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  1. banthaman.jm

    tmc signature 60 planted

    Hey George, the tank is coming along very well, just thinking back to what it was looking like, 100 fold better :thumbup: Jim
  2. banthaman.jm

    Advice on the Juwel Rio 180...

    The tank is coming along very nicely, plants and fish looking really healthy. I have nerite snails, they are great at tank cleaning and have great patterns, plus they are cheap to buy from LFS or eBay. Did you end up adding shrimp? Jim
  3. banthaman.jm

    My Grandsons fish - frog tanks - Wabi-Kusa

    Great design, he should feel really proud of his tank, can't wait for the updates :thumbup: Jim
  4. banthaman.jm

    All gear but no idea

    Nice, looking forward to seeing it planted. Jim
  5. banthaman.jm

    tmc signature 60 planted

    Hey George, good to see your tank coming on :thumbup:. Keep up with the posts as I'm keen to see how it matures. Jim
  6. banthaman.jm

    Its a stick up

    The tank is coming along nicely Halley, looking forward to some close up soon. Jim
  7. banthaman.jm

    Neon Hill

    The tank is looking really healthy. Manado is a very light substrate, I have never siphoned it, well tried once and sucked up a load of it. All I do is wave my hand back and forth to stir up the detritus while holding the siphoning tube. Jim
  8. banthaman.jm

    new setup

    Looking really good Kenan :thumbup: Jim
  9. banthaman.jm

    Starting point 40 cm Cube ""A touch of red""

    Excellent tank :clap:
  10. banthaman.jm

    50l of Stones and Grass

    Tank is looking fantastic and great photos :thumbup: Jim
  11. banthaman.jm

    My Set Up

    Nice Worshiper :thumbup: Jim
  12. banthaman.jm

    How do you pronounce UKAPS?

    UK APS, U KAPS sounds a bit gangster....
  13. banthaman.jm

    Forest Dreams - The fairy tale continues...

    Great tank Alex, watching to see how this evolves :thumbup: Ps nothing wrong with Manado apart from being on the light side Jim
  14. banthaman.jm

    Disobedience II (temporary name)

    Watching :thumbup: Jim
  15. banthaman.jm

    Starting point-- The Rock

    Totally cool tank Roy, watching with great interest :thumbup: Jim
  16. banthaman.jm

    Hello All!

    Welcome Davewllms, looking forward to seeing how the tank matures Jim
  17. banthaman.jm


    Welcome to the forum, look forward to a journal Jim
  18. banthaman.jm

    Newb from the midlands

    Welcome :thumbup: Jim
  19. banthaman.jm

    Good evening all!

    Welcome laser to the forum
  20. banthaman.jm

    182l Optiwhite tank "Sherpas way home"

    Growing in nicely serok Jim
  21. banthaman.jm

    Starting point 40 cm Cube ""A touch of red""

    coming along nicely Roy :thumbup: Jim
  22. banthaman.jm

    Hello all

    Welcome to the forum Jim
  23. banthaman.jm

    Hello from Andrei

    Welcome to the forum Jim
  24. banthaman.jm

    Easy aquascapes with a great "wow effect"

    I have it in my tank and love it as it adds a different texture to the tank. I use fine green netting to keep it held down, i need to repeat this once per month. Something i have started doing with it is chopping it up with Monte Carlo, for me it make it look more natural. Jim
  25. banthaman.jm

    Dutch 300l - Godween

    Lovely tank and welcome to ukaps Jim
  26. banthaman.jm

    New tank

    DS all your pics have gone :( I have Beams Work Evo, it said it comes with moonlight settings but all it was was a switch to turn them from 10 LEDs to 3, not what I was expecting.... What do you think of the colour of them? Jim
  27. banthaman.jm

    New Member

    Welcome to the forum. Jim
  28. banthaman.jm

    Hi all

    Welcome to ukaps, looking forward to some pics
  29. banthaman.jm

    Hi all

    Welcome to ukaps Jim
  30. banthaman.jm

    Hi everyone

    Welcome back. Jim
  31. banthaman.jm

    182l Optiwhite tank "Sherpas way home"

    The tank look fantastic, the planting really adds depth to the tank. Jim
  32. banthaman.jm

    Trigon 190

    Looking good Deansie :thumbup:
  33. banthaman.jm

    Jakes's New Aquascape in the making

    Looking forward to the hard scape and plants going in. Jim
  34. banthaman.jm

    Iron deficiency or Chlorosis?

    Hi Rohan, below is information is from James' Planted Tank theplantedtank.co.uk I highlighted the symptoms of iron deficiency in red. Hope this helps. Jim Plant Deficiencies Nutrient deficiencies tend to affect high light and high CO2 tanks more as the plants use up available nutrients...
  35. banthaman.jm

    50l of Stones and Grass

    Great layout to your hard scape, will be watching your tanks progress :thumbup: Jim
  36. banthaman.jm

    2nd - The Stove...

