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    Does anyone know?

    Black Slate, or something to similar effect. For a visual representation of what i would like, or am trying to find its closest possible match here is a link. At 0:06 of this 1:18 long video it shows black slate. Where the devil do i find such slate. I myself am in the Coventry area of the West...
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    T5 or T8s - whats best for me

    Basically thats the dilema, do i go with T5's or T8's over my tank. The tank is a custom built ND Aquatics 4ft 61G. Measurements are 48"x22"x16" (LxHxW). The tank itself will be home to my breeding Jack Dempsey cichlids with the male being the Electric Blue strain. I plan on this being a South...
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    3ft Bogwood + Anubias tank

    Righto in the next month or two (finances permitting) I shall be crashing my 3ft tank as it is and starting afresh due to serious neglect and BBA issues over last 12 months. Now my life is freeing up a little bit again i have time to rededicate myself back to my breeding Dempseys and i shall be...
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    HC Cuba & Apple Snails

    I've put this here because i want the HC to thrive, not so much the snails. I've tried with this plant before and failed but on a recent visit to a LFS i decided to give it a go again. So far so good, new shoots and crawling growth over the bottom after 6 days. However alot of singular small...
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    BBA overhaul on Anubias

    So to "cut" a long story short, my 3ft tank has gone through some 12 months of slight neglect. By this i mean to say i have had a light bulb blow out which is yet to be replaced, the remaining one is more than probably running on half power. I removed my inconsistent CO2 dispenser and transfered...
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    Microsorum Pteropus

    Just wanted to get some tips on how to plant it when creating a bunch on the end of the branch tip. I'm setting up a low light Anubias, Microsorum and bogwood tank and i want to create 3 or 4 nice "bunches" of Microsorum Pteropus on the end of a few branch tips around the tank. Just wanted to...
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    Reccommended CO2 set

    Been researching CO2 sets online and in local retail outlets. Just wondered if people here have any that come with good experiences and ease of use. Places i've looked online are aquaspotworld.com (singapore based), aquaressentials.co.uk. Not really to fussed about pricing currently, i'm in the...