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  1. chump54

    Rocky meadow

    Very nice :) Chris
  2. chump54

    Best co2 diffuser for 54ltr tank, fluval external filter

    I use one of these on my 60l... very small bubbles. I use it on my full pressurised system not the fluval 88 system it's intended for. http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/fluval- ... -6010.html pros. very small bubbles solid (not easily broken) small size cons. it's black
  3. chump54

    Hydor external - should a light come on when it is heating?

    Re: Hydor external - should a light come on when it is heati nry, check the fuse before you do anything drastic... although it sounds like the thermostat sounds like its gone if your not getting any sort of click. Chris
  4. chump54

    Going from timed to 24/7 co2

    you should keep an eye on it to make sure its turning off... Chris
  5. chump54

    Going from timed to 24/7 co2

    hey, try a little monkey magic and give it a sharp tap with something hard... mine gets stuck occasionally and giving it a light whack gets it going again. sorry I can't help with the bubble rates... Chris
  6. chump54

    Hard Water Line

    i use vinegar... does the trick. and smells like fish n chips ;)
  7. chump54

    My iPhone/iPad app

    Thanks Sentral, hadn't really thought about the idea of super seeds, will consider it for future versions/harder levels. The rewards are something i'm working on, it uses GameCenter for leader boards and achievements but I'd like to integrate them better, to make them easier to access/work...
  8. chump54

    My iPhone/iPad app

    NO.... it shouldn't have done that... I'm so sorry. Can you check... it should show up on your receipt but it should be marked as "free" did you use the code or did you click the "buy" button? Chris
  9. chump54

    My iPhone/iPad app

    actually the link should work for your device too -> https://buy.itunes.apple.com/WebObjects ... andingPage
  10. chump54

    My iPhone/iPad app

    ah, yes sorry, it's not very obvious is it... if your on your computer click -> https://buy.itunes.apple.com/WebObjects ... andingPage (there is a link on the front page of the iTunes store to "redeem") if you're on your device go to the app store and at the bottom of the featured section is a...
  11. chump54

    My iPhone/iPad app

    Hello everyone, I haven't been obsessing over my tank as much I usually do as I've been working on an iOS app... It's a game called Diggy for 3 to 5 year olds... It involves a digger, seeds and trees... You can check it out here http://untested.com/diggy. If you want you can use one of these...
  12. chump54

    Essex & Suffolk Water

    i'm in suffolk and dechlorinate my water... it smells very strongly of chlorine, and tastes like a swimming pool :) Chris
  13. chump54

    Portinho da Arrábida - uma vista de Troia

    a great choice of fish, never kept them but they are on my list :) Chris
  14. chump54

    A very English Spring...The end (tank sold)

    Re: A very English Spring nice job on the wood... look forward yo seeing it fill in. it's got great potential :thumbup:
  15. chump54

    Liquid Carbon

    There are loads and loads of people using it, it is very effective. just one I think of when I think of just easycarbo is this fantastic tank ( honestly there are absolutely loads, it very widely used) http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f= ... 16&start=0 and a nice article by George...
  16. chump54

    90x45x45cm - 2011 IAPLC entry #577 - The Unknown Valley

    Re: 90x45x45cm - Unknown Valley lush, green and great depth. very nice indeed. good luck with the IAPLC. :thumbup: Chris
  17. chump54

    Desert's Edge

    Re: An inconvenient space here's a topic for surface film -> viewtopic.php?f=21&t=13603 I've found that surface movement was the only thing that works for me... but the co2 drops to nothing over night and I have to have it coming on earlier to make up for the loss... but this must be good for...
  18. chump54

    Tom's Bucket O' Mud - The End

    Re: Tom's Bucket O' Mud - New pics page 10 +1 for everything Luis said :)
  19. chump54

    jet style co2 checker

    not a bad price either http://www.aquariumplantfood.co.uk/co2- ... style.html :thumbup: Chris
  20. chump54

    Tom's Bucket O' Mud - The End

    Re: Tom's Bucket O' Mud - New pics page 10 omg... marvellous... Chris
  21. chump54

