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  1. JEK

    60-P "Succession"

    Well, I'm hooked again. Just picked up an ADA 60-P. I have a pretty good idea about the hardscape already: The lighting is a Twinstar 600ES. filtration will be an Eheim Classic 250 and an Azoo skimmer. The Eheim is maybe a bit weak for flow, but I will supplement with a powerhead if necessary...
  2. JEK

    60-P low-tech - advice needed

    A few months ago I set up a small nano high-tech tank after close to a decade out of the hobby and I must admit that aquariums really has gotten a hold of me again. My 16 liter nano is really too small for fish and since I like fish (not that interested in shrimp, sorry shrimp people) and also...
  3. JEK

    16 l shrimp jungle

    Hi guys! I'm getting back into the hobby after about 8 years without aquariums. I wanted to start out without investing too much so I've bought an Azoo Flexi-Mini (31x21x24 cm, 16 litres, 150 l/h HOB filter and 7 watts LED) with a tropica nano CO2 system and a cal aqua CO2 checker. The...
  4. JEK

    Small interesting/unusual fishes - suggestions wanted

    Hi guys! I think I'll start a few small tanks (<60 l ) soon. They will be planted low-tech tanks with lots of wood and low-light plants. Since my tap water is quite hard, I plan on getting a RO filter, so I can control the water parameters easily. Do you have any ideas on the stocking? I'm...
  5. JEK

    Danish Aquarium Fair - Aarhus 2011

    Hi guys! I thought this thread could be used for pictures from and discussion about the Aquarium Fair in Aarhus, which were held this weekend (22-23/10-2011). I'll start with telling a little about my experience of the day (I was only there saturday). The first lecture was held by the swedish...
  6. JEK

    Nature pictures

    Still browsing trough old photos (feeling really nostalgic today :) ) and thought I'd share some of the nature pics with you. Maybe they can give some inspiration for aquarium layouts... They're from Sweden and the photos are taken by my brother. I've no idea what they're called in english...
  7. JEK

    My scapes 2007-2011

    Well, I was just looking trough old pictures. I realized that none of them have actually been very succesfull to this point, but I have learned a lot from them for sure. I not sure if this is interesting for anyone but me, since none of the scapes are really good and the photography for the most...
  8. JEK

    60 cm opti-white - Update

    I've just ordered a 60x30x36 cm tank and equipment. Looking very much forward to start my first hi-tech planted, that's not a nano. :D Specs: Lightning: Arcadia overtank luminaire 2x24 w (the old model) Filtration: Circulation only, no filter. I'll be using a koralia nano 900 l/h. Substrate...
  9. JEK

    2 x 24 w over a 60x30x36 cm tank

    What do you think? Is it enough to grow anything if I have good CO2 and ferts?
  10. JEK

    Takashi Amano lecture and workshop in Aarhus, Denmark

    Well, I don't know if this is interesting for any of you in the UK, but Takashi Amano will be giving a lecture and workshop in Denmark 22/10 this year. Here's a list of the full program: http://www.akvamesse.dk/viewpage.php?page_id=5 The strange language it's written is is danish. :lol: At...
  11. JEK

    30 cm nature aquarium

    Well, I decided to start a new journal since I'm making a whole new layout in this tank. For hardscape I'm using dragon stone and plants will be glossostigma, Bacopa, H. micranthemoides, R. wallicii, Taiwan moss and maybe Anubias var."petite". I have two main ideas for hardscape and placement...
  12. JEK

    "Lost in Oblivion" 27 litres

    Finally I got this tank started.:) Plants are HC, Anubias "petite", java moss (on the wood), taiwan moss (on the rocks), Hydrocotyle, bolbitis and H. pinnafitida in the bachground. I think H. pinnafitida will be removed and instead i'll plant blyxa or maybe vallisneria nana, but i not sure if...
  13. JEK

    Johan's 30C - Ryū no yama

    Hi, I'm going to start my my little cube again. Specifications: Aquarium: 30x30x30 cm Lighting: Aquatic nature solar boy duo 26 W Filter:Eden 501 Heating: Jäger 25 W CO2: Easycarbo Nutrition: TPN+ Substrate: Seachem Flourish Black Hardscape: Red moor wood and/or dragon stone. Or branch wood...
  14. JEK

    30 cm cube - hardscape

    Hi! I thinking of starting my little cube again and just wanted to hear your opinion about it. It will probably be a hi-tech setup with moss, bolbitis, needle leaf java fern, glosso or UG and stems in the background, but I'm still open for suggestions. I got a peice of red moor wood wich I...
  15. JEK

    Liquid carbon or pressurised for 30cm/1' cube?

    Hi, I've got a 30cm/1' wich I'm thinking og restarting. I found a lightning unit on 26w, wich I'm considering buying. Do you think it's neccesary with a pressurised CO2 system or could I just use Easycarbo? I would really appreciate your opinions.:) Thanks in advance.
  16. JEK

    Filter and lightning for a 45 cm/1,5' tank

    Hi! I've been without aquarium for nearly a year now, which is very hard to endure. :mrgreen: My dream setup would be a 60 cm ADA style setup, but it will take a long time before I can afford that... So I'm thinking of getting a 45x30x30 cm/1.5'x1'x1' tank. I think that would be a rather...
  17. JEK

    Mini M V3

    Some pics of my latest scape. I have made some minor changes in the hardscape since the pics were taken. Needs some more plants off course.:) Riccia and Eleocharis acicularis will be added soon. I'm considering changing the microsorum to anubias barteri "petité". Specs: Tank: 36x22x26...
  18. JEK

    Mountain stream - Mini M

    Hi! Just discovered this forum... Hope it's okay I post here even though I'm not from the UK. :D Here's the final shot of my newest aquascape: Not very good pic, but it was the best I managed to take... Specs: Tank: Mini M, 36x22x26 cm Filter: Eheim 2211 w. lily pipes Lightning: ADA Solar...