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    FE reg and gauge question please

    Have just connected up my freshly refilled FE to my reg and one gauge flies upto 60 bar and the other one upto 3 bar, Now I assume that the 56 bar is the overall bottle pressure and the other gauge is ?? My query is the gauge with the smaller reading has dropped from over 3 bar to closer to 2...
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    Juwel 180 and spray bar woes

    Good Evening, I think I know the answer to this question already but Ill put it out there anyways... I have a bow fronted Juwel 180 and amongst other problems I have a MA filter AquaManta 300 EFX external with the standard spray bar that reaches two thirds along the top of the tank and cant...
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    CO2 setting up - diagrams or running order please

    Went to my local MA today and asked about a cheap diffuser to tide me over til I could get an inline one and walked out with a external reactor. Looks good so am looking forward to seeing it working. So tomorrow I'm gonna hook it all up. Could someone post up a diagram of the running order...
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    Up inline diffuser 16/22mm will it fit a 25mm tube

    I have a Aqua manta 300 external running on my tank. The pipe work is roughly 25mm in diameter (internal) and before I buy a upinline diffuser has anyone got any experience of how much give is in the fittings as in will it stretch to fit the pipes. Any advice will be greatly received.
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    Filter options, head is spinning a bit....

    My tank is coming together and after a few years hiatus I am slowly getting it all sorted again Last time round I bought a four footer stuck a Tetratec EX1200 under it and it worked a treat, plants bloomed, fish were happy etc. This time round I intend to do it on a slightly smaller scale. Have...
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    Building hills/slopes with substrate

    Am just washing my cat litter ready to fill my tank over the next few days and want to have some slopes and undulations using the substrate. If I slope it up will it wash and settle flat eventually or will it stay in place. Is it best to shore it up or pack it down, I intend to use some...
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    New lights and new algae.

    Bought four new bulbs for my 4 footer and since that my plants have grown really well but also my algae has taken off big time. My tank is fair to well planted with 40ish fish. Tetra's, platies, rasboras etc. I dose with TPN+ daily with 5ml, its a 200 litre/55 Gal with a EX1200 and C02 on...
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    Pearling! Im so Chuffed

    Im fairly new to the whole planted tank thing and have had a few problems and somethings never seem to go well, but after my change of lighting all my plants are pearling like crazy! Not sure I should be getting this excited over something like this but hey!! :oops:
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    Fitted an inline diffuser tonight

    Fitted a 17mm inline diffuser and my new super duper big gas bottle and everything seems hunky dory but was thinking when it comes time to clean the diffuser I will have to take the filter tubing apart and leave my filter off. Does anywhere sell connectors for filter tubing that can bridge the...
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    Anyone with a Dennerlee Reg attached to a FE?

    My C02 has just ran out and its pig to get refilled as the place that does it is miles away, I may go down the route of a FE off of eBay but not sure whether my reg will fit. Are they all universal ? My dennerlee bottle is the biggest one you can get so guess it should.
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    Spray Bar holes - Making them bigger

    My spray bar holes are always getting clogged up with brown gunk and was wondering if drilling the holes bigger would solve this and whether it would have any detrimental effect's on my set up. Thanks :)
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    Plants for a low tech nano please

    Have just acquired a 20L arc nano with standard lighting and Ive put a heater in it and will be dosing TPN+ but no c02 or upgraded lighting. Will be using it for shrimps, CRS hopefully and Cherries. Any plants which are suited to fairly low tech set ups more than others?, also if I wanted to...
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    First planted tank and first photo's - Comments Welcome

    Did a water change and thought I'd share a few shots, Only my second tank and been going three months. Comments always welcome, particularly in relation to spray bar and inlet etc. Last shot is my Rhinox directly going into the inlet. Tank has had a trim hence the lack of height...
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    Ammonia and nitrite levels

    My tank is 200 litres, Tetratec External EX1200 running, C02 injection, fairly well planted planted and I dose TPN+ at the weekly water changes. Stock is as follows 1 plec 6 Red eye tetra's 5 platies 6 Panda Cories 3 Congo tetra's 10 Cloud minnows 10 Galaxy rasboras 1 molly Various inverts...
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    Vallis and Excel

    Had a really good load of vallis at the back of my tank and was in full flow growing great guns. I added some excel to get rid of some algae I had, wasnt sure it would make a difference but tried it anyway. Now all my vallis is looking really ropey, holes in leaves, brown and generally dying...
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    Arc 20L Nano tank, Couple of queries

    Okay, just bought one of these beauties for keeping a dwarf puffer or shrimps. ( still cant decide ) It has a internal filter etc with a spray bar attachment, Do I need to use the spray bar attachment? or is it okay just pushing the water out into the tank randomly Im guessing you cycle it...
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    Livebearers and baby shrimps....shrimplets if you will.

    Have a cherry shrimp carrying lots of eggs and am hoping to breed and bring them on but am worried about mollies, platies etc eating the babies. Will they gobble them up?
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    Algae on my Glosso

    Took some piccies of my glosso which has algae on it, it seems to be only on to patches on my carpet of the stuff. I have a good flow of water over the top of it and dose with TPN+ weekly The spray bar is at the back flowing forward hit the front of the tank and travelling over the carpet...
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    Is my Glosso doing okay? and a plant ID if I may!

    Have set up my 55 Gal tank, and planted some glosso about a month ago and it seems to be doing well. Have noticed over the last few days since introducing pressurised Co2 that its starting to leave the bottom and get taller, is this what is meant by it getting "leggy" ? Any ideas on what...
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    Spray bar and flow

    Have just bought a four footer 250 litre tank second hand which came with a Fluval 305 external filter. It has a spray bar with it and is about 12 inches long with holes every couple of inches. Its currently turning over the water in the tank at a rate of knots with alot of turbulence and water...
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    Noob question, would all this fit together?

    Right, this is what being bored at work and eBay gets you!! The valve I bought thinking it may fit a fire extinghuiser (sp) Hopefully attached are pictures of both, Im yet to buy the FE but have bought the regulator. Any ideas whether it will or not or is it another ebay purchase that will...
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    Juwel filter vs External

    Have a Juwel Rekord 80 litre with 5 tetra's, 6 platies, 5 Panda Cories and a Plec. Have a sand substrate over soil and even after cleaning it two days ago the fish waste collects in fairly large quantity on the bottom of the tank in a certain spot. Is this normal and would an external...