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  1. Vito

    'Back in the Saddle' 90cm - 1 year on!

    Hey guys, So I treated myself to a 90cm setup from NA through FreshWaterShrimp, I bought the Tank, Cabinet, lights and light arm from them. The tank glass quality is awesome but I am a high clarity glass virgin so please forgive my overjoy as I have only had a Juwel Rio 125 to compare it to :)...
  2. Vito

    Vito's latest Rio 125 rescape Christmas Update

    Hey guys, Yet another attempt to to plant this tank, fingers crossed all goes to plan. Well just some specs before any pics I am using some old ADA AS from my previous scapes and I placed 40 or so TPN capsuels evenly to give the substrate some life. I have upgraded the lighting to 4 x 39W T5...
  3. Vito

    Rio 125 Rock & HC scape

    Hello everyone, I am starting a new setup and I thought it was time to start sharing it with you. Firstly the specification: Tank - Juwel Rio 125 Lighting - 4 x T8 tubes Filtration - Tetratec EX1200 CO2 - Fire extinguisher with dual gauge reg and solenoid/Ceramic glass diffuser. Substrate -...
  4. Vito

    Vito's first planted tank - Juwel Rio 125 (NEW PICS July 09)

    Hey guys, I have finally begun to setup my very first aquarium and its going to be a planted one :D. Its been a lengthy process to get here but it all started when my fiance and I were given a gold fish as a pet, back then I always thought goldfish+bowl+water = happy fish, little did I know...