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  1. martinmjr62

    co2 bottle run out. what to do until the weekend

    Evening all, ive just got home from work to find that my co2 has run out.really strange a it was still above the red at 60 bar at the weekend when i did my weekly maintainace. Ive turned off the lights and dosed EI as normal and 6ml of EC as normal. i've just got my old 2kg bottle and connected...
  2. martinmjr62

    Bargain of the century

    Evening all, my LFS is closing down which is a real shame in itself. I went in there today to get some gravel for my daughter's garden as he's stripped out most of the tanks and is selling everything off cheap. My son used to work there and still keeps in touch with the owner so he got a good...
  3. martinmjr62

    My Oranda

    Evening all as well as having the Rio180 and the Edge23 i have this little chap. He's grown a fair bit in the 2 years i've had him. He's in a Biorb 60l on the shelf in the hall and greets me in the morning as i come down the stairs. I have to resist the urge to overfeed him because as soon as he...
  4. martinmjr62

    Kribensis young

    Evening all just thought I'd post a picture of my sons new family. Don't know much about these they're in his bedroom tank. Only a few days old Cheers Martin Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. martinmjr62

    Fluval 405

    Evening all, I'm currently running 2 external filters on my Rio180,a Fluval 405 And an Eheim 2213. The Fluval has 4 compartments in it and I'm running what was in it when I got it secondhand. I needed to clean it out and found that it was running the following: Lowest level; 2carbon bags Next...
  6. martinmjr62


    Morning all, fitted a koralia 900 to my Rio 180 yesterday and it transformed the the flow and co2 distribution dramatically, so much so that I had plants pearling for the first time in 9 weeks. My question is this, do you leave it running constantly or just with the co2 / lighting period. The...
  7. martinmjr62

    Edge 23 litre

    Hi all, as well as the Rio180 journal I've got running at the moment, I've started a new project over Xmas, an Edge 23l. Got it really cheap off a Facebook selling site, £15. The people had it in the kids bedroom, cold water 2 goldfish. It was filthy when I got it but I fancied a little...
  8. martinmjr62

    New Rio 180 set up

    Hi to everyone. Just set up my new tank with a lot of help from my son. Only day 3 and a long way to go. Tank is a Rio 180 running a Fluval 405 filter, Hydor 300 heater, JBL 2 kg CO2 set up with solenoid and T5 lighting. The hard scape is driftwood, may add some rocks but not sure. Some plants...
  9. martinmjr62


    Hi everyone,just started this new hobby with lots of help from my more knowledgeable son.The tank is a Jewel Rio 180 with T5 lighting ,Fluval 405 filter,JBL 2 kg CO2 set up, Hydor 300 heater. Its set up with a driftwood hardscape and plants. Very early days, only set it up yesterday,still more...