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  1. Superman

    DSLR Suggestions

    Thanks to everyone for their input. I went to a local independent camera shop today and he suggested the Canon 1200D or the 100D. The also showed me the Nikon D3300. I'm reading up into the 100D and D3300 as I wasn't sure which one to pick at the same price point. I liked the 100D's...
  2. Superman

    What other hobby's do you have?

    Since selling my tanks, I've turned into a runner! I've joined a running club in Cheltenham and mostly do 5k, 10k and Cross Country races.
  3. Superman

    DSLR Suggestions

    Hello all, It's been a while since I've been on Ukaps website & forum! Things have changed a bit since I was doing planted tanks but thought I'd turn to my trusted people of Ukaps for some advice! I've never had a DSLR camera and am planning on getting one to take snaps of our first baby &...
  4. Superman

    Product Review JBL CristalProfi e1500 Review (Picture Heavy)

    Wow, my watched thread email popped up. Talk about a blast from the past... Hope everyone is doing well
  5. Superman

    TV Aerial & Loftbox Advice Needed

    Hi, I would appreciate it if someone on the forum (e.g. a TV aerial person) would be able give advise on an 8-way loft box that was installed in our house when it was built. I'm looking for help as the builders don't have a clue and I'm not able to get the Sky return feed working to the TVs...
  6. Superman

    Soon to be Mr & Mrs!

    Hi all Greetings from an old forum user! I've had a quick view of the the forum and it looks like its been going from strength to strength. Well done everyone! In the last couple of years, I've not been able to keep my aquatic interest going but hope to pick it up again in the future. I do...
  7. Superman

    "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr

    There wasn't anything other than the diffuser.
  8. Superman

    "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr

    With the music glass diffuser, you got the box and the diffuser - nothing more. I bought the ADA co2 tube set which complimented it great. Both are worth every penny.
  9. Superman

    "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr

    It is no longer my tank, I sold it when I moved house. I'm missing it.
  10. Superman

    Camera Suggestions

    After another trial run, I'm going to get the TZ10. Cheaper than I expected but looks good and the reviews suggest that it is or one of the best for holiday use.
  11. Superman

    Camera Suggestions

    No, they didn't show me that. I'll read up on it.
  12. Superman

    Aquajardin meet Date fixed For 20th Nov List Names PLSE

    Re: Aquajardin meet CHOICE OF DATES Paulo, I could give you a lift to and from Cheltenham station. 13th or 20th is best for me.
  13. Superman

    Camera Suggestions

    So today, I've been into Jessops and London Camera Exchange to ask for their advice. I asked for a "camera to capture the holiday" and they both suggested the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-TZ8 £179 or TZ10 for £220 - something I was happy with given they're supposed to know their stuff and that they're...
  14. Superman

    Aquajardin meet Date fixed For 20th Nov List Names PLSE

    Re: Aquajardin meet I've not been to Aquajardin for a while or caught up with all you lot - I might pop down the road. Let me know where and when and I'll try my best to be there.... :thumbup:
  15. Superman

    Camera Suggestions

    Thanks, I'll have a few reads through all your comments above. I've contacted an old colleague who I borrowed their Canon 450d for some fishy shots and I seemed to like it - they're interested in selling it so going to see how much as they had a few lenses with it too. Last time they wanted...
  16. Superman

    Camera Suggestions

    Hope everyone is doing well on there, I pop on now and again for a browse to see how things are going along. It's about time that I ventured into getting a DSLR camera and "thought who best to come to?" - well the answer was you lot! I'm going on holiday next year to Australia with my...
  17. Superman

    The Murphs opti-Nano

    You're doing me proud :thumbup:
  18. Superman

    Superman's Replant - 180l - Crypt's Causeway

    It's Echinodorus Aquadricostatus
  19. Superman

    Hotel Recommendations Pls - Sydney & Melbourne

    Hey all, hope you're all going ok. :thumbup: We've booked a trip to Australia in 2011 with a few stops across the country. We're struggling to decide for hotels in both Melbourne (our first stop for 2 nights) and Sydney (9 nights). Therefore, any recommendations on places to stay in either...
  20. Superman

    what car are we driving?

    My 10 plate 1 Series BMW Coupé got delivered the other week. It's the mutt's nutts! :thumbup:
  21. Superman

    what car are we driving?

