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    Nano fish

    How nice! I must look in my local MA Just a different suggestion - Vietnamese Mountain minnows. Hardy, easy, breed without encouragement for me, available in MA Windlesham or I know the breeder (in Bracknell) Ruth
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    Pond fertiliser

    I'm feeling both lazy and mean, and wondered whether I couldn't use suitably small quantities of fertiliser sold for ponds. I regularly use medication and dechlorinator sold that way, and save loads of money. Ruth
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    Tough plants with fish

    I love my rainbow cichlids, but they do like to do a bit of 'gardening'. I put them in a tank with Vallis and Amazon Swords. The vallis has been mowed down as if by sheep, :shock: :( but the Amazon Swords are doing fine, and remain untouched. So my question is, is there anything else...
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    Where to buy on the Internet

    So, People, where do I buy my plants online now that GreenLine are no more. :( Ruth