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  1. Yo-han

    My Road to IAPLC 2017

    My 1000L tank is running for over 1,5 year now, and everything is working the way I would like to. This combined with the fact that I finally got some time to maintain the tank, did made me think of rescaping the tank for IAPLC (or another contest). I will try to update this journal as often as...
  2. Yo-han

    Where to find this kind of wood?

    Am looking for this type of wood for my new scape. Anybody has a name of the wood, or even better, a seller?
  3. Yo-han

    Wabi-kusa 10.0

    Saw this image on the www and needed to share it: This man planted one seed in 1960 and only opened the bottle in 1972 to water it. Since than it has been sealed and is growing vigorously as you can see. Eat that Amano! :-P
  4. Yo-han


    I bought a new house a few weeks ago and leaving my rental appartment on the 4th floor in a month, so finally time for a bigger tank! The tank: Here is the thread from my current 400L tank: http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/dutch-nature-style.27848/ A few things I wanted to do different...
  5. Yo-han

    Cleaning hardscape

    I've some BBA on unremovable hardscape. To remove it I was thinking about some kind of picker from a dentist. Then I saw ADA pro picker and that was exactly what I was looking for. But before buying one, what do you guys use to clean BBA from rocks?
  6. Yo-han

    Temperature as limiting factor

    I got a nano cube which is unheated. Although water parameters and fertilization are kept the same (90% water change so quite stable). I do notice plant growth slowed down lately. Not in all plants, M. umbrosum seems to grow just as fast, as does the mosses. But all Rotala species and Persicaria...
  7. Yo-han

    Which parameters do fish care about?

    In (old) books you always read about the importance of pH for your fish. Also the hardness seems to be important and alkalinity, KH, GH and TH are frequently mentioned. Same thing for TDS. I want to know what fish really notice and how. For example, will fish notice (and do they care) the...
  8. Yo-han

    Sex Sphaerichthys vaillanti

    Although I'm mainly a plant enthousiast, I've always loved the colors on this fish. Till now I only had schooling fish and an algae crew in my tank. But I could get these for a very nice price and they were colorful from the minute they arrived at the lfs I work. So I took the 4 most beautiful...
  9. Yo-han

    Aqua soil and medicines

    In the lfs I work we use aqua soil in our shrimp tanks. A few weeks ago we had some planaria in there so I removed all shrimp dropped in some de-worming medicine and after all planaria was dead I did a 90% water change. Placed back the shrimps a few days later and most started dying. Tested...
  10. Yo-han

    Dutch Nature style

    Being Dutch and leaving the paths of my ancestors, I explored nature style. Made half a dozen scapes till now and some failed rigorously, others just missed the X factor. From Iwagumi till collecteritus, but I'll show you the latest (almost) 400L tank. Remember most pictures are just mobile made...
  11. Yo-han

    Hello from Utrecht

    Hello everyone. Not new to planted tanks or forums, but new to this forum. Actually I'm a member for quite a while, but this is my first post here. Love the combination of knowledge and nature style aquascapes here, so although no novice anymore, I'll hope to learn more from you guys. Quick...