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  1. Egmel

    Stainless Steel Diffuser Rusts

    I bought a stainless steel diffuser off ebay a couple of weeks back thinking it would be the answer to me breaking so many glass ones. It arrived and was lovely, looked good, ok quality and the replaceable ceramic discs were a plus! I got it all installed and it produced beautiful little...
  2. Egmel

    Unknown Invert ID required

    About 2mm long these guys have a hard shell and small antennae from one end. They are independent movers, sometimes by picking up the current other times in a more determined manner but I've as yet to work out how. Other occupants in the tank are some Malaysian trumpet snails, some tubifex worms...
  3. Egmel

    Re-using a bath...

    My parents have had a pond in a bath tub for years and when I gutted my bathroom I thought it'd be fun to do the same thing. The basic idea is that the bath will be semi-sunk but mainly proud of the ground with earth/rocks banked up round it. Partly for insulation but also so I can plant it...
  4. Egmel

    What is the active ingredient in SnailStrong?

    And then the inevitable add on question, is there a cheaper alternative?! *edit* Suddenly realised that people might not have a clue what I was talking about - see here.
  5. Egmel

    Conundrum... Inverts Dying - Water Parameters?

    Since moving to my sisters I have lost all of my shrimp (more than I could count even during the move) and all of my Malaysian Trumpet snails. However my apple snails and all my fish are fine :? The only thing which has changed with the move is the water as she's with a different supplier...
  6. Egmel

    Combining filters.

    I asked this a while ago and the general consensus was that I should keep my 2 external filters (both eheim classics a 2213 and a 2217) separate. However there really isn't room in the hood to have all the pipes running in neatly and they're getting kinked/squashed and it's damaging the flow...
  7. Egmel

    How to combine external filters

    This is for my Juwel rekord 120 (101L x 46H x 31W cm ~ 120l). I've just bought the eheim 2215 that Aaron was selling on the B/S/S section and I'll be running it alongside my 2213. Now this will give me 620lph + 440lph = 1060lph and I currently have the original juwel filter (400lph) still...
  8. Egmel

    Fitting a photoperiod round my life!

    Ok, so I'm working silly hours at the moment and I'm getting to the point where I hardly ever see my tank lights on! I've got relatively low light levels; 60W over a 125l ~30USG tank and currently they're on for 12 hours a day (8:30am -8:30pm) with a half hour dawn/dusk period included at...
  9. Egmel

    Where to get CO2 Cannisters and Refills

    If you have any updates or corrections please PM me or post a reply. WOOT - Google map with pins in! I have recently discovered that calor gas often do CO2 bottles and it might be worth giving your local store a ring if there isn't anywhere listed local to you. Don't forget to let me know if...
  10. Egmel

    Purigen on Ebay

    Just thought I'd highlight that you can get purigen on ebay now works out about £15 for 250ml :)
  11. Egmel

    Thank You Secret UKaps Santa

    Since our santa's were obviously secret I thought it would be nice to have a thread where we could say thank you :) This morning the postie arrived with an enormous box, in it there we loads of cool new plants and cuttings from my santa's tank :D there was a also a lovely card and note :) So...
  12. Egmel

    To lily or not to lily?

    I've just been looking at the cheapish lily pipes on ebay and was wondering what people thought of them. I love the look of the glass so that's a plus. I am incredibly clumsy, are they as fragile as they look? Will they fit on a tank with a Juwel standard hood? Do they really make that much...
  13. Egmel

    Don't Forget to Sign up for UKaps Secret Santa

    More info in this thread *Thought I'd plug it in a more frequented forum*
  14. Egmel

    Finding Out Plant Names?

    or alternatively, using a plant name to find out what a plant is. I see things pop up in the sell/wanted section and I a) often have no idea what's in my tank and b) often have no idea what they're asking for! So the question is, where do you start. I know the tropica website is a good start...
  15. Egmel

    Iodine for shedding?

    I seem to remember reading that iodine helps shrimps shed. I ask because I found a second half shed dead shrimp this morning and I wonder if it might be because my water is too hard and they're having difficulty shedding properly. Any recommendations?
  16. Egmel

    FoF - Raising the (UKaps) bar even higher next year

    Split from the FoF thread in events this is a place to suggest ideas to make next year's stand even better than this year's. Comments welcome from all whether you were there or not, what would you expect/like to see on the UKaps stand. So the starter for ten... Aquascaping hands on zone -...
  17. Egmel

    Ebay Regulators

    Ok, from what I can see there are 3 cheapish options. Option 1 http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/New-Release-Dual-Gauge-CO2-Regulator-Solenoid-Valve_W0QQitemZ160283938484QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item160283938484&_trkparms=39:1|66:2|65:15|240:1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14 aquahk8 £52.99 Option 2...
  18. Egmel