    I'm waiting on delivery of a brand new BMW 118d Coupé M Sport, due mid-April. :thumbup: Currently driving around in a pool car Golf :thumbdown:
  22. Superman

    HC carpeting....not

    Mine never took off in my nano. Never worked out why. It grew upwards but never out. I tried it with a number of different fresh pots from the LFS but still nothing. I've rescaped since with no HC
  23. Superman

    Growing Mosses - Top Tips Needed

    I'm going for a mossy look of tanks and wondered if forum users could post their wide range of experiences of mosses on this thread. I'm particularly interested in Christmas moss but others would be good for future reference and other forum users. I've never been able to keep mosses clean or...
  24. Superman

    "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr

    For those of you on my facebook friends list, you can see a quick snap of the tank made last night. I would link to the image but can't get .jpg details on my phone.
  25. Superman

    "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr

    So a lots happened since my last post! Me and my wonderful girlfriend have moved in together and bought a brand new house in Cheltenham. The move in date was a surprise as we were given two weeks notice to move in on the 18th December! The move went well and the tank moved without too much...
  26. Superman

    Merry Xmas

    Belated Christmas wishes to everyone. I've successfully moved in with the girlfriend in our first house together. Today I transferred my tank to the new place and that wasn't as bad as I thought. I'll be back in the new year once the broadband is connected. So happy new year!
  27. Superman

    Hydor ETH on Filter Inlet?

    I was told by hydor that there's a regulator on the heater that'll slow down the water to heat it. A similar way to which an electric power shower works. Therefore you don't want to have the heater on the inlet where muck can get stuck in it and allow the hester to overheat. The best place is...
  28. Superman

    Bottles for Hydor NRG system - any cheap option?

    I'd tried to find them before buying the system and couldn't. Although in the end I got a Dennerle system which I think is the same! :crazy:
  29. Superman

    driving test success

    Congrats :thumbup:
  30. Superman

    "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr

    Wow, 22 pages of this journal! Thanks Dan, I always found that ADA ferts seem to get a mixed reception from people, so thought I'd give them a try. I received the Green Gain and Phython Git and added a drop of each today, I'll be doing as Viktor does, 1 drop each at water change time. I love...
  31. Superman

    Full tank shots

    Just over a year ago, I saw this setup and was truly amazed by it's beauty. The number of healthy plants and fish was amazing. It looks like it's got even better! John you're the man :thumbup:
  32. Superman

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Danny Boy! Hope you have a good 'un. :thumbup:
  33. Superman

    Jewel Filters

    I never changed my jewel sponges. Just squeeze them one each at a water change. I moved to using DIY filter floss from a big floss mat used by pond people, it was cheaper that way :thumbup:
  34. Superman

    Baby is Here

    Congratulations to the whole family! :thumbup: :clap:
  35. Superman

    Algae IS taking over and I'm at the end of my knowledge

    Both of the above are opposite, if you have NO2 in your tank then it's shows that it doesn't have sufficient bacteria to complete the nitrogen cycle. Just because it was cycled before, doesn't mean the bacteria colony can be killed/upset and you'd have to cycle again. NO2 will be produced from...
  36. Superman

    Algae IS taking over and I'm at the end of my knowledge

    How are you measuring the co2? Brush algae shows that there's something wrong with your co2. You need to make sure it's 30ppm and flow us good. The blue-green algae is the worst to get rid of, I had it once after not maintaining the tank sufficiently enough. I had to do a 3 day black out as it...
  37. Superman

    UKAPS Baby!!!

    Congrats sam, hope mum and baby are doing well. Merry Christmas :thumbup:
  38. Superman

    Algae IS taking over and I'm at the end of my knowledge

    I would suggest that you concentrate on fertilisers and co2 within your tank. Algae is there because you're not providing sufficient co2 and/or ferts in certain areas of your tank. As in your OP you didn't mention any co2 or fertilisers, then I would assume that it's not on your top priority...
  39. Superman

    PFK Website Compromised

    This is disappointing, as I'm very careful with exposing my email address online. Over the last few weeks, I've started to receive spam mail through my email address that was used on the PFK website. I've never received them before and doubt it's a coincidence. Whilst I'm not on the list...
  40. Superman

    "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr

    Re: "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr (New Toys) So, two weeks of using the ADA ferts and things are going great. I pulled out all my plants as I wanted a fresh start. I also removed the front two rocks to give me more planting room for the HC. So two pots each of HC and HM purchased from AquaJardin and...
  41. Superman

    fighting blue green algae

    I managed to get some off ebay as the usual UK stores like TGM didn't seem to stock it. I'm still waiting for it to be delivered as it can take 10-15 days from Hong Kong but it'll be worth the wait.
  42. Superman

    Memorable Night / My 20 liter ADA Nano

    It's refreshing to hear that its not just the newbies that get algae. It's also good to hear how you tackled it and will help us all in the future. The tank looks beautiful, keep up the hard work :thumbup:
  43. Superman

    "Serenity Peak" Final Tank Shot

    Superb, will never tire of seeing it.
  44. Superman

    Has my cycle stalled?

