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    Interesting Ambition Ideas?

    I always think riot police is a good and intresting ambition coppers on channel 4 also has some good footage of a riot that you could include. Me personaly think armed response is better thats my ambition ;)
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    Cant think of a witty title

    sweet marine ive just set mine up. Do u have any pics of the equiptment ?
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    Aquariums ltd

    just out of intrest i know aquariums ltd tanks are great but has anyone bought a sump from them?
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    PFK Website Compromised

    well im screwd :|
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    Comp_Nov09: sams opti pico

    sweet :thumbup:
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    mini tornado

    Whilst working in a river the other day with college it started to rain so we took shelter in a hut just after we took shelter the wind picked up WIND + RAIN = NO SIGHT not good the news said it was aroun 100 mph wind, it lasted just about 2 minutes once it finished we took a walk around the...
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    250G High Tech Tank

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    Sounds like a plan Dam i cant find the other 1 ! :jawdrop
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    there were 2 of them i managed to get one but not the other, they didn't seem to bother the shrimp at all.
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    i was cleaning out the shrimp tank today and came across this : i have no idea what this is, also it can move and i suppose live out the water. Anyideas?!
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    DIY amazon root

    great looking!
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    Who fancies helping at FOF this year?

    If u need any help i could probably help out on the friday!
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    250G High Tech Tank

    Sounds promising :thumbup:
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    tropic fish farming

    no doesn't have to be just tropical any kind of fish farming. Thanks for the info :thumbup:
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    tropic fish farming

    For my college course i have an assignment on fish farming, didn't know if anybody could supply some info on tropical fish farming in the UK?
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    Not got a name

    This is my new tank. Tank: Clearseal 18" X 15" X 12" around about 14 US gallons Lighting: 14 watt arcadia starter unit (hopefully upgrade this soon) Filter: Fluval 2+ (Hopefully upgrading this as well) Decor: Sumatra wood, hagen beach pebbles Substrate: Sand Plants: Just a bit of moss at the...
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    Need some suggestions

    wow :jawdrop really good idea of wht u want. Can't wait to see it with the plants, sounds like its gona be really good. :thumbup:
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    Nano Plants Help?

    For CO2 you could try http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/index.p ... ts_id=3416 cheap too!
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    Keeton's 10g nano

    i really like it :thumbup: What filtration have you picked? What are the stones as well? :clap:
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    Festival of Fishkeeping October 2009

    sweet il be there only live just 20 mins away, il see if i can get saturday off if not sunday! :thumbup: see ya there :wave:
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    Rise of the Mossoliths

    amazing looking really good! I like all the moss used. :thumbup: Id keep it as it is.
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    "Serenity Peak" Mark's 60cm Iwagumi

    Re: Mark's 60cm Iwagumi (Full ADA Substrate System) Looks great, i like it a lot. :clap: cant wait to see plants in :thumbup:
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    Far Cry 1G

    He/she is pretty cool, nice little tank as well :clap:
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    Keeton's 10g nano

    i like it , and a bargain 2! cant wait to see it when its finished. :thumbup:
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    A new Addition!

    So kool ive always wanted a bearded dragon but never had the room to keep them :( , with 4 tanks running i don't think id be allowed lol. keep us updated :thumbup:
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    Osaka 260l First setup

    i like this tank, especially the last pic. :thumbup:
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    30cm Cube journal

    WOW ive never seen a vampire shrimp! Nice scape too. :thumbup:
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    saintly's "savannah dreaming"

    Re: saintly's manzanita scape. (to be named) Looks good with out the plants! :clap: Cant wait to see the final outcome :thumbup:
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    red volcano shrimp

    Any one had these before? i bought 3 today but they cost me £13?! expensive or what! Are they ok with cherry shrimp?
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    Bettas tank! =)

    its an aquael 7w light tht i took off my old tank.
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    UKAPS Members Photo Album

    well no time like the present there u go.
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    I wish i could get my tank to look like that. :thumbup:
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    sams 60cm (planted!)

    Re: sams 60cm YYAAAAAAAAAYY cant wait to see it :thumbup:
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    Nikon coolpix L100 10MP

    Any one used Nikon coolpix L100 10MP? thinking about getting one.
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    Ice Road Truckers

    Isn't it on channel 5 as well?
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    Start of prashant's scape.

    Its looking a lot better, keep us updated. :)
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    Bettas tank! =)

    Im not totally happy with it im going to be adding more plants soon and the new light should make it look better.
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    Bettas tank! =)

    just a quick update changed around a bit waiting to plant some HC when i change the light unit. Do you think 11W is to much light for a tank that small? The pics just don't do it justice.
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    sams 60cm (planted!)

    Re: sams 60cm Any updates? Its looking gd! :thumbup:
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    Where do you guys work?

    well im bored and just wondering were people work? im 16 nd i only have a saturday job i work at playzone its not great pay but it does. :thumbup: so where do you guys work?
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    Sea Life centre benalmedina

    just a few pics from my holiday im not a pro or anything so be nice, they were taken with a samsung D680 8.2 mega pixels. i know the last pic is not great but i like it :D comments welcome.
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    fluorescent mini aquarium?!