    Timid Rummynoses

    My rummynoses keep hiding behind a bunch of stems, they've been in just over a week and they dart for cover the moment anyone enters the room. Is this normal or will they come out into the open more when they've had a chance to settle in?
  19. Egmel

    Cheap Mopani Wood

    I know it's not redmoor but The Range in Colchester is selling some nice bits of mopani wood for £1.99 a piece. I picked up 3 bits, each about a foot long, for the next time I I have a play with my scape... I might even try getting some moss/anubias to stick on them :) Don't know if the...
  20. Egmel


    As much as i despise the little blighters they do make good subjects! A very symmetrical squirrel Full res available from the flickr photo page. With a friends kid Camera is a simple 4mp point and shoot (Konica KD-400Z probably the worlds most indestructible digital camera). I've done a...
  21. Egmel

    What critters do you have in your tank(s)?

    Just wanted to find out what the most common 'critters' were that people kept. I know the list is incomplete but the poll is limited to 10 options so I tried to pick the ones that would come up most often. If you've got something unusual then it'd be great to hear what and maybe see some photos :)
  22. Egmel

    The upgrade!

    Well I went and picked up my new tank on Sunday, it's a metre long Juwel Rekord 120l. I've kept the original filter but just filled it with filter wool in place of the sponges. My eheim 2213 is doing the brunt of the biological filtration. I've got the original 30W lamp in still and have...
  23. Egmel

    Good Fish Stores near Guildford

    Does anyone have any shops they can recommend in the Guildford area? I've had a look on the PFK listings and there are a few about but wondered if anyone has any experience with any of them.
  24. Egmel

    Sand as a substrate

    I really like the look of sand in my tank and want to keep this when I upgrade my tank (120l arrives on Sunday). Now I've already got the sand (being a student I picked up the cheap kids play sand from Argos), last time I put pond soil underneath it. This works ok but because it's soil it...
  25. Egmel

    Had some fun with a friends camera

    We went camping for a weekend in Wales and I managed to get my hands on my friends camera, it's a Fujifilm FinePix S8000fd and allowed me to put into practice some of the theory I'd picked up about exposure times and the like. Gushy Gushy waterfalls Guitar by red torch light Fire Wish I'd...
  26. Egmel

    Micro, nano, pico, femto tanks... are there definitions?

    I was just considering setting up a pico tank when I wondered, is there actually a definition of what makes a planted tank a nano or a pico? I've seen a couple of discussions that say that a planted nano is anything under 10USG (~40l) some prefer to use size rather than volume say under 20"...
  27. Egmel

    Thinking about a pico.

    There were a couple of discussions about using vases to make nice pico tanks, maybe with a few shrimp or something. I wondered exactly how much this would cost so I did a little shopping research during my tea break. Vase from Ikea I'm not sure but my best guess is it holds about 2l £3.99...
  28. Egmel

    Mixing liquid ferts and EasyCarbo

    I'm going away on holiday and am leaving my house mate in charge of my tank. :shock: I want to make it as idiot-proof as possible. Currently I'm dosing ~5ml of DIY TPN+ and 2.5ml EasyCarbo a day. I have an old TPN+ bottle that doses 10ml in a go. Would it be possible to make an all in one...
  29. Egmel

    Increasing the PO4 in DIY TPN+

    I'm going to be making a batch of James' DIY TPN+ this weekend. Now the current view on TPN+ is that it's a good all round fertiliser but that it works best for people who have high phosphates in their tap water. I looked at the water report for my area (PDF) but couldn't see any mention of...
  30. Egmel

    EasyCarbo vs Flourish Excel

    Other than price is there a substantial difference between these 2 products? Are they the same strength and based on the same ingredients? I can't seem to find out anywhere on the web. The reason I ask is that I don't want to be drawn in by false economy, EasyCarbo may be cheaper but if it's...
  31. Egmel

    Distilled Water

    Ok I was just timewasting and pricing up some bits and pieces to make JamesC's all-in-one solution when I had a thought. Is it absolutely necessary to use distilled water? I fill my tank with plain dechlorinated tap water so I'm not too worried about what 'extras' it'll add to the mix. What I...
  32. Egmel

    Avoiding Hitchhikers?

    How do people ensure that hitchhikers don't get into their tanks on the plants they buy? I recently purchased a large batch of plants from greenline and now, a few weeks later I've discovered that I've got several dragonfly larvae running around my tank, of 2 different types! Now these are...
  33. Egmel


    I've posted this on TFF but seeing as I think he came in on my last greenline order I thought I might have more luck here... Anyone know what this is, I've seen a couple in the tank but this was the only one I was able to catch, about 1cm long and it appears to be a predator of some kind, the...
  34. Egmel

    Testing the water

    This is going to be a bit of a 'how not to do it' when it comes to setting up a 2' 70l (60cmx30cmx45cm) I've always had live plants so I wasn't starting completely from scratch, I had a pond soil/sand substrate with some healthy spiral vallis, cryptocorynes and amazon swords. Fish wise I've...