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  1. dw1305

    Utricularia - Bladderwort

    Hi all, A couple of years ago I found a Utricularia in some new ponds which had been constructed as mitigation for some maintenance work on ponds containing Great Crested Newts on our campus. I don't know where it originally came from, but there was some planting done. I haven't seen it...
  2. dw1305

    Dr Timothy Hovanec's comments about Bacterial supplements

    Hi all, People who have been following the <"Bacteria in a Bottle"> thread may have seen that I said I'd try and contact Tim Hovanec and ask him a few questions about bacterial supplements. Dr Hovanec was kind enough to send a very thorough, and interesting reply, to the email, and has given me...
  3. dw1305

    The scientific background to the "Leaf Colour Chart"

    Hi all, As a couple of people have asked about the <"leaf colour chart" (LCC)">, (that is linked into various threads talking about <"Amazon Frogbit and the "Duckweed Index">), I'll add some references into this thread, I'll add more as I collect them. The LCC was developed to give <"Rice...
  4. dw1305

    Full disclosure

    Hi all, I haven't maintained any of the tanks in the lab. since the middle of March, the only thing I've done is topped the water up, but it was about 1/2 way down the tanks at that point. They don't have any fish, and a limited amount of snails etc. but were heavily planted with easy plants...
  5. dw1305

    TA Aquaculture - Imported plants, fish and live food video

    Hi all, This is quite interesting, there are plant sections scattered through-out, and some unusual fish. cheers Darrel
  6. dw1305

    Journey to the microcosm - the secret things living in your aquarium

    Hi all, Not quite sure where to post this, but I thought it might go here, I've seen a similar one for freshwater tanks, I'll try and find that as well: cheers Darrel
  7. dw1305

    Amazon Frogbit (Limnobium laevigatum) phytoremediation references

    Hi all, I've recently found a few more references using Limnobium laevigatum in wastewater treatment. Because Limnobium is my preferred "Duckweed" for the <"Duckweed Index">, I thought I'd start a thread. Because it is a thread I've started I should be able to add any new references that I...
  8. dw1305

    Black spots on leaves

    Hi all, The grassy, stiff leaved plant in your second tank looks like it might be Ophiogon which isn't aquatic. If it is Ophiopogon it will have very stiff leaves, if it is Sagittaria or similar it will be lot more floppy. Cheers Darrel
  9. dw1305

    Now is a good time to look for PYO wood

    Hi all, Because we are into a run of stormy weather now is a good time to see if you can pick up some fallen dead Oak (Quercus) branches, or roots from windthrown trees. I keep an eye out for accessible <"Stag-headed Oaks">, like the one below. You won't get any really "twisty" wood, but...
  10. dw1305

    Corydoras breeder with planted tanks

    Hi all, I've found an interesting video in the <"Practical Fishkeeping - Reader Visit>" section. Mark Allison is a very accomplished keeper & breeder of catfish and also a planted tank enthusiast. cheers Darrel
  11. dw1305

    A question, dissolved oxygen and a pond

    Hi all, I've been surveying, and doing some water quality work, on some of <"Bristol's pond and rivers"> over the last couple of weeks. I had an interesting one today. I won't tell you the location, or context, but it was a pond and the water sample had a dissolved oxygen level of 180% (~20oC...
  12. dw1305

    Partial Lunar Eclipse

    Hi all, I've just been out and at 22:30 the <"partial lunar eclipse"> is quite impressive. cheers Darrel
  13. dw1305

    Good review article on ammonia oxidation

    Hi all, Definitely a <"dead donkey"> of a thread title, but if any-one is interested there is a good open-source review article on the microbial mechanisms for nitrification, it is the science behind the cycling discussion in <"Bedside Aquarium">: Laura E Lehtovirta-Morley <"Ammonia oxidation...
  14. dw1305

    A paper on the transition of Hygrophila difformis from emersed to submersed

    Hi all, A paper has come my way that I thought might be of interest. : <"Photosynthetic acclimation of terrestrial and submerged leaves in the amphibious plant Hygrophila difformis">. It is "Open Access", so should be available to every-one. It is quite interesting, it suggests that ethylene...
  15. dw1305

    Carnivorous Utricularia species also eat algae

    Hi all, A couple of <"very interesting articles"> have come my way that suggests that Bladderworts (Utricularia spp.) are getting a lot of their food from algae that they've captured. Most Utricularia spp. are a bit temperamental in the aquarium, but <"I have a lot of Utricularia gibba"> and...
  16. dw1305

    Feeding preference of an introduced population of Cherry Shrimp

    Hi all, I was looking at an <"Asellus food preference paper"> (apparently the shed leaves of Alders Alnus spp.), and it linked to this paper, about the Cherry Shrimp (Neocardinia davidi). Schoolman & Arndt (2017) <"Leaf-litter preferences of the introduced freshwater shrimps Atyaephyra...
  17. dw1305

    Heather, it didn't like the drought

    Hi all, I was on a Field Course last week in Dorset, and a lot of heather on the sand dunes at Studland etc had died in the drought. You couldn't collect any dead heather from Studland, because it is a NNR, but there should be other heaths, moors and commons where there is dead heather wood you...
  18. dw1305

    A novel filter media: Broken earthen pot pieces

    Hi all, While I was looking at the RAS and Archaea references I came upon this paper Khangembam et al. (2017) <"Diversity and Abundance of Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria and Archaea in a Freshwater Recirculating Aquaculture System"> HAYATI Journal of Biosciences 24:4 pp. 215-220. It didn't add...
  19. dw1305