    The tank layout looks great Marcel, looking forward to the addition of the plants. Jim
  37. banthaman.jm

    Reefer 350 Planted

    naughty naughty, you need to leave the lights on one setting for a bit longer then a day as it will be tricky to work out the best setting, i do understand though, new toys and the rest ;) Jim
  38. banthaman.jm

    Just a quick hello

    Welcome to the forum Rob Jim
  39. banthaman.jm

    Hi All

    Welcome Kevin Jim
  40. banthaman.jm

    I think i am in love..

    :) fantastic Marcel :thumbup: Jim
  41. banthaman.jm


    The rummy nose tetras will look lovely with the colours of your tank, look forward to seeing the new additions Jim
  42. banthaman.jm

    I think i am in love..

    nail biting stuff zozo, can't wait:)
  43. banthaman.jm

    Reefer 350 Planted

    :wideyed: Lovely set up though :)
  44. banthaman.jm

    Morning, all!

    Hi @diirrtydubcakeZ I had a look at your tank online, have a look at the link http://www.koi-zone.co.uk/Medium-Rectangular-Aquarium-Fish-Tanks/Fish-R-Fun-54-Litre-White-Rectangular-Aquarium-FRF-585WH-p-2044.html It states on the web page that you can make it rimless. Regards, Jim
  45. banthaman.jm

    Hi from Farnborough

    Hi Jakes, welcome to ukaps, look forward to a journal from you. Jim
  46. banthaman.jm


    Great photo @bumfuzzle Jim
  47. banthaman.jm

    Cherry mix in 5l Collar Pico-Set

    Great Pico Alexander :thumbup: Jim
  48. banthaman.jm

    Two Rocks Balanced - 64L - Low tech

    Great tank TallDragon and good photos. Jim
  49. banthaman.jm

    Greetings from Quebec

    Welcome to the forum :thumbup: Jim
  50. banthaman.jm

    Greetings from Uruguay

    Welcome to the forum Jezer, great tanks. Jim
  51. banthaman.jm

    "After the storm" - my new scape.

    Great DIY skills on the cabinet, love the layout of the hard csape Jim
  52. banthaman.jm

    low tech 40x40x30 scape

    Looking great Tim, like it as is. Jim
  53. banthaman.jm

    Epiphyte 'Tree'

    Lovely Andy, what a fantastic room. Jim
  54. banthaman.jm

    New setup 60L planted tank.

    Hey Matt, use a tooth brush on it when doing water changes, it will go after a short period of time. I had it on my wood, it just stopped after 6-8 weeks. How often do you do water changes per week? The tank is coming along nicely, some good growth in places. The issues with ar mini is down to...
  55. banthaman.jm

    My First AquaScape + Backstory + stock

    Hey Ryan, tank is coming along nicely. in the picture above you can see some algae on the leaves of a couple of plants, i have a couple of questions for you... What is your photo period at the moment? and do you use the venturi on your filter to disperse the DIY co2? Jim
  56. banthaman.jm

    Have You Seen? Quicker way to search members posts?

    Cheers LD, some great changes made recently, thanks for all your hard work keeping this site the best aquatic forum. Jim
  57. banthaman.jm

    60g High tech- first planted tank

    Trey its a lovely tank, that carpet is excellent. I think a slight mix up of the plant species would give the left hand side a more natural feel IMO. Jim
  58. banthaman.jm

    The Root - 02/02/2016 (pics)

    Jaap it is looking good, good idea to decrease the light intensity. If the GSA continues the photo period could be pulled back a small bit as well. Jim
  59. banthaman.jm

    Reefer 350 Planted

    @Martin in China has said it all..... Jim
  60. banthaman.jm

    Path to Oblivion

    watching Jim
  61. banthaman.jm

    Update on my 2 scapes

    Your tank is looking great Frenchi. Jim
  62. banthaman.jm

    Hi everyone

    Welcome to the forum Adam. Jim
  63. banthaman.jm

    Going Dutch by the book - tank sponsored by Tropica

    simply stunning :clap: Jim
  64. banthaman.jm

    Autumn mood

    If you had some wood to the point you highlighted you would need a small bit the keeps with the flow of the tank, slightly smaller than the rock. Jim
  65. banthaman.jm

    Dining room aqauarium

    @a.aurel If you have the time to watch the tank carefully you could turn the co2 up slowly watching your fish, if they start to go sluggish or heading to the surface you can dial the co2 back a bit. Jim
  66. banthaman.jm

    Konrad's Iwagumi

    @Konrad Michalski i could sit and look at your tank for hours. Could always start another tank! Jim
  67. banthaman.jm

    6 o'clock and all's well???

    Best way :) Jim
  68. banthaman.jm

    6 o'clock and all's well???