    Good source for cheap rock/stone

    thanks Mark, there's a depot in Essex, near my inlaws! Chris
  22. chump54

    Good source for cheap rock/stone

    Thanks Andy, no JTF's near me but I will continue to visit garden centres, with renewed enthusiasm. Although it doesn't take much to get me into a garden centre :) Chris
  23. chump54

    Takashi Amano of ponds

    amazing, crocs!! I think my boys would like that...our garden is a bit small though. :lol: Chris
  24. chump54

    Portinho da Arrábida - uma vista de Troia

    Re: 125ltr as yet untitled scape in the advanced planning st :D hey thats cool... totally understand. Chris
  25. chump54

    Portinho da Arrábida - uma vista de Troia

    Re: 125ltr as yet untitled scape in the advanced planning st Andy, best of luck with the baby, very exciting/scary times ( I have 3!). scape sounds great, I do like a rocky scape. can you tell us more about the rocks, I'm looking for a much more sustainable version of mini landscape rock. I'm...
  26. chump54

    Hi folks, another new member joins, from Suffolk.

    Hello, I went through Benhall yesterday, went to Rendelsham forest with the kids, didn't see any UFOs though ! I'm in Heveningham, I make the trek to Swallow Aquatics East Harling -> http://www.swallowaquatics.co.uk/EastHarling.aspx lots of fish, but last time I was there the plant health was...
  27. chump54

    UP CO2 Atomiser Problem

    also I found my bubble counter started leaking once I upped the pressure. you could try without the bubble counter to reduce the number of parts in the system that could be causing a problem. Chris
  28. chump54

    UP CO2 Atomiser Problem

    check for a leak, use some very soapy water on the pipe joints and around the atomiser...see if you get bubbles. Also I found mine only worked at 1.8 (bar?) try upping the working pressure. Chris
  29. chump54

    Get excited and make something.

    now every time I see one I want to do that too!!! wow, very nice. Chris
  30. chump54

    Takashi Amano of ponds

    thanks Guys, some great looking ponds there... and some massive fish... :shock: Chris
  31. chump54

    60*30*40 Green Paradise HAC 5th place.

    Re: 60*30*40 Green Paradise very nice :thumbup: I like the left hand side. Chris
  32. chump54

    When Algae looks Good.

    yeah, it's raining... so it can't be spring! :D Chris
  33. chump54

    Takashi Amano of ponds

    Hi All, is there an inspirational pond designer? what is your favourite pond? what are the good books on pond design? thanks Chris
  34. chump54

    Atomisers- dont work

    Hi Dawid, you could simplify the system so its just one atomiser, one valve and see if it all works. then swop over the atomisers and see if it is still all working. Chris
  35. chump54

    'Blue Sky' Iwagumi ...overgrown

    Re: 'Blue Sky' Iwagumi @ 4 weeks great scape as usual Mark and absolutely amazing growth for 4 weeks. Chris
  36. chump54

    Get excited and make something.

    me too, Garuf & nayr88, it really shouldn't be called a 'water change' more a 'thorough clear, including a water change' or a 'tciwc' for short... :D Chris
  37. chump54

    Tonys 'Triassic Hollow' 420L - Now FOR SALE !

    Re: Tonys 'Triassic Hollow' 420L - Zebra otos Hi Tony, that's looking fantastic! it's got so much going on. brill I had an issue with cloudy water a while back, it gradually turned into green water algae, but it was never green always a white milky colour. I sorted it with UV, which you've...
  38. chump54

    Which one is which one- dry powders

    there thats your phosphate... is my guess Chris
  39. chump54

    Which one is which one- dry powders

    what about a nitrate or phosphate test kit? I would also add that phosphate is a bit more 'powdered glassy' ??? ( I know what I mean!) :) Chris
  40. chump54

    For those with UP regulator

    I had probs with mine (dropping working pressure), until I dunked my bubble counter into a bucket of water and discovered a leak... I removed the bubble counter and the pressure stabilised. It was fine for several months but I have stopped using my up diffuser now, as it too has developed a...
  41. chump54