    Interesting blog

    Hi all, There is a planted tank enthusiast who has recently started posting on <"Apistogramma forums">. He has <"a blog">, where he discusses problems with plants like Ludwigia sedoides, that I think might be of interest to many members here. I had a quick "google", and his day job is as a...
  20. dw1305

    Blackworm and Asellus buckets

    Hi all, Probably not really the right place for this, but I took a couple of photos of the buckets where my Blackworm (Lumbriculus variegatus) cultures are mainly residing at the moment. I've also got some bits of nano-wood soaking and plenty of spare Hornwort. This was a very quick scoop with...
  21. dw1305

    Live food culture - Crangonyx pseudogracilis

    Hi all, I've found a potentially useful alternative crustacean to Asellus aquaticus and Hyalella azteca as "tank janitor" and live food source. It's called "Crangonyx pseudogracilis" and it has the advantages of being quite small (less than 10mm) and very tolerant of warm water and low oxygen...
  22. dw1305

    Calathea, Maranta etc. for a paludarium in Lidl

    Hi all, I was in Lidl this afternoon, and they are selling some quite large Maranta and Calathea plants for £2.49. They would be good for a large open top tank with emersed section. You can see them in a few peoples tanks, this is one of "sciencefiction's" from this post...
  23. dw1305

    Splash Tetra - Copella arnoldi

    Hi all, I've owned the real Splash "Tetra" (Copella arnoldi <http://www.seriouslyfish.com/species/copella-arnoldi/>) on 3 different occasions (the only times I've ever seen them for sale), but I've never had much success with them, mainly because as soon as they start spawning I've always lost...
  24. dw1305

    My new light diffuser

    Hi all, I'm not sure our new light diffuser is working properly. It also seems to be show an unhealthy interest in the fish, and it is a bit bad tempered when you move it. and it is totally hopeless for the nano. cheers Darrel
  25. dw1305

    Utricularia gibba has flowered

    Hi all, I've got quite a bit of Utricularia gibba, mainly because once you've got it, it gets everywhere. I quite like it and it grows well, but it doesn't usually flower. This bit hitch hiked its way into a plastic tub in the glasshouse, with some spare "floaters", and I noticed it was...
  26. dw1305

    Aqua one aquis

    Hi all, You probably aren't going to like this as a reply, but I wouldn't buy this filter, or any other cheapish new filter. I'd buy a 2nd hand "Eheim Classic" and if you need more flow? a pump, either a Koralia, or if you aren't feeling particularly flush a Maxijet powerhead. I like Eheim...
  27. dw1305

    Whilst it is snowing, I did some drawing

    Hi all, Following a combination of having some unexpected free-time and a "draw your plec" thread on another forum, I've drawn one of mine. The third serendipitous event was that I could actually see one. I've had 5 of them for about 6 months, but I've only seen them on a hand-full of occasions...
  28. dw1305

    Freeware java program for EI etc.

    Hi all, I've found a freeware program that may be of interest to those with a more chemical bent. I haven't used it yet but it should be able to allow the user to visualise what is actually happening in complex solutions of nutrients...
  29. dw1305

    My unfortunate vacation experience and "who dun it"

    Hi all, I've been to the Bavarian Alps for 3 weeks, this was a house swap, so why we were in Bavaria a German family were out our home in Wiltshire. I've only got 2 x 2' and a 21 litre nano tank at home, all heavily planted and low-tech. Usually when I'm away I ask house-sitters not too feed...
  30. dw1305

    I'm pleased I'm not a Reindeer (herder)

    Hi all, Got sent this link via my "day job", but it is quite entertaining and I thought I'd share it. Also makes you wonder what Santa Claus has done to Rudolf, Dasher and Prancer? and whether he did it in the traditional Sami manner? Environmental Research Letters "Oslo: how castration can...
  31. dw1305

    "Amazon Aquatics" or "the last trading post"

    Hi all, I called in to Amazon Aquatics <http://cgi3.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewUserPage&userid=last-trading-post> (in Warminster) yesterday. Very well kept fish, and a lot of good quality kit (Eheim, Sera, Aqualog etc) bought direct from Germany and very reasonably priced. The owner (Mike)...
  32. dw1305

    Darrell's (dw1305's) soil thread

    Hi all is 100% correct. I've got quite a lot of soil samples, out of the furnace in the lab (this burns out the OM at 500 oC to give you the percentage organic for your soil) if any-one wants to experiment with them? The technical term is "calcining", and it is how they create "hydroleca"...
  33. dw1305

    Black Widow tetra and ember tetra

    Hi all, I'm pretty sure the Black Widow Tetra will be OK with the Ember Tetras, but will eat the cherry shrimps, unless there is a lot of cover. The plus side is that they are quite mid/surface orientated. If you want to breed them they are easy to condition with Grindal worms, Daphnia and...
  34. dw1305

    Shrimp with prominent pale line along back

    Hi all, I have some dark red "Cherry Shrimps" with prominent pale lines along their back (basically a strip from the head to the telson) and since reading the recent posts on Caridina cf. babaulti, I wondered whether Red Cherry Shrimp (Neocaridina heteropoda heteropoda) have a stripe? or do I...
  35. dw1305

    Fert Details Good or Bad?

    Hi all, I'd probably swap the potassium sulphate for potassium nitrate (KNO3) as the mix is low in nitrogen. You also need a phosphorus (P) source, as you don't have one at present. If you look at the sticky for EI and "James' planted tank - all in one solution"...
  36. dw1305

    low tech aquariums with emergent plants

    Hi all, Some good looking aquariums and some technical info on this blog. http://www.tuncalik.com/2010/01/indoor-plants-for-water-purification-in-aquariums/. cheers Darrel