    Sounds like your cycle is complete. I used safestart once to kick start a cycle, I wasn't sure if it kicked it or not. The cycle was finished after the next day or two but was nearly finished anyway, I thought I'd try anything to get over the last bit! :thumbup:
  45. Superman

    what determines the capacity of a diffuser?

    When looking for a ceramic diffuser, you mainly need to be concerned with the amount of co2 you are going to be passing through the disc. Therefore, it's mainly about the pressure within the glass rather than the ceramic disc itself. Too much pressure and the glass will break. I guess it also...
  46. Superman

    Sakura Sencha - Neil W's Nano

    Re: Mountain Stream Nano The smallest thermo one 2322 or something, I managed to put an offer in at the LFS for one listed at £160 for £130. In the end as some internet shops had it for £120, I didn't go for it in the end. Just put a cheeky offer in! :thumbup:
  47. Superman

    Tropica website

    Top tip: Search through google for something on the tropica website "site:tropica.com plant nutrition plus", although the direct link might not work. If you click "cached" it's the google's saved verison and you should be able to view the old page.
  48. Superman

    Brown Algae

    I never tire of hearing that 8) Glad it helped. :thumbup:
  49. Superman

    3 Foot Planted Tank - Journey

    Re: First posting Most hosing sites like photobucket allow you to resize when uploading. I'm not sure the site you did as I don't use it.
  50. Superman

    Brown Algae

    Hi Richard, Please look through the algae guide in my signature to see which algae it is, knowing which algae it is will provide whats causing it. :thumbup:
  51. Superman

    Feeding Crystal red shrimp and cherry shrimp

    I used Dennerle crustagran and they both loved it.
  52. Superman

    3 Foot Planted Tank - Journey

    Re: First posting Top Tip: Resizing photos to a reasonable size will allow most people to view them, it took me ages to download the photos :thumbup:
  53. Superman

    Price for a tank?

    That's a shame, would of been a bargain.
  54. Superman

    Glenns 15L Nano Iwagumi Journal (lots of pics)

    A suggestion: The large left stone, turn it clockwise a bit so that the view in the photo (from the side) is from front on in the tank and try and bury the lower left corner a bit more in the substrate as it's a bit pointy. That should look a bit better? I'm not sure what to do with the other...
  55. Superman

    "Serenity Peak" Mark's 60cm Iwagumi

    I really like this, it's beautiful yet simple in design. :thumbup:
  56. Superman

    hc question again

    HC is extremely difficult to grow with Easy Carbo alone as a source of carbon. You have been injecting co2 so that should of helped. Maybe having 56w over 100l (even for just 3 hours) could be a bit too much light with only dosing ADA Step 1. Step 1, only contains trace elements, you need to...
  57. Superman

    "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr

    Re: "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr (New Toys) Viktor (and Dan & George) have been really helpful to me on the subject of ADA ferts. It's good to know people who use them before taking the plunge. Most of the ADA literature is a bit of waffle at times and it's great to know people with first hand...
  58. Superman

    3 Foot Planted Tank - Journey

    Re: First posting Welcome :wave:
  59. Superman

    "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr

    Re: "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr (New Toys) Mid week update: Things are going fine, most things are slowly turning bright green, rather than the dull green/brown colour previously. I've managed to get a stable co2 quickly and still impressed with the fine mist created by the new diffuser. The...
  60. Superman

    DIY CO2

    If DIY is your only method, many use two setups so that the co2 is more stable, then you swap each yeast mixture every 7 days.
  61. Superman

    Adam's 40cm Nano

    Sorry to hear about your losses, any got your co2 stable?
  62. Superman

    Nerite snails work well

    They should move every few days, take them out, if they stink they're dead. If you touch their foot they should retract it if they're alive. I believe all snails will be eaten by assassins.
  63. Superman

    Nerite snails work well

    Nerites are great for algae clean up, IMO they are the best clean up staff you can have.
  64. Superman

    when do you start dosing a newly planted tank with...

