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  1. rawr

    Hi-fi/speaker question for the techies

    I want to buy a new hi-fi/speaker system. Basically, what I want to have is a good quality hi-fi unit and multiple speakers (like four seperate speakers around the room). I've seen this done in other people's houses etc but how is it done? I'm guessing it's pretty easy - just need it explained...
  2. rawr

    iPhone Apps

    I recently got an iPhone and am quite new to the whole iPhone thing - I'm still learning how to use it! :lol: I've currently got the Facebook, Spotify and Shazam apps but would like some suggestions on cool apps? I'm not after anythin in particular really, just any recommendations? Thanks :)
  3. rawr

    Holiday Destinations

    I'm already going to Cyprus this summer with a few friends but am looking to go on a cheap holiday with the girlfriend sometime late summer, early winter or early next year. In the last few years I've been to Cyprus, Egypt and Rhodes. I would prefer some sort of hotel deal, say all inclusive...
  4. rawr

    My Thursday Night...

    I just thought I'd share this, no point to it really but it's quite stupid and funny. I'm actually visually impared but that's a whole other story. I've got glasses that I wear sometimes and have always been against contact lenses because I never liked the idea of just sticking them in my eye...
  5. rawr

    Flow problems

    I have a 35l tank (probably nearer 30 after substrate etc) with a fluval 105 filter rated at 450lph. I have the outlet and inlet at different ends of the tank - the inlet to the left and outlet to the right. The right has good flow and I have noticed that the plants have grown more on this side...
  6. rawr

    Does the Asian Rummynose shoal as well as Rummynose Tetra?

    So yeah, simple question really. I would love to hear from someone who's kept these fish (preferably for a decent period of time) and any other information on them that they would like to share.
  7. rawr

    Recommend a plant!

    Hey lads and ladettes ;) I'm thinking about starting a new scape and wondered if anyone had any plant ideas. I'm thinking grasses, maybe a Cryptocoryne - that sort of thing. I'm definately going to use E. Parvula, C. Parva (or another species) and a moss but need something like Blyxa that...
  8. rawr

    UKAPS Secret Santa 2009!

    Well I know it's early but thought I'd drum up a bit of interest and get things going. Eh, at this reate it'll be Christmas in no time! :) I organised this last year for the first time and got some good feedback so thought it would be a nice idea to do it again - just a bit of fun. The same...
  9. rawr

    Which laptop to go for?

    I'm going to be buying a new laptop soon and can't choose which to go for! I was originally going to get a MacBook but am a couldn't go without Windows. I could just imagine myself hating it after a while, despite their sexyness. Still, works out cheaper anyway! I want something, small and...
  10. rawr

    eBay Buyer Help

    I'm selling an old phone for my dad on eBay. Someone obviously clicked the 'buy it now' button but didn't pay. They were a new user with 0 feedback and I messaged them several times, first telling them that I had sent an invoice, then warning them that I would relist the item if they didn't...
  11. rawr

    Low-light CO2 injection?

    Looking through the journals, people like Mark, George, Dan and Graeme who use CO2 injection all have expensive luminaires with god knows how many watts per gallon. I was just wondering - is it...what's the word...a good idea to inject CO2 with low lighting (e.g. 1.5wpg)? Is there anything you...
  12. rawr

    CO2 Injection Virgin

    As a lot of you probably know, I'm a CO2 injection virgin and proud! In fact, this part of the forum is new ground to me. But - I want to progress in the hobby and in order to do this I feel the time to start CO2 injection is long over due. Having recently got a job, I'm gonna have the funds...
  13. rawr

    Fish eggs - do inverts have a taste for them?

    I don't know if you already know, but I got some Cherry Barbs at the weekend. I've done quite a bit of research on them and know that they're quite easy to breed. I'm keen on doing that. The thing is, their tank has some MTS, and I'm thinking of chucking in some Cherry Shrimp. Will these guys...
  14. rawr

    Cherry Barb, Celestial Pearl and Glowlight Danio, Boras Brig

    So, I've been having a think about possible stocking for my Current aquascape 'Lianko' and these are the four main fish that stick out for me. Cherry Barbs - they come from Sri Lanka, so adding them would make this tank a true biotope as planned. My onlly fear is that they grow too big for the...
  15. rawr


    I've got a new account, and that means a new journal is in order! :D Tank: 35l (50x25x30cm) Lighting: 14w T8 Heater: 50w (set to 22°C) Filtration: Fluval 105 You can see the substrate consisting of ADA Aqua Soil Malaya and a Bright Sand/Graded Gravel/Seiryu Stone foreground. The hardscape...