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  1. skinz180189

    Battling with Hair Algae

    Had Hair algae growing in my Java moss for a few months now, and I can't seem to kill it off. I've tried reducing lighting periods (I'm only 1wpg anyway) and nutrients, and I'm still dosing liquid CO2. I've never had this problem before, it seems to be something unique to my 120l. None of my...
  2. skinz180189

    Noisy Tetratec EX1200 doing my head in

    For the past few weeks now, I've been running a brand spanking TetraTec EX1200 I've had in the loft for over a year. The water's lovely & clear, but blahblahblahblah me is the filter noisy. I can shake it as much as I like but it doesn't get quieter. I've put a towel on the floor and wrapped a towel around...
  3. skinz180189

    Adding more lighting to a Rekord 120

    Wanting to up the lighting in my Rekord 120. There's currently just the one big long tube in there as standard, which is a 30w Juwel "Daylight" Tube. This gives me 1wpg. Now, I'd like to increase it to at least 2 wpg to give my plants better chance of surviving, as I feel light (or lack of) is...
  4. skinz180189

    Slapdash - 120l

    I've finally stepped up from my old 60l into a Juwel Rekord 120 I've had sat in the garage for a year. Basically, I transferred what was left of the 60l into the 120l. Slapdash is the name as there's no real thought or aquascaping, just want a natural looking and relatively carefree tank. So...
  5. skinz180189

    Urgent: Hagen Elite 60 Hood Lighting Failure

    Bulb was flickering, so tried a new bulb. Nothing. Old bulb in, nothing again, no light, no buzzing, nothing. I can't see a starter, and the whole unit is sealed. I can't find a replacement hood unit on their site, so do they even do them? This is quite an issue, as my tank now has no lighting.
  6. skinz180189

    Chucking some goldfish food in for tropicals?

    Bare with me on this one before laughing. My sister's goldfish died recently, and I'd only just bought it a new tub of food. It seems a waste to just bin it (she doesn't want another fish), so would the tropicals be fine to eat it alongside their usual foodstuffs?
  7. skinz180189

    Leaves yellowing and pinholes

    Just noticed a lot of the plants are yellowing and the leaves are holing. There's always been a few leaves doing it, but never to this extent. All I dose is Tropica Plant Nutrition+ Weekly as per the bottle, low light (1wpg), No CO2. Any ideas?
  8. skinz180189

    Cichlids - Could they eat a blue lobster?

    As per title really. There's a kid at work who tells me so much BS it's unreal, so I don't know when he speaketh the truth. He reckons he bought a blue lobster, and within a few days his Cichlids had eaten it. Plausible?
  9. skinz180189

    Rekord 120 DIY Tank Stand - Progress Thread

    I've recently acquired myself a Rekord 120, to merge both the 60 and 40 Litre fishtanks into. It came with a cheap metal stand, that there is no way I'm using on laminate flooring. The cross section of the feet is so small that with 120-150kg on it, it would punch straight through the flooring...
  10. skinz180189

    Transferring existing setups into a new tank

    Just curious how you guys go about transferring an existing setup into another tank? I'm going to be transferring fish and other aspects of the setup (plants,decor,substrates) into a larger tank. I will be using an external filter this time instead of internals. I don't have the space to let...
  11. skinz180189

    Rekord 120 built in filter

    Just a quick one, how good is the internal filter that comes as standard in the Juwel Rekord 120? Can't find much information about it.
  12. skinz180189

    Santa Pod RWYB 18/10/2009

    Pick of the bunch from Santa Pod RWYB 18/10/2009. Took about 40 pics, most were blurred lol. Really struggled panning with cold hands, made a rookie error there. As I went with a mate & his friends from IbizaOC, I got asked by Spitfire Performance (who he is a friend of) for a...
  13. skinz180189

    Red "Blob: hanging off tail fin - Guppy

    One of the male guppy's has a red "blob" hanging from it's tail fin. The end of the fin also looks darker too. Any ideas?
  14. skinz180189

    Red Crabs

    Read a few differing articles about these. My LFS has some, and so does a friend at work. My friend says his isn't aggressive, and just prunes the odd plant now and again whilst sitting on top of the filter. But I've read they destroy planted tanks and are aggressive to long finned and small...
  15. skinz180189

    Options? External Filter 100-150L tanks

    I'm looking for a 100-150 litre tank, and want to get some ideas for filtration whilst on the look out for a tank. This time I want to go external filter, it needs to be quiet as it's in my bedroom, and reasonably cheap. I'd like to spend no more than £50/60 if possible (don't mind second hand...
  16. skinz180189

    Fish Illness ID needed...

    Any ideas? It's spine seems arched.
  17. skinz180189

    Photo of mine might be used on TV!

    Just logged onto flickr, and found this message; This is the picture... I have given them permission, I'm just happy to have had the interest!
  18. skinz180189

    Random Molly Behaviour

    One of my Mollies has recently started swimming along the water surface and splashing the water out with it's tail fin. It's really quite random. Just the Molly playing around? I can't see any signs of disease on it.
  19. skinz180189

    Red area behind/to side of gills?

    After my gill disease thread, I have now noticed the guppies have developed a red coloured patch actually behind/to the side their gills, which you can see through their skin. They don't seem to have any behaviour changes yet.
  20. skinz180189

    DIY Spray Bar - Eheim Aquaball?

    Has anybody made a DIY spray bar (similar to the fluval U series) for an Eheim Aquaball filter? I don't like the way it just chucks flow out, would rather it was more controlled (I've been fiddling with the power etc to no luck), and I can't find one on Eheim's site.
  21. skinz180189

    Gill Disease

    Just noticed one of my guppies seems to have very bright red tissue inside it's gills. Is that a disease?
  22. skinz180189

    Marsilea mutica

    I've received my Marsilea mutica, and have a dilemma. The plants are about 10-12cm long! I thought it was only going to be a small plant that would carpet well. What on earth can I do with it?
  23. skinz180189

    Think I've come to a layout for the breeder...

    Well this is the rock layout, doesn't look anything special... Until I add the driftwood... Out of all the layouts I tried, this one struck out the most. Some further angles... What do you guy's reckon?
  24. skinz180189

    DIY Clear Cover - Materials?

    I've got 3 potential materials to make a DIY clear cover for my Breeder tank from (I just smashed the glass one), Clear Acrylic, Perspex & Polycarbonate. Price wise, I prefer the Acrylic/Perspex. Will either of these be fine?
  25. skinz180189


    Anybody else having a problem getting on there? For some reason, when I try to access the forum, I download php files!
  26. skinz180189

    Skinz180189's Old 40L Planted Breeder - No Longer Running

    Been out and purchased a Superfish Aqua-Qube 40 today. Cost me £55 instead of £70 (they had it listed online at the cheaper price), and I got the driftwood for £2.78. This is purely a tank for dropping the molly and guppy fry from my 60L into, although I may get an albino bristlenose in there...
  27. skinz180189

    Looking for a cheap substrate...

    I'm buying a 40litre tank for breeding this weekend, and am wondering what substrate I can get hold of that's fairly cheap? Whatever substrate will get topped with black gravel. I'm just after something that will help the plants, rather than banging them straight into gravel.
  28. skinz180189

    5 Gallon Tanks/Kits - Recommendations?

    I've been thinking, with all my livebearers, I should probably get a little 5 gallon tank, plant it out and set it up as a planted breeder. Nothing special, low light & low tech like my 15 gallon. My local fish shop sells a kit for £60 (tank,hood,light,filter,gravel(need to buy a heater...
  29. skinz180189

    Internal Filters around £20 - Recommendations

    Anybody recommend a decent internal filter suitable for a 60L tank, which I hope will become quite well stocked with plants in the future. A few people have told me to ditch the elite 100 stingray filter I have. External is not an option, I don't want even more clutter on the floor.
  30. skinz180189

    Rock Formations in Nature - Post your pics

    Been out collecting stones, and snapped some phone shots (sorry for the poor quality) for inspiration... So I thought it would be a good idea to compile people's photos to help with future 'scapes.
  31. skinz180189

    Cheap Play Sand - Tesco Extra's

    Went into Tesco Extra in Loughborough earlier, and you can buy 2 bags of play sand for £4. I think they are 5kg bags, just a heads up for anybody after some for scaping with.
  32. skinz180189

    Confused about dry salt dosing...help please.

    I read that EI dosing using dry salts is the cheapest way. Read through the tutorial, but no matter how many times I read it, nothing clicks, at all. So I need some help from the chemists :oops:. Plants: Some Java Ferns & Moss, 15Gallon Tank, 15 Watt T8 Lighting. If possible, is there any way...
  33. skinz180189


    I'm a moderator over on PPForums, and there's some very very good photographers on UKAPS. Would be great if some of you would join up and showcase your work. Link- http://www.ppforums.co.uk/index.php?referredby=19 Gaz
  34. skinz180189

    Fin Rot?

    Think these white bits have gotten larger on my plec's tail fin, and have also noticed a few little bits on other fins. Is this fin rot? And is there anything I can do until I can get to my LFS on Friday (stores are shut now, and I'm away through the week starting 6AM monday)
  35. skinz180189

    Cooling tanks down

    After my heater worry, it turns out my room/house is just very warm (all heating off etc, 24C at 6AM downstairs, tank is upstairs). This is making it hard to keep tank temps below 28C. I've currently got the heater unplugged, leave the 55cm x 10cm feeding hatch open, and my light is only 15W...
  36. skinz180189

    Heater/'Stat Problem

    My heater is miles out. It's set at 22C (72F), and always sits between 27-28C (81-82F) which is top of what my fish can tolerate. I've just walked into my room and found it at 29C (84F), so I've turned the heater off and opened the lid to let it cool down. Problem is, I'm away all week and can't...
  37. skinz180189

    Plants - No Co2/Ferts, Only Gravel Substrate, Hardy etc etc

    Hi all. Did a quick search but didn't find what I wanted (man search ;)). Basically, I'm wondering if there are any hardy cheap plants that can survive without CO2, Fertiliser, and in a gravel only substrate? Ideally I'd like them to be hardy and low maintenance if such plants exist. I do have...
  38. skinz180189

    First Aquarium Photos

    These have all needed a fair bit of PP and are still dark, but at ISO800 they can't really be brightened up without a feck load of noise (and I've reduced a lot of noise!)... Taken on a Nikon D40 (really poor for noise in low light at ISO400+), with 18-55mm Kit Lens on Manual Mode.
  39. skinz180189

    Skinz180189's 60L Budget Tropical Tank *Now Planted!* (56K)

    Hi everybody. This is my credit crunch budget tropical tank thread. :oops: After one of my colleagues got a fishtank, I decided I wanted to have one again. We already had all the stuff I needed, except for half of it had gone missing, and half of the stuff had stopped working! So I went out...