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  1. rawr


    Okay so this has been running for what...nearly two years now?! That's a long time. I literally haven't touched the tank for months now, but all seems well apart from the glass being somewhat algae-ridden but it's nicely grown in and everything. I'm planning to give it a tidy up and re-stock it...
  2. rawr

    If you could have any career...?

    I got a job as a waiter in a hotel when I was 16, now two years later I've been promoted to food and beverage supervisor and am quite sure that I want to stay in the hotel industry. I have my doubts sometimes, like that's all I've known in terms of jobs but yeah for now that's what I'm aiming to...
  3. rawr

    Hi-fi/speaker question for the techies

    Well I went to the Richer Sounds store in Romford today, really nice shop with friendly staff. I bought the floorstanding Cambridge Audio speakers along with a Teac amplifier and iPod dock. I just set the system up and am really happy with it! The sound is brilliant. Thanks to everyone who...
  4. rawr

    Hi-fi/speaker question for the techies

    I may be using the speakers for TV etc in the future but not for a while so I see your point. :) The KEF speakers look great. So do you think the amplifier above with the KEF speakers would work well together?
  5. rawr

    Hi-fi/speaker question for the techies

    Okay, thanks for the advice guys. :) This is what I'm thinking of getting, would this setup work? Amplifier - http://www.richersounds.com/product/amp ... az-am1-blk Bookshelf speakers - http://www.richersounds.com/product/boo ... mb-s20-blk Floorstanding -...
  6. rawr

    Hi-fi/speaker question for the techies

    Wow, thanks that's a great website! So basically, if I bought an amplifier, an iPod dock and four speakers, I could connect all the speakers to the amplifier, put them around the room and play music from my iPod? I think that's right...?
  7. rawr

    Hi-fi/speaker question for the techies

    I want to buy a new hi-fi/speaker system. Basically, what I want to have is a good quality hi-fi unit and multiple speakers (like four seperate speakers around the room). I've seen this done in other people's houses etc but how is it done? I'm guessing it's pretty easy - just need it explained...
  8. rawr

    Tonys 'Triassic Hollow' 420L - Now FOR SALE !

    Re: Tonsers 420L "Triassic Hollow" @ 1week Wow, that is quality! It's definately one of the best hardscaping I've seen in a while. One thing that I did notice was the substrate level and ow it's slightly uneven at the front. I think any aquascape looks much better when the substrate level is...
  9. rawr

    Beginnings - Help needed!

    I really like this, seem to have missed it. It has a great feel to it, really refreshing - nice one! :)
  10. rawr

    iPhone Apps

    I downloaded 'Angry Birds' and true to the reviews, it's quite addictive! :lol:
  11. rawr

    Jobs, where's best to find them

    When I was looking for a summer job just about all of them had gone by this time of year. I went around literally every local shop handing out CV's and applying online etc, even went to job centres but had nothing - this was right in the middle of the credit crunch though. The best way from...
  12. rawr

    Fish to do a shrimps work?

    Something like a Molly or Platy might do the job?
  13. rawr

    iPhone Apps

    I am personally really happy with the iPhone. The reason I got an iPhone over other handsets is because I was going to get an IPod Touch anyway, and when I got a call saying it was time for an upgrade it seemed the logical thing to do. The only (quite major) downside I've found so far is the...
  14. rawr

    iPhone Apps

    I recently got an iPhone and am quite new to the whole iPhone thing - I'm still learning how to use it! :lol: I've currently got the Facebook, Spotify and Shazam apps but would like some suggestions on cool apps? I'm not after anythin in particular really, just any recommendations? Thanks :)
  15. rawr


    So this has been going for what? 13 months now. I haven't updated the journal in months so thought it's about time for an update. This tank has suffered a log of neglect over the last few months, what with me trying to juggle a full time job, going to college full time and all the rest of...
  16. rawr

    Holiday Destinations

    Thanks for the suggestions guys :) I've never heard of those places, are they in Spain, Garuf? I think Spain is probably the best option but am considering other places too which is why I posted here for alternative ideas. I also didn't know you could just upgrade once at the hotel, that's a...
  17. rawr