    Yes, excess ferts can help to feed algae but the initial algae breakout would been because of ammonia rather than ferts.
  65. Superman

    Glenns 15L Nano Iwagumi Journal (lots of pics)

    I know what you mean, everytime I went to the LFS to look for rocks, I found rocks with a good face that was always pointing upwards-left. Whilst I like the stone on the left in my nano, it's not as "perfect" in my eyes as my right hand piece. At the end of the day, it's your tank, so if you're...
  66. Superman

    AGA 2009 Results - XL Category Winner

    Whilst this wouldn't be the style of tank I'd go for, I can appreciate the technical requirements to provide the beautiful plants in their own right. Therefore, I can understand what rufus is saying but cannot agree 100%. Sometimes, I even find some of the full NA style scapes ugly but...
  67. Superman

    when do you start dosing a newly planted tank with...

    I understand the argument to say when you're using a planted substrate to give dosing the water column a while. However, the planted substrate will release the ferts over a longer period of time, so dosing the water column will aid plant growth. As chump54 said, excess ferts don't cause algae...
  68. Superman

    Glenns 15L Nano Iwagumi Journal (lots of pics)

    I think that the rocks are pointing in the same direction, you need to create tension by having different lines from the rocks. I don't have to hand a link of where you can get 'gumi tips but maybe someone can come along and provide the link.
  69. Superman

    Has my cycle stalled?

    It sounds that when you changed the dosing of ammonia, it caused an inbalance. Keep going adding the same amount of ammonia until the nitrites are down to 0ppm. I used to add 4ppm of ammonia each day and until it went to 0ppm for both ammonia and nitrite for two days, I was happy the cycle was...
  70. Superman

    Shrimp King ?

    Good to know, might have to try him when I invest in shrimp again. :thumbup:
  71. Superman

    90x45x45 "Llyn Peninsula"

    Re: 90x45x45 "LlÅ·n Peninsula" This is going to look great, as someone has said, it's a classic gumi, which is fabtastic. Looking forward to seeing it grown in. Sorry to hear about your green water, hopefully you'll clear that quickly. Mine was gone after a UV filter. What dosing method are...
  72. Superman

    Boyu in-line diffuser help

    Sometimes my bubbles from my bubble counter are not uniform but the stream of them over say 10 seconds gives a steady pace. I think its something to do with my check valve.
  73. Superman

    Juwel Nitrate (Green) sponge

    You don't mention what fertilisers you dose, please can you let us know what, how much and how often you dose. Generally, it's ammonia either from fish poop or decaying plants that cause algae. The signs for algae could be a signal that your plants are not healthy. Have a look through the...
  74. Superman

    Help with doseing my 280 ltr

    I don't think you have to dose it in the morning, but my preference would be to do it in the morning to give the tank the best chance. For the salts, it's best to buy the whole lot, but depends on your water stats if you want to reduce it down. So the list is Trace, MgSO4, KH2PO4, KNO3 and...
  75. Superman

    Help with doseing my 280 ltr

    You can sprinkle or mix with a bit of tank water first. It doesn't make much of a difference really. It is best to dose pure co2 and it would be better with a tank of your size, although it's not essential. If possible, I would dose the easycarbo in the morning as it would improve the supply...
  76. Superman


    Best thing if you're worried about overdosing is to get a syringe, turn off the filter, get the normal dose and squirt it onto the effected area (spot dosing). Leave the filter off for a while and then it should take affect. Then turn the filter back on. That way you can increase the contact...
  77. Superman

    Sakura Sencha - Neil W's Nano

    Re: Mountain Stream Nano Nice piece of glassware. If I was looking at a new filter, then I'd look to get an eheim thermo filter to remove the need for an in-line or a tank heater. I think all are good, just depends how much flow you want.
  78. Superman


    If plants are growing well, you can still have a situation that doesn't bring about pearling. If you're flow is good, then the o2 will be diffused into the water so quickly you won't see the build up of o2 on the leaf. If you want to check, turn off the filter for a while. Pearling is a good...
  79. Superman

    New Cars... Good MPG?

