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    Juwel light units - any way to test before buying a new one?

    Just as the title says really. I thought one of the bulbs had gone on my Rio 300 so have bought a replacement but no go. I've got old spare tubes so tried them in various combinations in case it was the tubes themselves. Still no go. Before I go and spend money on a new light unit (AGAIN), is...
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    EasyCarbo or Flourish Excel?

    Just wanted your opinions on which is best quality/best value for money Thanks in advance :D
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    Safe to send snails in this weather?

    I am desperately needing Assassin snails for my BN plec breeding tank as the pest snails I have are trying to take over the world! If I were to buy some off AC or ebay, or even here, is it likely they would make the journey by post? Do they travel well even when its cold? Opinions appreciated :)
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    Zero nitrite? 2 weeks in - seems an odd result

    I have a potentially silly question so please don't throw anything at me.... I'm cycling a tank. Although I'm not new to keeping fish this is the first time I've properly cycled a tank because the last time I had a new tank was years ago and I didn't know what I was doing. Now I'm doing it...
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    Sparkling Gourami - Trichopsis Pumilus. Anyone kept these?

    I've decided on some Sparkling Gouramis as tank mates for my Bristlenose Plecs Firstly - can anyone see this as a bad thing? Am I missing something glaringly obvious that means I should not keep the two together? Once thats cleared up, I'm really interested in your experieces with them. Pretty...
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    Rekord 800 - anyone else got one? Advice please

    My Rekord 800 has been running for just over a week now. It's a lovely size and there's a few things about it that are different to my Rio 300 that I think are great. Just little things like a ring of plastic around the outlet from the pump/filter which means fish can't get INTO the filter -...
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    Fishless cycle - not enough plants for silent - which ammoni

    Hi I know this isn't strictly a "planted tank" question but I trust you guys to give me an answer that a) will actually be of use, and b) will come from a trustworthy source! I've got a new tank on order for my bristlenoses. I'm hoping it'll be delivered and set up by next Friday woop...
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    Tiny Bristlenose plecs - how hardy are they?

    Following on from my BNP set-up question, I've found some but they're perhaps 1cm in size. They appear active and "jittery" in a way only tiny fish can be, if that makes sense, all over the stones, seemingly searching for food. Although I don't have a specific tank set up for them yet I do have...
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    Bristlenose Plec setup - any advice appreciated

    So my housemates moving out and my OHs moving in. I have held back on the tank-front as I haven't wanted to clutter the place up with my stuff while she's been here but my lovely OH has granted me whatever space I want for a new tank :twisted: heehee I'm thinking BNPs -a little breeding...
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    Hiding Juwel filter-box

    Hi all I'm sure this has been asked before but the search gave me 139 pages of results! :lol: I've got a Rio 300 and I've tried many ways of disguising the big black filter box in the back right corner.... well, ok, the right side - its that big, right? I can't afford to upgrade to an...