    Get excited and make something.

    fantastic, thanks c
  42. chump54

    Tom's Mini M

    Re: Tom's Mini M - full shot 26/04 ha ha... brill thanks bigmatt :thumbup:
  43. chump54

    Tom's Mini M

    Re: Tom's Mini M - full shot 23/04 hey Tom, thats looking very good... well worth persevering with :thumbup: can you tell me what you've used as a stopper on the end of your spay bar please... I need a solution for mine :) Thanks Chris
  44. chump54

    what do you use - spray bar, lily or other

    I use just the pipe work going into the tank... ie. what's left if you remove a spray bar :D
  45. chump54

    what do you use - spray bar, lily or other

    I thought it might be interesting to see what people are using :D (inspired by this thread - http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=15654)
  46. chump54

    Your Tank vs. Filter Size

    for my 60 x 30 x 36 cm i use a tetratec 1200 - no lily pipe or spray bar just the pipe work straight in - I'm working on a better solution :) chris
  47. chump54

    Forrest Bridge 300lt. Vid update 5 may. Emergent growth!

    Re: Forrest Bridge. update 21 apr, Pics great job, nice lush growth, especially like the emersed plants. :thumbup: Chris
  48. chump54

    Steve's 60cm "The Science of Autumn" - New photos 21/04/11

    Re: Steve's 60cm low light scape. i like the rock work, very nice :thumbup: chris
  49. chump54

    My acrylic tube bending solution

    hello tyrophagus, just about to order some 20mm x 2mm acrylic pipe... I was wondering if you had anything you would do differently now you've had your acrylic pipes up n running for a while? thanks for the info btw :thumbup: Chrus
  50. chump54

    Tom's Mini M

    Tom, you could try rain water too, it's free and sometimes loads of it, although not at the moment :thumbup: Chris
  51. chump54

    Arcadia Arc Cube - Planted

    that diffuser is great :thumbup: ... I'm using one in my 65l tank, not sure about the reg though or the cost of bottles?... but the diffuser is great...doesn't feel like your going to break it, and do some kind of evil hand injury, like with glass. chris edit: I bought just the diffuser from...
  52. chump54

    C02 reg look ok??

    thats a good deal on the bottle & co2 :thumbup: Chris
  53. chump54

    C02 reg look ok??

    yep that looks ok to me, never used one though so can't vouch for quality. what are you going to use for a gas bottle? have you found somewhere to get it filled? cheers Chris
  54. chump54

    new 60cm journal

    thanks Steve, yeah I think the right might need a little something. I might use some more of the crypt parva and x willisii and it does look a little flat too although in the flesh it has more depth... I think... do you mean back to front to back 'flat' or height/single level?? thanks for the...
  55. chump54

    new 60cm journal

    60cm opti-white |(more plants) by clearlydived, on Flickr attempting an Elatine hydropiper foreground, various crypts, narrow leaf fern, bolbitis and some valis in the background. 48 watts of light, loads of co2, EI ferts. no fish/shrimp for a while. I'm keeping the temperature around 20 as...
  56. chump54

    new 60cm journal

    new scape...60 x 30 x 36 here's what it looked like at 21:00. 60cm opti-white by clearlydived, on Flickr I'll post some more pictures tomorrow... going to bed now. Chris
  57. chump54

    Diatoms, again.

    Re: Diatoms, again. Getting fed up now. you've cut the light down a bit so that should help. I don't know about spiro... had it once and beat it by pulling it off and then cutting away the infected area. what about the diluted easy carbo method, but i don't know if that works with spiro though...
  58. chump54

    Diatoms, again.

