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  1. Macman6

    planting in a pond

    Hi, i'm wondering does anyone have any tips for planting in a pond, i have a few lilies currenftly in the pots they came in is buying a larger basket the only option or could i use for example a decent sized shallow terracotta bowl?
  2. Macman6

    Unnamed Ditch

    Hi, so where should I start? Roughly this time last year I got the ok off the boss to set up a 4ft X 18inch shallow, I’d found one locally for £70 (it’s not the nearest job but a glass box all the same) and promptly stored it away knowing I had to clear out the spare room to be able to set it...
  3. Macman6

    Dirt for low tech

    I'm going to be setting up a 4x2 ft low tech with Big Tom's scapes as an inspiration, and want to put a bit of soil in ... what would everyone reccomend? i want to create soft acidic conditions so i can keep some Apistos Cheers
  4. Macman6

    Pendant Light

    Hi, i'm going to be setting up a 4ft by 2 ft open top tank with emersed growth, and i'm looking for pendant style spotlights to light it. is there anything out there like a kessil but cheaper. doesnt have to be mega quality as i only go for easy to grow low tech plants. Cheers
  5. Macman6


    Not Really Sure where to post this, s thought i'd stick it in the general forum does anyone have an idea of whether a standard kitchen worktop would take the weight of fish tanks (got a 125L and buying a 4" *2") or is it really just a guessing game? TIA
  6. Macman6

    how to get a Tiger Lotus to flower?

    Hi, i was just wondering if theres anything i can do to encourage my tiger lotus to flower? had if for about 6 months and it's healthy but hasnt flowered yet? is there something i need to do other than have patience? it has sent out runners for new plantlets if this helps. Cheers
  7. Macman6

    Hydrocytle leucephala flowers

    In case anyone wants to see I have a few flower stalks of Brazilian pennywort.... There are more but I only have an iPhone and it’s rubbish for pictures Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Macman6

    Underwater spores

    Has anyone seen this before? I have what was sold as flame moss growing in a clump in the front corner of my tank and it has sprouted the spores or whatever they’re called you see on terrestrial mosses Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Macman6

    Has anyone eaten any plants

    didn't really know how to categorise this, but has anyone ever grown and eaten anything in their tank? i'm aware some Pennyworts are edible but unsure on others
  10. Macman6

    Air Driven Filter

    I'm planning building a pond (about 2M in length) as was going to do a Bog filter, i dont really have power access in the garden so was wondering does the lift of an air driven filter (was going to use solar power) only apply from above water level? going to use it to drive current through a...
  11. Macman6

    Fern ID please

    Would someone be able to ID this fern I got from a garden centre please. Looks like maidenhair to my untrained eye... also I have a clover fern that would be nice to iD... sorry for the poor picture of the clover, just dumped the big fern pretty much on top, I put it in a few weeks ago and...
  12. Macman6

    Palm house / Tropical house

    Anyone know any palm houses or tropical glasshouses that are good viewing? preferably around manchester area ish.
  13. Macman6

    Anubias and Apogeneton Flowers

    I've had my Anubias and apogeneton send up flower stalks recently, but they have both times stopped short of the surface. anyone know why? i run a low tech tank, will this be a factor?
  14. Macman6

    Seen but cant find - Growing emersed bare rooted

    i've seen on here a picture of someone growing a plant out the top of their tank with the plant bare rooted and emersed wrapped in some mesh, but i cant find it. looking to make a similar contraption, does anyone know what i'm referring to?
  15. Macman6

    Nannacara and Apistos

    As yet i haven't done it as i'm confident i can't but.. in a 125L tank could i keep a pair of Apistos with a Nannacara Anomala pair?
  16. Macman6

    Extra Lighting

    So, i'm looking at buying some extra lighting for my tank for helping emergent growth, i've seen a few clip on led lights such as these https://www.amazon.co.uk/LifeBee-Flexible-Gooseneck-Greenhouse-Hydroponic/dp/B06XBW3QZY/ref=sr_1_23?ie=UTF8&qid=1518777325&sr=8-23&keywords=led+grow+light...
  17. Macman6

    DIY Emersed planters

    i've got a couple of DIY planters for Emersed growing, but im having a bit of trouble stopping them slowly slipping down the tank walls, i've already had to chase hydroponic clay balls around the tank a couple of times. i make them using the bottom half of a milk carton type bottle and put a...
  18. Macman6

    Best terrestrial plants for Emersed growth

    Hi, I'm currently in he process of making my tank open top and growing Emersed plants using DIY suction cup planters and was having trouble finding a good list of the best Terrestrial / lower humidity plants to grow Emersed? i'll start off by saying i've got as far as Pothos(Epipremnum)...
  19. Macman6

    Clay balls

    Hi, I’m looking to grow some emersed plants from pots, will expanded clay balls affect my water parameters? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk