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  1. stu_

    Diffuser Cleaning

    Hi This subject comes up a lot http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/is-this-bleach-okay-to-use-for-cleaning-diffusers.40306/ http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/so-which-is-the-better-fluid-for-cleaning-diffusers.39668/ http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/calling-up-inline-atomizer-users.33032/...
  2. stu_

    Hose Converter and atomizer

    Hi is it one of the new ones,the type that you can take apart ? If so,I think you can get these, which will convert. You may want to check with co2 Art,just to make sure.
  3. stu_

    I don't understand why my bubble rate is changing

    http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/how-to-clean-a-closed-inline-co2-atomizer.38456/ For starters
  4. stu_

    I don't understand why my bubble rate is changing

    First hand experience. Co2 system up and running for several months. Nothing played with ,but the bps which had been stable for the whole time started to drop. Checked everything, Upped the working pressure,all to no avail. Cleaned the UP line,problem solved. The build quality of these things...
  5. stu_

    I don't understand why my bubble rate is changing

    obvious question.Is the UP clean ? I get water in mine too.
  6. stu_

    thinking of switching to UP inline diffuser

    UP inline are great when you get a good one. IME the reliability of them is random. I've had one for years. Others have failed,straight out of the box,or after a short period of time. IME
  7. stu_

    Cleaning Inline CO2 Diffusers

    Except you can't take the old ones apart.... Haven't heard of this one before.Would the amount of LC required to fill the chamber be a lot if the tank in question was say,60L ? or would it have lost its toxicity overnight after being confined ?
  8. stu_

    Berkshire Co2 refill

    Hi Maybe worth adding this to this thread as well http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/co2-refills.4258/page-9
  9. stu_

    Where to buy Co2 system-kit

    Hi Co2 bottles are expensive here too. This is why many of us buy fire extinguishers.You can get them filled up at companies that maintain office fire extinguishers. You then buy a regulator with the same thread so they fit= Din 477.( I think) I think this is a European standard. 2kg fire...
  10. stu_

    Inline diffusers... show us your bubbles!

    3 bar for my UP inline. (2014 version)
  11. stu_

    Fire extinguishers

    This ^^ Re the Rams and soft water. I'm sure there's lot of forum threads on this, the co2 will lower the PH but won't remove the mineral content,that makes your water hard. So when you sort the co2 ,your water will have a lower PH (whilst gas is on) , but hard water. In my limited experience...
  12. stu_

    Set by Step Guide for Setting up Pressurised CO2 with Extinguisher

    Hi welcome to the forum. If it's the former, this http://ukaps.org/forum/threads/fire-extinguisher-co2.266/ & this http://ukaps.org/forum/threads/ei-dosing-using-dry-salts.1211/ might be useful
  13. stu_

    Co2 fire extinguisher

    http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/fire-extinguisher-co2.266/ Thread on EI dosing http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/ei-dosing-using-dry-salts.1211/
  14. stu_

    CO2 FE Setup

    £40 ! Where are you? http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/co2-refills.4258/
  15. stu_

    How long does your CO2 cylinder last you?

    Morning,have a look at this http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/just-how-much-c02-do-you-use.29460/
  16. stu_

    New to co2

    Try this thread http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/co2-refills.4258/
  17. stu_

    Setting up Co2

    Wasn't sure what it was, but went off info on a fleabay site, that had exact same bottle for sale.Though they advise using tank water with it :crazy: Forgot to mention that 3 bar might be overkill.My ceramic ran off 1.5 bar
  18. stu_

    Setting up Co2

    Hi i may not be the most qualified to answer this as i've not been using pressurised too long, but no one else has jumped in so.I started on a 60L tank with a ceramic diffuser. Every tank is going to be different due to the amount of variables but for what it's worth. The co2 test looks like a...
  19. stu_

    Method of c02 diffusion in Tropicas aquascape 82

    Both Dan & Tony are members on here.Why not PM them ? Specs say internal filter, so my guess would be ceramic diffuser.
  20. stu_

    CO2 Indicator Fluid Going Pale?

    Hi Claire what about this one from AE ? I've had premixed stuff change colour in the past as well. Currently using the linked one above.
  21. stu_

    New to pressurised CO2 - ready to purchase

    Hi, welcome to the forum not used any CO2 Art kit, so can't help there. Size wise, this is my Lido 120 cabinet with a FE and a TetraTec EX1200
  22. stu_

    I changed my mind...

    Worth reading through - CO2 Refills... | UK Aquatic Plant Society
  23. stu_

    Co2 set-up advice

    Hi everyone has their own preference on kit, sure others will post about that.Personally i've got an UP-A165 reg,(seems to do a decent job) & a JBL bubble counter, which i like cause it has fixing nuts. Have you read this write up, it's based around a Juwel tank Setting up a 'higher' tech...
  24. stu_

    Yet another regulator thread: FE setup compatible with small aquarium

    For what its worth. I found buying/acquiring your first reg to be confusing.I have no point of reference as this is my first one, but went with this one. I ran it on a 60L tank, with a FE which has just run out.No problems encountered. It has a solenoid, adjustable working pressure, and the...
  25. stu_

    Jbl adapter for fire extinguisher

    Deltec told me it would,that's the reason i bought it. The threads do fit, but there's a small pin hole on the D-D reg. The thread on the JBL adapter is is not quite long enough to cover this hole. Result is a small leak. :facepalm: Tried lots of bodging to fix, to no avail.
  26. stu_

    Jbl adapter for fire extinguisher

    If you have trouble ordering one, i've got a virtually new, never used in anger, JBL U-M still in the box. And if Dave doesn't want the D-D adapter i'll have it.
  27. stu_

    Need a better Regulator than this...UP A165 reg/sol

    Hi have you read this FE Setup ? co2 tubing from needle valve outlet into bubble counter into diffuser etc. Don't forget your check valve/s HTH
  28. stu_

    Need a better Regulator than this...UP A165 reg/sol

    ahem yes? The sol is plugged into a timer switch. The co2 comes on a couple of hours before the lights go on, then it stops 2 hours before the end of the lighting period. i don't want mine running 24/7 I use a diffuser, but it should run an atomiser, otherwise what would be the point of the reg...
  29. stu_

    Need a better Regulator than this...UP A165 reg/sol

    I've had my A-165 running for a week or so. This is my 1st time running pressurised so therefore it's my 1st reg. I found it very easy to set,there seems to be a nice resistance when you turn the needle valve and the bps rate has the been the same all week. I've been using the solenoid to turn...
  30. stu_

    Liquid Co2 tanks...

    i use EasyCarbo & an all in one fert daily, and get decent, healthy growth. 1ml EC per 50L.This can be doubled depending on the plant mass. eg. my Dutch influenced 60L has lots of stems and i dose 2.5-3ml per day.It doesn't bother the Oto's or Amano shrimp. Personally i haven't had issues using...