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    Trimming sessiliflora

    Whats the best way of trimming its height down (new to this so bare with me :? ) have tried trimming cabomba but the bottom half dies off is it the same with this??? :thumbup:
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    James3200s 6.5x2x2' planted tank - UPDATE - 26/06/09

    Nice love discus they just look so dosile amount the foulage :lol:
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    65L douce ambiance

    Brilliant transformation from hardscape to finish :thumbup: Like the plant placement seems like you did your homework first :)
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    lil' 'ol Dutch-style Scape

    Healthy looking tank like the mix of colours and rounded front tank 8)
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    My first foray into the world of planted aquaria.

    Like the car lol. Nice looking tank like the use of the moss :)
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    Low tech lily bowl

    Thats brilliant have to try that got a small light in the garage and a vase :|
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    First Attempt (Rio 180)

    Sand brings out the colours in your plants like it :thumbup:
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    my planted tanks

    Love the 240l any more pics of that one??? :)