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  1. Vito

    botia striata, aggressive or playful?

    Hey everyone, my very shy Boita Striata has come out of hiding at last, probably because I feed frozen foods daily now... anyway he is the only one of his kind in there due two the other one dying, I do have 3 Pakistani Loach in there which he is forever chasing and I also see him chasing my...
  2. Vito

    Help me sex my Ram's :) PICS ADDDED!

    Hey guys, I have always wanted a pair of dwarf cichlids and I've always been a fan of the ram's but never felt I was experienced enough to keep them but being in the hobby just over a year I thought I was ready. So I went to my LFS today and bought a pair. I asked the guy for a male and female...
  3. Vito

    Could someone advise me on discus...?

    Hey everyone, I would like to keep a single or maybe a pair of discus but im not so sure if my setup is even suitable for them at all, and im am inexperianced with them so I would appriciate some friendly advice when its comes to these expensive fish... I have a rio 125 - Is it big enough? I...
  4. Vito

    Treating White spot....

    Hey guys, I have recently introduced some green neons and I have noticed some white spots on them which I belive to be white spot, could anyone tell me the medication or most effective way to remove it before it kills my little guys... Vito.
  5. Vito

    Unhealthy Fish....

    Hey peeps, I need some advice I have 8 Red eye tetras in my tanks and I've only just noticed a day or so ago that one seems to be missing the better half of its top lip, with white flesh-skin revealing, hope that makes sense. is this a symptom of some form of disease. if so what sort of...
  6. Vito

    Which of my fish is likley to be eating my plants and why?

    Hey guys, I have come across a bit of an irritating problem, I seem to have chunks bitten out of many of my glosso leaves, In my tank I have 4 ottos, 2 zebra loach and 6 Red eye tetra, I feed flake food one a day... 6pm ish, and I feed a slice of cucumber for 2 days and then a gap day for the...
  7. Vito

    Recomendations on snail munching fish??

    Hey guy's, I have an abundance of snails at the moment that I try removing manually but they never seem to go, I've read the most effective way is to get a snail eating fish, I have a Rio 125 and I would like one that doesn't munch my plants and stays small any recomendations? Vito
  8. Vito

    Feeding otto's

    Hey guys im stuggling when it comes to feeding my otto's I have lost one and it seems I am loosing another, they go all limp before they die, Im sure its down to feeding because I dont see fat round bellys, I have tried algae waffers, blanched cucumber, blanched cabitch... they dont seem to be...