    Holiday Destinations

    I'm already going to Cyprus this summer with a few friends but am looking to go on a cheap holiday with the girlfriend sometime late summer, early winter or early next year. In the last few years I've been to Cyprus, Egypt and Rhodes. I would prefer some sort of hotel deal, say all inclusive...
  18. rawr

    More birds with a few rarer ones (Pic Heavy)

    Great photos :) I love bird photography.
  19. rawr

    Once upon a time at the riverbank - Final update

    Re: Once upon a time at the riverbank 125Ltr Great to see you back :) I've missed this aquascape and of course it's looking good as ever.
  20. rawr

    2ft x 2ft x 2ft cube

    I think Nick16 has a 4x2x2 aquarium, it's double the width but similar dimensions. :) It's would be a really interesting aquarium to aquascape.
  21. rawr


    I use the 1cm of fish per 1l of water as a rough rule for 'bread and butter fish'. In terms of that you're alright. :)
  22. rawr

    Paul's 200L, "Punishment of Luxury"

    Wow, this has really matured into something nice. I've got to admit, I didn't really like the hardscape at the beginning but now love the look of this aquascape. It just shows you how letting a tank mature can change everything.
  23. rawr

    Discussion: What's your favourite part of the hobby and why?

    Re: Discussion: What's your favourite part of the hobby and I would see myself as quite knowledgeable but not successful or 'good' at the whole aquascapilng/fishkeeping hobby. I like the initial stage of an aquascape, e.g. planning it and hardscaping an aquarium. It's usually downhill from...
  24. rawr

    What's the demand for high street planted aquarium shops?

    Re: What's the demand for high street planted aquarium shops This is a big discussion and I've often thought about it myself. I think hobbies are such a niche thing. Especially somethin like fishkeeping/aquascaping. I mean it's growing for sure but in my opinion not enough to take that much...
  25. rawr

    Reducing aggression in a cichlid tank

    Maybe reduce the water level a bit? If that's the only problem. Give us some more information e.g. tank size, what species, etc etc I think so much depends on the fish, what they're with, what environment etc. For example some Ember Tetras I had some time ago were bound to be timid for life...
  26. rawr

    Saintly's 240L 'savannah dreaming' scape finished

    Re: Saintly's 'savannah dreaming' This has to be your best hardscaping yet by far. I can see this evolving into something to really be proud of. :)
  27. rawr

    Maidenhead TV Advert :)

    Wow, good to see they're going up in the world! It looks like quite a tacky advert though.
  28. rawr

    60cm nature scape v2

    This is looking great and has real potential! I think it would come on leaps and bounds if it had more of a foreground and transition between foreground and mid. :)
  29. rawr

    George's 120cm - Nature's Reflection v2

    I actually don't mind the Angelfish too much, if anything I think they look a bit too big for the aquascape and it takes away from the scale o things. Your photography definately has it's own style, I could probably chose your photo out of a line up. It should look good once grown in a bit...
  30. rawr

    frustrated or not?

    I see what you mean but that's also part of the beauty - the fact that this hobby is all about nature. It evolves on it's own and creates it's own art in the process.
  31. rawr

    fish swimming up and down repeatedly

    It depends eally, IMO no fish should be doin that for a lon period of time. What fish is it, in what tank etc?
  32. rawr

    My Thursday Night...

    I've been weaing glasses for years now, but always loose them, forget them etc and am really lazy with them. I only really wear them for reading from the board at school because they only help with long distance. At the moment I only wear them about once a week. Anyway, I'm fine with putting...
  33. rawr

    My Thursday Night...

    That's the thing I don't wear my glasses that often, probably not as much as I should do. The only time I wear them is at school to read off the board occasionally and that's it. That's why I think I noticed the difference so much. I also love the fact you don't have to physically wear anything...
  34. rawr

    My Thursday Night...

    I don't know why I fainted really, I've only ever fainted once before. I was pretty nervous about it and could just feel myself heating up and my vision went blurry and before I knew it I was waking up again. As I said, I really want to give them another go. My eye is really bloodshot at the...
  35. rawr

    My Thursday Night...

    I'm totally up for giving them anoter go, they're much better than glasses in my opinion but just don't like the idea of thinking they're still in/trying to get them out etc etc. I'm definately goin to try them again anyway.
  36. rawr

    My Thursday Night...

    I just thought I'd share this, no point to it really but it's quite stupid and funny. I'm actually visually impared but that's a whole other story. I've got glasses that I wear sometimes and have always been against contact lenses because I never liked the idea of just sticking them in my eye...
  37. rawr

    Last of the first.

    I like it too, looks very natural. :)
  38. rawr

    What 'rule' do you use?

    I go by the general rule of 1cm per 1l but very loosely. I prefer to stock my tanks very sparingly. I like the fish to have a lot of room to swim, less is definately more in most cases.
  39. rawr

    First planted tank in ages...

    This looks amazing :) looks much bigger than it actually is for sure.
  40. rawr

    Does the Asian Rummynose shoal as well as Rummynose Tetra?

    Re: Does the Asian Rummynose shoal as well as Rummynose Tetr So what size tank, size shoal and other fish do you have in the tank etc, sanj?
  41. rawr

    60cm nature scape v2

    This is looking great, nice one! :)
  42. rawr

    Andyh's - Dragon Beach

    I really really like this! :) Nice one
  43. rawr

    Lake Inle Biotope

    Definately one of your best, nice one. :)
  44. rawr

    New firefox update causing plugins to corrupt websites

    I've also heard that Firefox now uses a lot of RAM. I have no idea how to check this and don't really care to be honest, because it works and causes no problems for me. I like it. As Steve said, the plugins probably just aren't compatible with the new version. Have you tried disabling them all...
  45. rawr

    Detrius buildup in a tank

    As others have suggested, aim for at least 10x turnover as far as filtration is concerned but the more the merrier really - no need for over about 20x though, especially in smaller tanks. In bigger tanks it might be more of a problem so obviously use more flow from two or more filters. Also...
  46. rawr

    Who's entering the IAPLC 2010 (ADA contest)?

    I would probably take it more seriously if I put some effort into my aquascape and knew it had a good potential but this isn't the case. That's not to say I still don't take it seriously, I really want to see what the judges have to say and where I would place in relation to other aquascapes. I...
  47. rawr

    Back to Nature

    Re: Galaxy paradise (宇宙天堂) This looks real nice :) it reminds me of Amano's home tank.
  48. rawr

    Breeding in small tank

    Personally I wouldn't recommend breeding Rams in a 40l tank (that is most likely nearer 30l after substrate, hardscape etc etc) or anything over 5cm for that matter. I just think it's unnatural for that size fish to be in such a small space, especially that of somewhat aggresssive temperament...
  49. rawr

    Detrius buildup in a tank

    Circulation ;)
  50. rawr

    Who's entering the IAPLC 2010 (ADA contest)?

    I might just enter for the fun of it. I know my 'aquascape' (I use the term loosely :lol:) is far from up to scratch but it's all a bit of fun at the end of the day!
  51. rawr

    Saintly's 240L 'savannah dreaming' scape finished

    Re: Saintly's 120cm latest scape Wow, I never realised you were scaping using the TV! That's amazing, this is gonna be a cracker of a scape with all of these new techniques you're putting into practice.
  52. rawr

    Saintly's 240L 'savannah dreaming' scape finished

    Re: Saintly's 120cm latest scape Thanks for sharing, that really is a dead simple way to do it. This might be a silly question but something I just thought about. If you're going to be using it on a timer and daily basis, would this have any affect on the possibility of algae to the back of the...
  53. rawr

    Problem with root tabs in the water column

    I'm not sure what the effect will be but it can't be good and I would expect algae. My advice would be to do as many water changes as you can whilst keeping things stable.
  54. rawr

    Saintly's 240L 'savannah dreaming' scape finished

    Re: Saintly's 120cm latest scape How are you backlighting it? Massive improvement. And I agree with Garuf, get that stuff in a 60! :)
  55. rawr

    First planted tank in ages...

    That looks much better, nice and clean but still got character - just what I like! :) Nice one
  56. rawr

    Fish volume Calculator

    Nice tool, I still go by the general guideling of 1cm per 1l to some extent.
  57. rawr

    Saintly's 240L 'savannah dreaming' scape finished

    Re: Saintly's 120cm latest scape I very much like the sound of this, sounds like my kind of aquascape - keep us updated! :)
  58. rawr

    Sat Feb 20th - trip to Living Waters + MA Morden (Surrey)

    Don't forget your cameras, we all epect loads of photos as always! :)
  59. rawr

    Supplier for decent adult angelfish? London area

    Have you tried Wildwoods? I know you probably have, but worth a call if not. :)
  60. rawr

    Saintly's 240L 'savannah dreaming' scape finished

    Re: Saintly's 120cm latest scape To hell with it - go jungle! :)
  61. rawr

    Good Effort PFK

    Maybe it's just me but I was quite dissapointed with the latest PFK. The only article that remotely interested me was Georges biotope. The last few haven't been as good IMO.
  62. rawr

    On the way home.

    I much prefer the colour version, the colours are beautiful
  63. rawr

    some park shots

    These shots are beautiful. I love animal photography. :) Especially like the fourth one.
  64. rawr


    Nice one, how exactly do you make a filter like that? Would be a nice tutorial of some sort.
  65. rawr


    Interesting concept - are you running a filter on this?
  66. rawr

    Design Project

    Interesting stuff, they both look really modern, clean and polished. Nice one! :) I'll look forward to seeing the final peice.
  67. rawr

    Saintly's 120cm 'hill's of desire'

    :lol: I'm really sorry if I offended you but honestly didn't mean it like that, I've always liked the variety of your aquascapes and just think the last few have been less diverse but totally accept that this woulld have been down to the client and after all it's your call. :) That's not to say...
  68. rawr

    Hydor Koralia NANO

    Just to give you an idea of how much importance flow has, I have a Nano on my 35l. This is probably a bit extreme and would suit the likes of a 60l better but gives you an idea anyway. Good flow is the way forward so choose wisely. :)
  69. rawr

    Saintly's 120cm 'hill's of desire'

    :lol: Sorry, on reading back what I said does sound harsh but isn't meant in that way and I hope Mark knows that. :)
  70. rawr

    Saintly's 120cm 'hill's of desire'

    This would look great if you carried it on for a little longer, but to be honest I'm getting a bit bored of your layouts like this - it's got to be the third one(?) and it just looks too similar every time now. I want to see you use some wood. :)
  71. rawr

    ID Plec

    I think it's a Clown Plec, but I'm not expert so would wait for someone more qualified to come along :)
  72. rawr

    60cm nature scape v2

    That's lookin real nice, what fish are those you've got in there?
  73. rawr

    No competition for 1st quarter of 2010?

    I think the paladrium and set mount/tuype ideas are good ones. Also, how about a competition where you can only use hardscape and maybe even plants found from your local lake/park/wherever - just collected from nature. Or one where you give us an inspirational image and we have to recreate it...
  74. rawr

    Sat Feb 20th - trip to Living Waters + MA Morden (Surrey)

    I might just do that :) need to check I'm not working first though. I love Wildwoods, like you said the fish stock makes up for the lack of plants etc. They have had some nice hardscape in recently though. A meetup there would be great, there's also about another five LFS within 400m.
  75. rawr

    Ad's Low tech-ish 54l-Updated!

    Re: Ad's Low tech-ish 54l This is top notch stuff right here. :)
  76. rawr

    Sat Feb 20th - trip to Living Waters + MA Morden (Surrey)

    I might come to this...could just jump on the tube. :)
  77. rawr

    Cats and fish tanks

    This might sound weird but I think it depends on your cat. Some take an interest and some don't. My tanks all have hoods apart from one which didn't. They are all in my room in the loft and our cats hardly come up here. I think I caught one of them taking an interest once, but they wouldn't go...
  78. rawr

    What/who are you listening too?