    Looks like a Golf Bluemotion Tech SE 5dr will be the one I get, need to book a test drive just to be sure. I currently have a 1.9d '58 S 3dr which is sufficiently powerful and the bluemotion is a little bit quicker with vastly improved interior and mpg. So the best of both worlds. :thumbup:
  80. Superman

    "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr

    Re: "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr (New Toys) I'll see how it goes with regards to cleaning the diffuser. The grey parts set is more flexible than the standard co2 line so hopefully everything will be fine. From my experiance co2 lines get a little stretched after being on for a while, so that should help.
  81. Superman

    "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr

    Re: "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr (New Toys) I was previously using a dennerle diffuser which was good but found last night that this new one provides a super fine mist. I'm not sure if it's because it's new but the signs are good. The only issue with it is the end that you put the co2 line on is...
  82. Superman

    AGA 2009 Results are out

    It'll take me a while to go through them all but well done George!! :thumbup: :clap: :clap:
  83. Superman

    "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr

    So, today is the start of the blitz on the tank. I've ordered a few things from TGM that I've been eying up for months and took the plunge. The main part of the purchase was a Do!Aqua Music Glass CO2 Diffuser, I had originally planned to order the 10mm version, but decided to get the 15mm on...
  84. Superman

    A different Iwagumi - now with video

    As clean as anything! Beautiful, good stuff :thumbup:
  85. Superman

    Is it safe to store flourish excel for longer periods?

    Yes, I've had no problem keeping EasyCarbo bottle for over a year.
  86. Superman

    Aqua Journal vol 170.

    I daren't imagine what you two get up to with yours?! :crazy:
  87. Superman

    Aqua Journal vol 170.

    If they're only in Japanese, is it worth it? Is it more just for the photos?
  88. Superman

    zeolite and purigen

    I got a small already bagged amount (not sure but something like 100ml) of Purigen for my nano. I was suffering from greenish tinge to the water, so added the purigen as used it previous for a larger tank. It's best placed as the final thing that the water hits on the way out of the filter, like...
  89. Superman

    Aqua Journal vol 170.

    Where is the best place to order an English on of these? In addition, can you also subscribe?
  90. Superman

    "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr

    Thanks Tom. I'm at that stage now where I need a change, I've been staring at this layout for well over 6 months now and just when I'm about to get it right, I mess it up by failing to keep on top of things. The only problem is changing will be a lot of work, I fancy something like you or...
  91. Superman

    "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr

    I need to sort this tank out. I've started a new job and not had much chance for a clean up for some time. I'm thinking of changing this tank to have no stems in the background and cover the substrate it with hairgrass and HC.
  92. Superman

    Enough rain for you?

    Having traveled to Cumbria on numerous of occasions to visit Barrow, Whitehaven and Workington to watch Rugby League, my thoughts are with the people of Cumbria. My friends and family in Hull were flooded last year, so can appreciate the situation. I hope normal life is restored as soon as...
  93. Superman

    Adam's 40cm Nano

    Looks great :thumbup:
  94. Superman

    I Love My Job!

    Cheers everything's going well. Had a day out in Bournemouth yesterday! As you no doubt can tell, I don't have that much chance to get on the forum :thumbdown:
  95. Superman

    Christmas '09 PFK - Planted tank stuff

    Mine landed on the doormat this morning. I'm looking forward to getting some free time to read it.
  96. Superman

    Drop checker solution in tank water

    Sometimes I had the solution go into the tank. Everything was fine, but it was on a 180 litre tank. I would of thought if it happened on my nano, I'd do a water change.
  97. Superman


    I had one too, it was really good. Not a good an algae eater but was always active. They're much larger than nerites too.
  98. Superman


    Nerite eggs only hatch in salty water but their eggs are known to be a pain to remove from the hardscape. They're really good algae eaters tho.
  99. Superman

    Koralia selection and placement advice, please

    I had a #1 and was sufficient in a vision 180 with the addition of an external filter. That said, 2 #1's would of been good too, mainly because of the bow shaped front. I'd suggest that you get one #1, see how it goes and then could decide if you need a second. For placement, it's best to keep...
  100. Superman

    what car are we driving?

    Re: what car are we driveing? I'm in the process of waiting to pick my next company car, I was looking to get a BMW 123d or a 320d (both Coupé's) but not sure how much they'll cost me as yet. I've got a pool car 1.9TDi Golf on a '58 plate, last week I had a Renault Grand Scenic for a week...