    Re: Diatoms, again. Getting fed up now. Hi Tom... I hate it too when they don't go the way you want. are you sure it is diatoms? I have never seen them looking that stringy... always a brown 'dust' covering everything. could it be Spirogyra or Rhizoclonium? I've been battling diatoms in my...
  59. chump54

    oily looking film

    hi Jason... check this thread out viewtopic.php?f=21&t=13603 Chris
  60. chump54

    Best way to clean glass C02 diffuser

    nice tip with the syringe, thanks Mark. I use a tooth brush dipped in the bleach and then rubbed over the diffuser... means you don't get the bleach everywhere. Chris
  61. chump54

    Can't get on James' Planted Tanks

    Not working for either.
  62. chump54

    lighting options for 60 x 29 x 35 cm

    nice option, thanks... much nicer price. Chris
  63. chump54

    lighting options for 60 x 29 x 35 cm

    hello, I'm sorting through the lighting options for a 60 x 29 x 35 tank I'm planning. just want to see what you thought. top of the list isArcadia 0T5 Freshwater Overtank Luminaire I'd love to give the tmc LED's a go but I don't think 1 tile would be enough and I can't stretch the budget to...
  64. chump54

    GA in-store display 120P Iwagumi - Fly above the giant cliff

    Re: GA in-store display 120P Iwagumi nice work sorting out the algae, been following the shop progress on flickr, it's looking great :thumbup: Chris
  65. chump54

    Back to front scaping.........whats your thoughts?

    Thanks Viktor, what a great video... very inspiring :thumbup:
  66. chump54

    the man with a tank in his garden

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-12447918 pa... I've got 2 tanks in my house! :D Chris
  67. chump54

    George Farmer interviewed by Pele

    and getting to meet a footballing legend too :D Chris
  68. chump54

    TMC Nutrasoil...when?

    yep straight out of the bag... which has been open for ages, but sealed with a plastic clip. I just poured it into the jug and stopped when I got to 1 litre. I gave it a little shake to get it level. Chris
  69. chump54

    Tom's Mini M

    Re: Re: Tom's Mini M - Shots of new growth 31/01 that's looking brilliant... I like the sand, rock, hc and wood transition. very nice. Chris
  70. chump54

    TMC Nutrasoil...when?

    just weighed a litre of ADA amazonia... it weighed just under 1.1 KG... see pic :) not at all scientific/accurate/to be relied upon. ada aqua soil test 1litre = 1.1kg by clearlydived, on Flickr ada aqua soil test by clearlydived, on Flickr
  71. chump54

    C02 bottle on its side

    I've thought about doing it... I didn't in the end though here's a post - http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f= ... 84&start=0 Chris
  72. chump54

    Sparrow hawk

    brilliant, one of my favourite birds, we have one that visits us every now and again. I once surprised him as he circled around a bush, again and again. Inside the bush was a long tailed tit. The Sparrow Hawk gave it a few more spins around the bush an shot off over the hedge. An amazing bird...
  73. chump54

    Dennerle Nano External

    they look great... like the amount of options it comes with. lily pipe, surface skimmer... never seen/used one before but thanks for sharing Chrisd
  74. chump54


    great pictures... like the first one. thanks for sharing. what's toggin? Chris
  75. chump54

    Tom's Bucket O' Mud - The End

    Re: Tom's Bucket O' Mud looking forward to seeing how this one turns out... inspiring idea... picture looks good. so no flow/filter? I use heather wood too... good/cheap/local alternative wood :thumbup: Chris
  76. chump54

    do good thing and sign up

    done... :thumbup:
  77. chump54

    what car are we driving?

    pa... check out my sofa... only 148k... has built in booster seat for the kids too... oh yes
  78. chump54

    Filter Recommendation for ADA Mini-m

    can't help with the filter but heres a good google trick http://www.google.co.uk/#hl=en&expIds=1 ... 99c8e0bbe7 Chris
  79. chump54

    The Deep 130 litre

    I like the hydrocotyle verticilliata growing above the surface, adds another level to the scape :thumbup: Chris
  80. chump54

    Optiwhite nano "£10.25"

    looking good... nice work on the budget... but LD's suggestion would nearly double the costs. be careful graded gravel is pricey :D although it would look fantastic :thumbup: Chris
  81. chump54

    nano - 323 for 8

    a few bits of wood moved around... the parva is filling out nicely. the EHP is in there but hasn't done much, I've got loads of co2/ferts going in. Ryan HC is long gone... it got moved into the nano before I had CO2, just easy carbo, and it didn't like it much. I have got some parva and ehp in...
  82. chump54

