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  1. ceg4048

    Resolved! UKAPS shuts down when I post a conversation

    That too, of course. Goes without saying... Cheers,
  2. ceg4048

    Resolved! UKAPS shuts down when I post a conversation

    Seems to work now Paulo. I was about to blame it on micronutrient toxicity. You saved me. Cheers,
  3. ceg4048

    Resolved! UKAPS shuts down when I post a conversation

    Hey Paulo, I confirm this behavior occurs either by clicking the name or by selecting "Start a Conversation" In my case, using the latest Firefox on windoze10. In fact the entire tab in a multi-tab session closes but does not log you off immediately. You can recover the session by...
  4. ceg4048

    Resolved! Deleting a post

    Accomplished. Cheers,
  5. ceg4048

    Resolved! Conversation bugged?

    A favorite trick of spammers.... Cheers,
  6. ceg4048

    Resolved! Linking problems

    Right click on the image and select "copy image location". Then, in the post, click the little image icon on the far right and past the image location in the dialog box. This is the first image that appears on your flikr site. I've simply selected the 640 X 246 size version of the image and...
  7. ceg4048

    Resolved! cant upload pics

    Also, it might be that the little dialog box that contains the i.imgur image link is hiding behind some of your other windows on the desktop after you click the upload button... Cheers,
  8. ceg4048

    Resolved! cant upload pics

    Yes it makes sense but Paulo will have to fix that. It's better to simply use the traditional way for now and just post the image link from you image hosting site until he gets around to it. Cheers,
  9. ceg4048

    Resolved! cant upload pics

    Peter you need to post the link to the photo so we can see what the trouble is. Cheers,
  10. ceg4048

    Resolved! Can Darrel and Clive get their blue back please ?!

    Hey, wait a moment, what happened to my "Klingon Emperor of The Universe" title??? Bad show mate. :dead: Cheers,
  11. ceg4048

    How to! Create a link?

    Hi, Like this, please carefully note the subtle difference in syntax: Ugly, which appears like this:=> New corner tank | UK Aquatic Plant Society http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=3111 Pretty, which appears like this:=> New corner tank New corner tank To make it stand out you can...