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    Blyxa japonica

    I've tried Blyxa in my tank before and had bad results - so, I'm trying again. I have pressurised C02 and 4x24w T5 lighting. I use EI dosing. The Blyxa is slightly shaded - am I on a hide into nothing by having it out direct light?
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    Do you ever...

    ... image search your photos on Google and the like? I know it can be contentious, but I don't limit who can download my pics on Flickr, so they sometimes end up in really strange places. I've just spent 10 minutes and the strangest place a couple of them have ended up is on a pet lovers...
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    Yet another stupid question - Flame Moss

    I've got flame moss in my tank, it's been there for several months and its never really done much. I'm probably to blame because I was very slap dash in my attempts to tie it on. I've recently re-tied it and done a much better job and am hoping it still has enough life in it to finally attach...
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    Help with another plant ID

    I know I shouldn't go off buying random plants without knowing what they are and what they need - but it looked on it's last legs and I liked it. I didn't think it was going to survive (I planted it at the same time as the stellata) as it went very yellow and lost a lot of it's leaves. It...
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    Pogostemon stellatus or Limnophila aromatica

    I bought the plant as Pogostemon stellatus - it has quite a narrow leaf with serations along its length. The new growth that's nearing the top of the tank has a pinkish tint to it and the leaves at the top of the plant when I purchased it did have a pinkish hue. That seems to have gone now and...
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    Photoshop CS Plug-In

    Hello I was given a great tip about a plug in that reduces noise - NoiseWare. It means that you can use high ISO settings and then clean up the images afterwards. I've bought plug-ins before and not been massively impressed - but this one is excellent. It reduces noise noticeably, but...
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    Today, I was looking through the photo galleries on the Telegraph website and browsed through a selection of photos of baby animals taken from a website called Zooborns. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/earthp ... world.html I'd been to Whipsnade recently and taken some pics of their baby...
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    Hallowe’en UKAPS Meeting

    All Hallows Eve conveniently falls on a Saturday this year and Dan has kindly agreed to host a Hallowe’en ukaps soirée at Chez Crawford :D We have yet to sort out the fine detail, so will update the post with times, soon. Fancy dress is optional – but do come dressed for the occasion if...
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    http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/07/02/blob_monster/ :shock:
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    Spiro 500 Diffuser

    I used to be able to see the bubbles going into the diffuser and winding their way up the spiral - but that seems to have stopped. C02 bubbles are still coming out of the ceramic disk. Have I broken it somehow?
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    Nikon D40

    Leigh has bought me a Nikon D40 8) I can't believe it - he told me out of the blue last night. He knows I love taking snaps and that I'd pretty much got to the limits of my current camera (Sony DSC-H1) - but I was going to wait until Christmas before getting one. He's also ordered a number...
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    Eheim Liquidoser

    I've decided to give this a try and it arrived this morning (thanks Jim and Graeme). The fact that it should be positioned on the hood is the first minor hurdle, because I don't have one. So, I'm going to place it on the lighting frame and gaffa tape it on. Please would someone help me figure...
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    Upgrading Lighting

    My tank is a Fluval Osaka 155. It came with 2 x 24w T5 lighting. Am I right in thinking that upgrading the bulbs to a higher wattage, isn't as simple as replacing the bulbs? Is anyone able to tell me what else I would need to replace? I know I might be entering a whole new world of pain when...
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    Assassin Snails

    I've just introduced 3 new assassin snails into my main tank - joining 2 others that have been in there for a couple of months. One of the established ones has grabbed one of the new smaller ones and I'm not sure what it's intentions are...... I've read that they aren't cannibalistic of their...
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    Dosing free week

    Hello I'm due to go on holiday in a few weeks and will be unable to dose the tank for 8 days. Am I likely to come back to problems? Is there anything I can do to mitigate the risks? Should I cut down on C02 and lighting, or is that likely to cause problems in itself? I really don't want...
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    Amano Escapees

    I'd heard that they can jump, but I've never seen it before the other night. Fortunately, I was in the room when one of my Amano shrimp launched itself out of the tank and I was able to rescue it. I decided I'd better look behind the tank to see if I'd had anymore escapees - I found this :(...
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    Attaching Pogostemon Helferi

    I've got some Pogostemon Helferi arriving this week and I know its going to be a challenge to attach it to the wood in my tank. I wondered if anyone might be able to offer some advice? The challenge, is that I want to attach it to a fork in the wood which forms a fairly deep bowl - here's a...
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    C02 & BBA

    Hello I've posted this on another forum, but thought I would ask for some advice here too; My set up is a Fluval Osaka 155. I run DD pressurised C02 Fluval 205 filter 2 x Koralia Nano pumps for circulation EI dosing using dry ferts from AE I'm still failing at fine tuning my set up. My drop...