    Me being bored stumbled across this tank http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/21882 ... arium.html i thought it was smart what do you guys think?
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    £2.50 tank !

    another update the DIY stand has been built well not by me at least by my cousin hes a carpenter. :oops: Had the idea of painting it white, anybody got any other ideas of colour? Its finished apart from the paint and handle. thanks for reading. Any comments welcome. :thumbup:
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    £2.50 tank !

    :D can't wait to see it ! Im currently planning on building a stand for it ill keep this updated with the build :thumbup:
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    It's been a while... back with a view to setting up a low-te

    it take a look at this http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=h ... 7&ct=image i know its in german but i think he says hes kept cichlids in his aqua 40
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    £2.50 tank !

    i really wanna see how your tank turns out now! :thumbup: another quick update took your advice nd changed it just to put it into contrast with my other tank
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    Festival of Fishkeeping October 2009

    where about on the island is it ? id like to go. :thumbup:
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    £2.50 tank !

    it wouldn't say buy plants off them they don't seem to be that good . do u know there's maiden head aquatics in Titch field there worth a look.
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    How many shrimp?

    How many shrimp would you say i could keep in a 8 gal tank ? :?: The journal is here viewtopic.php?f=35&t=7517 Thanks Scott
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    £2.50 tank !

    thanks i might try that, i got the rocks from Emsworth aquatics http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?oe=utf-8& ... 122&li=lmd i dunno if the map will help but its a good little shop if you haven't been there its open 7 days a week.
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    £2.50 tank !

    Just another quick update added a few more plants. Not sure if to keep them or is there just to many? Thanks comments welcome
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    Andyh's 60L kitchen tank

    Re: New Project "60L kitchen tank" Very nice tank, i like the dragon stone. How much has it cost so far?
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    £2.50 tank !

    I had a change of mind and just swapped one of my HOB filters for the fluval as both are matured. iv set the tank up now and moved the shrimp in they seem to like it. I have done a bit of DIY on my old tank light, i just took the switch out of the system. now all that's left is to get the...
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    £2.50 tank !

    Anybody got any ideas on making the filter shrimp proof so they don't get sucked in?! :?:
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    £2.50 tank !

    Hi just a quick update, moved the tank upstairs and just did a quick scape on it. No plants as of yet probably get them after the light arrives. just waiting for the sand to settle. oh ant the tank size is 38 W x 46 H x 25 D cm, it holds 34 l so around about 8 gallons. :) what do you guys...
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    Matts 60L Jungle Edge (update 27/09/09)

    Re: Matts 60L Jungle Edge What fish are they? because im looking for tank mates for cherry shrimp.
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    £2.50 tank !

    Thanks i have bought a Boyu overhead 1ft lighting unit. ill post an update when it arrives. :D http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/New-Boyu-Overhead ... 286.c0.m14
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    £2.50 tank !

    i was looking for a new tank for my Cherry Shrimp, when a friend of mine told me to take a look at the local dump site, so i went and i came home with a Aqua one 380 for just £2.50! :D the only thing was it didnt come with light or filtration :( . Here's some pics: its currently in...
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    Black T5 Lights Two Bulbs

    Thanks never actualy thought of emailing them dumb me :oops:
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    Black T5 Lights Two Bulbs

    Hi, i have a fluval uno 600 still with just the single light tube. i was thinking of upgrading the lighting to Black T5 lighting unit http://www.allpondsolutions.co.uk/black ... 886-0.html. my only question is tht the tank is 61cm and the lighting unit is 60cm so would it fit it or not? and...
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    Shrimp tank?

    Thanks il take a look down pets at home tomorrow.
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    Shrimp tank?

    I currently have 3 baby cherry shrimp in a 2.5 gallon tank. i want to upgrade this to 5 or a 10 gallon tank but am on a budget of £60. Anyideas?
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    Baby cherry shrimp

    Ok thanks for the info.
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    Baby cherry shrimp

    Just wondering how long it would take baby cherry shrimp to grow into an adult, any ideas?
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    Bettas tank! =)

    Its a great tank i got mine for about £20 i think from my lfs. Pretty easy to setup and maintain, the only thing i would upgrade about the set up is the lighting just doesn't seem enough. other than that its a great little tank.
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    AquaGro CO2 Kit?

    Im currently trying to create a HC Cover in the tank.
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    AquaGro CO2 Kit?

    Its for a 21 gallon tank. i think il stick with because im on budget being a student as well.
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    AquaGro CO2 Kit?

    Ive just seen the AquaGro CO2 kit on practical fish keeping. i found it for just £10 and was tempted to buy one but are they any good? Any one used them before? I found it here:http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/pfk/pages/item.php?news=1984
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    Bettas tank! =)

    I have had this tank running for a few months now and thought id like to share it with you all: Tank: Aqua One Cube Equipment: Aqua One hob filter interpet Heater Aqua one 24 LED light Substrate: Crushed Black gravel Play sand Decor: bogwood with attached plants (i think the plants...
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    Riccia and Java moss carpets. Step-by-Step guide

    I really like the idea of having it as a cave il try it thanks.