    MP sorry to hear of the issues :( Jim
  69. banthaman.jm

    Konrad's Iwagumi

    Tank is filling out nicely @Konrad Michalski :thumbup: Jim
  70. banthaman.jm

    The Dragon Passage

    Looking forward to the pics :) Jim
  71. banthaman.jm

    Dining room aqauarium

    Great fish pics :thumbup: tank looking good Jim
  72. banthaman.jm

    Autumn mood

    Agree with @ Dantrasy getting better and better Jim
  73. banthaman.jm

    miniMal (thread closed)

    When things like this happen to lovely tanks like your and then they make a recovery it gives the rest of us hope, it's also a learning curve which myself and others can use if we end up getting the dreaded algae. Step by step guide to what you did to get the tank balanced is valuable info...
  74. banthaman.jm

    tmc signature 60 planted

    Hey George, Amazonia is an expensive substrate like all ADA products and people have had a great results using lots of different types of substrate from cat litter, river sand, the list is endless. Here is a link to a post from ukaps that might help...
  75. banthaman.jm

    Konrad's Iwagumi

    Looking forward to see some photos Jim
  76. banthaman.jm

    Return to Low Tech

    I think you have a lovely layout to the tank, i think some floaters would be a great addition to the tank. Jim
  77. banthaman.jm

    Fully Automated 400l Heavily Planted Tank

    good luck with the Mc, once it takes hold it grows very well. Jim
  78. banthaman.jm

    Planning a Comeback

    Welcome sharky to the forum Jim
  79. banthaman.jm

    James' 60P

    I used this technique when I planted my tank, it's a great way to locate poor flow areas. i started my tank off with Eleocharis, just could not get it to take, Mc is almost too much of a quick grower, need to trim every few days. You could give Mc another try. Jim
  80. banthaman.jm

    My little peace of tranquility

    Great little tank hixy :thumbup: Jim
  81. banthaman.jm

    Closer to the sky - dry start method

    Lovely tank, have never tried the DSM, might have to give it ago when i break my tank down and rescape. jim
  82. banthaman.jm

    Starting point The Cube-- New Cube Rescape

    Good bye 40cm, hello 30cm :) can't wait to see what you do with the 30. Jim
  83. banthaman.jm

    Hello from the Netherlands

    Welcome to the forum. Jim
  84. banthaman.jm

    Autumn mood

    Welcome to the forum, lovely tank layout :thumbup: Jim
  85. banthaman.jm

    Drop Checker Confusion

    I agree with @John S if your plants are ok then I wouldn't worry. I inject CO2 and use a ph controller, gave up with the drop checker and removed it. Jim
  86. banthaman.jm

    My first attempt at an aquascape

    Hi waddy, great looking tank and as a first attempt I have to take my hat off to you :clap: Jim
  87. banthaman.jm

    ZoZo's Wabi Kusa?

    you made my morning combining beer and plants :thumbup: jim
  88. banthaman.jm

    Greetings from Denmark

    welcome to ukaps, lovely tank. jim
  89. banthaman.jm

    Hello from Sheffield

    Welcome to the site, im with @Martin in China would love to see pictures :thumbup: jim
  90. banthaman.jm


    great tank, with an island design like yours you must have great flow in the tank. jim
  91. banthaman.jm

    6 o'clock and all's well???

    I have made these types of generators by just using scissors to make a hole in the lids and sticking the pipes in with out silicone (use sellotape if need be) they work well, surprisingly well. Good luck if you decide to give it ago. Jim
  92. banthaman.jm

    6 o'clock and all's well???

    Not sure if you do any baking, if you do and you have some yeast you could make a co2 generator here is a link to a YouTube video hope the link works ok, they are really easy and it will supply some CO2 for now. Jim
  93. banthaman.jm

    Stock level advice on a 50 gallon tank

    SAE will grow to about 14cm and need a tank of 150L at least, so 10 will produce a heavy bio-load on the tank. ottos are a better option as they stay smaller and they do a fantastic job with algae, so well in fact that you will have to supplement them with additional food as @alto said. jim
  94. banthaman.jm

    182l Optiwhite tank "Sherpas way home"

    Would make for a very interesting tank
  95. banthaman.jm

    6 o'clock and all's well???

    How's the tank doing MightyP Jim
  96. banthaman.jm

    Stock level advice on a 50 gallon tank

    Your stocking suggestions seem fine to me, the more fish you have the more waste generated but if you change water regularly then not so much a problem. In my 90l I have 20 neons, 1 betta, 12 amino shrimp, 3 ottos, 4 zebra snails and 1 red cherry shrimp (not sure where he came from o_O). As...
  97. banthaman.jm

    After the riffle

    Great bit of planning for this tank and IMO bang on first time :thumbup: Jim
  98. banthaman.jm

    Omega's Nature Aquarium

    Lovely tank, great hard scape. Jim
  99. banthaman.jm

    Aquarium height

    Hi, i have a 45cm cube with a top section of 15cm it can be a bit of a nightmare to get right to the bottom of the tank when doing maintenance. Jim
  100. banthaman.jm

    tmc signature 60 planted