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    Brown Algae

    Hi, I'm sure this question is probably asked on a daily basis, but some help would be appreciated. I have a brown algae beginning to cover the leaves on my plants. I'm running a Rio180 with an additional internal filter and 2 Hagen CO2 diffusers with each canister containing a home made...
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    First Attempt (Rio 180)

    Hi, Just thought I'd upload a pic of my new tank. It's been running for a few weeks now. It's a first attempt at a planted tank in nearly 15 years. Cheers Richard
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    Drop Checker Question

    I don't know if this should be in CO2 questions, but feel free to move it if it should. :shifty: I have a drop checker in my planted tank and I was wondering, is it normal for a film of scum to develop on the waters surface inside the bell of the drop checker? Cheers Richard Ergo, moved...
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    JBL Ferropol

    Hi, I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I have some JBL Ferropol liquid fertilizer, and I can't for the life of me remember how often I'm supposed to add it to the tank. I think it's weekly, but don't want to start pouring it in willy-nilly :oops: Help please :wave: Cheers Richard
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    Clown Loach Question

    Hi, I know these guys are sold as a good snail eater, but will they eat my Assassin Snails? Don't wanna put them in and find my Assassins all go :thumbdown: Cheers Richard
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    DIY CO2 Question

    Hi guys, Need a bit of help again please. I have this morning filled my Rio 180 up. It currently just contains the substrate. The decor is going in tomorrow when I'll partial empty and then re-fill the tank (I had to check it was water tight and the heater and filter work, which they do...
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    Active Carbon???

    Hi everyone, This is my first proper post on the forum. First I like to say thanks for the amazing advice you can find on here. Secondly, I'm about to set up my first real attempt at a planted aquarium. I'm using a Juwel Rio 180 and have spent the last few weeks researching What, How, Where...