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    Feedback Plants arrived

    How long did it take for the parcel to arrive? I need to buy some plants but Im worried the parcel could get stuck in the post.
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    JBL Protemp e500 Heater review

    every single jbl product I had failed so not so good mate.
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    Twinstar 600S vs 600E

    this is very good price. where did you buy it?
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    Ada 60p Low tech

    what you using to remineralize the water?
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    Ada 60p Low tech

    @buttons are you using tap water?
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    Ludwigia helminthorriza

    World of Mosses on Facebook had this for sale couple days ago.
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    60-P "Succession"

    looks very good. following.
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    60p - "Greener Pastures"

    i think sand would look nice at the front.
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    New filter - which one?

    it is bypassing the media. there was many guys couple years ago on Polish forums talking about having the same issue . How dirty are your hoses? my outlet hose is as dirty as the inlet hose which mean the water coming out the filter in not clean when on my eheim classic the out hose is much...
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    New filter - which one?

    This is common problem with them. I have the 901 and 1501 and the both have the issue. I'm done with JBL products the filters are crap, filter hose cleaning brush falls apart after using couple times and the co2 indicator loosing liquid.
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    Thegreenmachine is closing.
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    Alternative to ADA La Plata

    Hi Can anyone recommend cheap sand similar to ADA La Plata. thanks Michal
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    ADA 90P triangular composition

    @Flaviu Zapartan it's bubble counter. ADA Beetle counter.
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    ADA 90P triangular composition

    @Napoleon how many kg of la plata sand did you use in this scape?
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    ADA 60P convex composition

    @Napoleon I agree I use ro in one tank and tap on the other and the plants in ro tank grow better. What remineralizer you using for ro water?
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    ADA 60P convex composition

    @Napoleon are you using London tap water?
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    ADA aqua soil Amazonian turned to dust???

    Where did you buy it?
  18. M - Plants

    I used them couple times and the plants were good quality. They do not stock the plants, when you place an order they order them from Tropica.
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    What's happening to my M Kubotai...?

    About month ago I bought 20 kubotais and lost them all in 4 days.
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    Algae ID

    Ottos and bloody mary shrimp.
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    Algae ID

    Hi. Can someone Id this algae? Thanks Michal
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    Anyone Want Some Free Cherry Shrimp?

    Still available?
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    Plant ID

    Hi I thought Ludwigia Cuba grows bigger.
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    Plant ID

    Hi Can someone please ID the orange/yellow plant in the middle? Thanks Michal
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    Ada 60F -go with the flow- nature aquarium

    Looks great! How is the plant growth with the new lights?
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    Dennerle Shrimp King Salt GH+/KH+

    I did email them and they replied: The normal dosage of 1,5 g/10 L results in: Ca = 32,8 mg/L Mg = 5,4 mg/L KH = 1-2 °dH GH = 6-7 °dH Conductivity = 270-330 µS/cm
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    Dennerle Shrimp King Salt GH+/KH+

    Hi Dose anyone know what KH, MG, CA would I get if I use the standard dose of dennerle shrimp salt GH+/KH+.? Dennerle only provides information about GH level. Thanks
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    Rotala Rotundifolia - Growth Issues

    I'm having similar problems with my Rotala and getting fed up with it. The only time my rotala looked good was when I went on 2,5 weeks holiday and left it without any ferts but at the same time other plants suffered.
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    Pressure drop with solenoid off overnight.

    looks like another quality product from co2art.
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    Rotala macranda deficiency

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    Rotala Rotundifolia - Growth Issues

    you said you mixing your tap with ro. what is your KH and GH now?
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    Rotala Rotundifolia - Growth Issues

    Hi Konrad. How is the rotala doing?
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    Rotala sp rotundifolia!

    how low is your NO3?
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    Plant Supplier - Hope this is appropriate to ask here
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    Warning! Fake Dual Stage Regulators!

    Who is selling the fake regulators?
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    Twinstar LED

    is it dimmable?
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    JBL Pro Flora Direct Inline Diffuser - Your Experiences?

    based on the reviews I read I would avoid this diffiuser.
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    How to clean rhinnox diffuser?

    I use hydrogen peroxide.
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    Aquarium - SUSSOA

    Same here. After seeing first pictures I was like what the hell.. but I like it when planted.
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    Hi All!

    Hi and welcome. Fantastic tanks.
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    filter shifting substrate

    I had similar problem, extending the spray bar done the job.
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    Dutch Variations

    what caused algae outbreak?
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    Dutch Variations

    Is it the picture or you added more light?
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    Whats this plants name?

    Blyxa japonica
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    Which 742mm bulb to compliment Grolux bulb?

    you could just use the Juwel HiLite day.
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    Cerges Reactor question.

    Hi guys. I'm building cerges reactor and I will have to use 90 degree elbow hose tail on the outlet. Will the 90 degree elbow slow the flow down? Thanks Michal
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    Plant id

    Can someone please id this plant for me. thanks
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    Dutch Variations

    Looks nice. What is the plant in rear right corner? Is it hygrophila polysperma?
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    I have ordered plants from them once and never again! They were in very bad condition.
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    Konrad's Iwagumi

    how is the tank Konrad?
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    Who is dosing what and how much?

    EI half dose.
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    Adaptor for Co2 tube into filter pipe

    which eheim?
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    So which is the better fluid for cleaning diffusers?

    just spray on and rinse with water after 30 minutes
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    So which is the better fluid for cleaning diffusers?

    I'm using Hydrogen Peroxide
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    Dutch Variations

    you need some reds!
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    What filter...

    Jbl cristalprofi is not the best choice if you want to inject CO2 into a filter. Check this post:
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    CO2 into Inlet side of External Filter

    I tried this on my e1501 and it was burping badly.
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    Switched to EI - What went wrong

    my java fern melted wit liquid co2.
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    I need new fish food
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    What ferts
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    Night of the living roots.

    great tank. are you using the original juwel light?
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    Dutch Variations

    Your tank looks great! I'm working on something similar at the moment. Do you use reflectors with your t5?
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    Plants id

    Hi Can some one please id the 2 plants i marked on this picture. thanks
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    Dutch Variations

    what co2 diffuser you using?
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    Understanding how much light one has
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    my 120P

    fantastic scape! where did you buy the co2 reactor?
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    TMC Aquabar Colour Plus

    where did you buy it?
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    Feedback URGENT CONTACT!

    I had the same problem with them couple months ago.
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    Watts per litre with LEDs
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    Hello from leeds :)

    Welcome :)
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    New (deep) tank lighting LED lighting options, Low tech

    Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED ?
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    Open Up Atomizer

    Does the atomiser reduce filter flow much?
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    Open Up Atomizer

    Is there anyone who is happy with this product?
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    Hygrophila pinnatifida: The flourish and Melting?
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    Juwel T5 Kelvin

    I'm using nature one in my low tech tank and plants are growing good. I have used combination of day and nature when I had high tech tank and plants were growing and turning red. You should worry more about co2 then the lighting.
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    Attaching Java fern?

    I use super glue and have no problems.
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    Which spray bar for 16/22 hose?

    I would use silicone.
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    love it
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    Ohko Ocean, now 'Peaks'

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    20L Nano low tech

    Low tech tanks primarily refer to planted tanks which are not actively infused with Carbon dioxide (CO2)
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    Ohko Ocean, now 'Peaks'

    This looks awesome. can't wait to see full setup.
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    are these choices ok?

    Some good info on low tech setup and crypt melt:
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    The fastest growing UK plant shop!

    free delivery :thumbup:
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    My Aquascape - Kīlauea - ( with Crystal shrimp only)

    looks very nice. what lights you got?
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    Height of Sodastream 60L cylinder?

    the cylinder is 36cm.
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    help chosse my new light
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    Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Green Gecko'

    Hi I have been looking for c wendtii 'green gecko' for long time and can not find it. Do you guys know where I could buy one? Thanks
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    Inlife365 Led Light

    Hi Anyone have any experience with this led light unit?
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    Small leaved stem for low tec?

    nice bacopa carpet :thumbup:
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    Small leaved stem for low tec?
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    Help, what cryptocoryne?

    Looks like my c. beckettii ''Petchii''.