. Regards Kev.
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    hydor eth

    Hi, does anybody know if the Hydor Eth 300w will fit a Fluval 104 or 304 external canister filter, as these filters have the ribbed type hoses? Regards Kev. Also does anyone know if this affects the priming function of the filter in anyway? Kev. Or the flow rate for that matter? Many thanks Kev.
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    Help with identifying algae

    Hi all I have a problem with algae in my tank, I'm a new guy here so may need some help with uploading pics for identification. I have taken the pics and have them in my pics on my comp, but do not know how to insert them onto the topic sheet! Anyway the algae seems to be a brownish, hard...