    St Kilda International Sea Port

    another great shot BigT :thumbup: ... we have about 3mm of snow at the mo... :D Chris
  83. chump54

    nano - 323 for 8

    Hello, not a lot happening with the EHP. I have to say that the TGM sent it to me for nothing as they thought it was in a bit of a state, so it hasn't had the best of opportunities. Its still in but hasn't done much. I'll try to take a shot in the next few days. Chris
  84. chump54

    COD Black ops

    i bought an n64 just to play golden eye... still got it in the loft :) Chris
  85. chump54

    NeilW's desktop ADA Mini 'S'

    very cute... like your usb holder too... very nifty :) Chris
  86. chump54

    My first ever kingfisher shots

    brilliant, great shots :thumbup: kingfishers are beautiful birds... I have only ever seen glimpses of them whizzing past me. Chris
  87. chump54

    gaming PC

    the other problem with the latest tech is that you always have to pay more for the games/consoles. At the moment the boys are happy playing ps1/2 games so no need for super fast processors and the latest games... plenty of time for the in the future. C
  88. chump54

    gaming PC

    I'm thinking that the Wii is the way to go. It 'feels', i'm not sure if its true though, that there are a lot more games for the smaller kids on a Wii. I expect that there's not really much in it in reality. also our Library has a lot of Wii games, and not so many ps2/3. plus I'm disappointed...
  89. chump54

    gaming PC

    thanks LD, sounds like a nice option... will look into the download thing ;)
  90. chump54

    nano - 323 for 8

    adding a lot of co2 to this tank at the moment, and added a lot of crypts, parva at the front and x willisii further back which I've had from day one, june 3rd 2008 :) and some juncus repens to the right, also a Cryptocoryne wendtii brown on the left. oh and some Elatine Hydropiper doen...
  91. chump54

    Andyh's 190l Lounge tank (update 20-09-11)

    Re: Andyh's 190l Lounge tank. (now with ADA Solar 1) me too :thumbup:
  92. chump54

    "Prairie Lands"... job done

    Re: "Prairie Lands"... diatoms. she's a beauty Mark :thumbup: thats a scary use of book 1... still if it did fall I'm sure it's the way it would have wanted to go :) C
  93. chump54

    any ideas on how to lower the amount of light

    thanks Luis, I think that the jewel light unit is an odd length/wattage which, I suspect would make getting a night light bulb tricky. I know when I tried to get replacement bulbs I had to go for expensive arcadia blubs rather than the non fishy t5 bulbs which seem to be a 3rd of the price...
  94. chump54

    gaming PC

    a console is a good call, I think I'm going to go with a cheapish pc for internet browser type games which they love doing, and maybe a console further down the line, we had a ps2 which has just died so might go for the Wii to make a change. thanks for the input everyone :thumbup: Chris
  95. chump54

    any ideas on how to lower the amount of light

    thanks George photo period is already 6 hours could I go for less? Lisa - of course you are right about the waste - unfortunately the unit is sealed. I'll do a search on the interflora see what I'd need to do to get into it. great suggestion removing the starter :thumbup: Chris
  96. chump54

    gaming PC

    worth thinking about :) C
  97. chump54

    any ideas on how to lower the amount of light

    thanks guys.. all reflectors have been gone for about a year now... just installed a reflector upside down reflecting the light up into lid and completely blocking the light going straight down... seems to have dropped the light considerably... :roll: also removed all stem plants which were...
  98. chump54

    gaming PC

    at the moment it's mostly internet flash games, but microsoft zoo tycoon 2 is popular, and currently trying to get clonewars adventures to work, and age of empires, but they are only 7 and 5 so it's not going to be call of duty. They only get occasional access to a windows pc as they mostly use...
  99. chump54

    gaming PC

    Allo, right I need some advice on gaming PC's my boys are only 7, 5 and 2 - so it doesn't need to be the best there is - ok so Gabe (2 yrs) isn't going to be doing much gaming but the others are just getting into it... now I've only got about £500 max to spend and I need a monitor too... has...