    I'm really feeling Kings Of Leon recently, they're actually amazing.
  79. rawr

    Black Harlequin Rasbora

    That's got to be one of your best images yet. I know how difficult it can be taking images in a tank, let alone of small moving fish! That's just amazing.
  80. rawr

    super red harlequins

    Could they maybe be Espei or Hengli rasboras?
  81. rawr

    Saintly's "purple rain' added HD vid

    Re: Saintly's "purple rain' ? Nice! What fish is that? You haven't changed the stocking already have you?! :lol:
  82. rawr

    My first Layout "Two Tribes" updated 29/4

    Re: My first Layout I think this has good potential. The main rock is just about big enough, the smallest three might be in danger of getting lost in flora though. You're definately on the right track there, even if you stuck with that it wouldn't be a bad aquascape. :)
  83. rawr

    New Beginnings (Aaron's Riparium)

    I too like the idea of a riparium, it's nice to see people trying their hand at it. What are your plans for planting? (Jheez, I dunno if it's my screen or dodgy eyesight but that blue photo blinded me! :lol:)
  84. rawr

    Saintly's "purple rain' added HD vid

    Re: Saintly's "purple rain' ? Nice choice of fish, they suit the scape well. Let us know if they keep their tight shoaling behaviour. What lighting and filtration have you got on this little fella?
  85. rawr

    Watch FreeView on PC and iPhone

    Is this all legal and stuff? And do you need to download anything?
  86. rawr

    60cm nature scape v2

    I really like this, crypts are my favourite plant by a mile and the jungle feel is always a nice touch. I can't help but think adding some more wood would add a lot to the aquascape though.
  87. rawr

    Saintly's "purple rain' added HD vid

    Re: Saintly's shrimp nano. 20L You're a modest guy, this has to be one of the nices nanos I've seen. :) To agree with the others, it's got a real nice refreshing feel to it.
  88. rawr

    Andyh's 60L kitchen tank

    This is one of the most beautiful and more importantly natural aquascapes on here, well done you should be proud! :)
  89. rawr

    Is this Rare?

    Are you certain it's a Nerite? Some of the pest snails I've seen in the past have similar markings.
  90. rawr

    Flow problems

    That sounds good to me, thanks for sharing your experiences Andy! :) Do you have any idea where I could pick one up for that sort of price?
  91. rawr

    Flow problems

    I have a 35l tank (probably nearer 30 after substrate etc) with a fluval 105 filter rated at 450lph. I have the outlet and inlet at different ends of the tank - the inlet to the left and outlet to the right. The right has good flow and I have noticed that the plants have grown more on this side...
  92. rawr

    4 x 2 x 2 Low maintenance 'scape

    Wow, now that's what I'm talking about! This is my type of tank, I would love to own something like that.
  93. rawr

    Amano's hairgrass

    Vivipara ;)
  94. rawr

    Cherry Shrimps to good homes

    I would be very interested in some, never been any good at Geography and have no clue where Upton Park is apart from the tube station ringing a bell :lol: I'm on the Picadilly line so could meet you at that station if there is still some up for grabs.
  95. rawr

    Does the Asian Rummynose shoal as well as Rummynose Tetra?

    Thanks for all the replies guys, at least everyone agrees. :) George, I haven't kept them personally but from what I've heard and even seen in shops they shoal much better than any other fish even when settled. I also read somewhere recently that the Asian Rummynose shoals just as well as the...
  96. rawr

    FujiFilm Finepix s1500

    I'm not really up on all of the photography talk, but when I was trying to get better results I played around with the settings on my camera and was able to manuallly change the ISO and other stuff like that.
  97. rawr

    FujiFilm Finepix s1500

    I haven't go tthis camera, but have a Fujifilm Finepix Z(somethingorother) and can only vouch for it's goodness - easy to use, takes a great quality photo, great camera. :)
  98. rawr

    Does the Asian Rummynose shoal as well as Rummynose Tetra?

    What great timing! PFK had a nice article about these fish in this month's issue. It was an alright read, still didn't answer the topic question though, so if anyone can help out with that would be great. :)
  99. rawr

    Does the Asian Rummynose shoal as well as Rummynose Tetra?

    So yeah, simple question really. I would love to hear from someone who's kept these fish (preferably for a decent period of time) and any other information on them that they would like to share.
  100. rawr

    Fish questions?

    Hatchets are known to be more common jumpers because they occupy the top region of the water column. Make sure you leave an inch or so between the top of the tank and the water level - some tanks are so full that the fish can basically just swim out of the tank. There's not much else you can do...