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  1. fish fodder

    Solenoid question

    Hi everybody, A friend of mine is using just a regulator on his co2 without a solenoid, something which he wants to add but he is concerned that with a separate solenoid (one that isn't attached directly to the reg but connected with tubing) the pressure will be too much for the tubing to...
  2. fish fodder

    stolen ideas :)

    I agree with the comment about over complicating things. I just use old containers with either a see through lid or cling film over the top
  3. fish fodder

    UKAPS Printed Garments

    Can't see them :-(
  4. fish fodder

    Tropica Aquacube - Coastal Path

    Owning one of these myself I will be watching this thread. Looks great so far.
  5. fish fodder

    my first lwagumi tank

    Look forward to seeing more of this :-)
  6. fish fodder

    List-like FTS thread?

    Get it done :-)
  7. fish fodder

    Going Dutch Tropica 1-2 Grow Style

  8. fish fodder

    Nano cube

    Very nice :-)
  9. fish fodder

    Plague of snails!!!

    I have had very good success with assassin snails... It's takes some time but they will eradicate a tank of pest snails. I have heard of them catching and eating shrimp as well though so be aware of that. Also they leave the shells behind so your water hardness may rise
  10. fish fodder

    Two worlds

    Really nice.
  11. fish fodder

    My signature

    Not very good lol... I'm hoping its adapting but losing many leaves. I'm no expert so hopefully someone else can shed some light on how best to grow it?
  12. fish fodder

    Monolithic retreat - For FREE - everything must Go

    What's this microfibre method?
  13. fish fodder

    My signature

    Can't wait to see it
  14. fish fodder

    My signature

    Oh and some weeping miss which is the first moss I have ever grown successfully.
  15. fish fodder

    My signature

    Thanks guys :-) @lancsrick, the bulge is a result of the flow and not supposed to be like that lol... There is a slope but its hidden behind the Redmoor back right haha. Plants are: Pogostemen erectus Eleocharis "mini" Stauruhrjdnsdndjd blah blah (you know the one) Hygropgila pinnifinada...
  16. fish fodder

    My signature

    Hi guys, Been a bit nervous of showing this as its no where near the standard of others on here but what the hell... So far I have only been dosing easy carbo and profito, hopefully be going on to co2 this week. Lighting is on for 5 hours a day ramped up to 60% over and 1.5 hour period each...
  17. fish fodder

    About time - New Pics

    Looking nice.....why is your drop checker on the outside of the glass?
  18. fish fodder

    Silent Wood

    I like it
  19. fish fodder


    If it makes you feel any better I have a rio 300 on laminate floor with the feet still on the cabinet and it hasn't damaged the floor.... It has however pushed it down about 1cm
  20. fish fodder

    Mori no shinden

    I meant how was it going to be suspended but Ive just seen the photo (didn't see it last night)
  21. fish fodder

    Mori no shinden

    How are you having the tile?
  22. fish fodder

    Anyone used these?

    CO2 Regulator - Diffuser plant tank Atomize VALVE moss | eBay
  23. fish fodder

    which all in one fertiliser

    Only going by what manufacturers say....
  24. fish fodder

    which all in one fertiliser

    Without fish it's the specialist, with its the professional. The specialist has phosphate and nitrate I think so has to be used in a pretty heavily planted tank so that you don't get any algae issues
  25. fish fodder

    Very confused!

    Pm'd you
  26. fish fodder

    Very confused!

    Yes, but dont they also come in din?
  27. fish fodder

    Very confused!

    Is there no visual difference between a din/cga regulator or canister? I only ask because I'm getting rather frustrated at all this at the moment. I have a fire extinguisher (I have been told by a FE engineer that all uk FE as far as he knows are din477) then I have a TMC regulator that I was...
  28. fish fodder

    Trimming Pogostemon Helferi

    Yes and replant the tops
  29. fish fodder

    Very confused!

    Although the adapter does fit the old TMC canister so if what m_attt is saying then the canister and reg I have are cga!
  30. fish fodder

    Very confused!

    Adapter turned up today... Doesn't fit either the male or female part of the fire extinguisher :-( So I've narrowed it down to the fire extinguisher being the problem. Now I don't know what to do
  31. fish fodder

    Very confused!

    Thanks everyone.
  32. fish fodder

    Very confused!

    Just re read the email from where I'm getting the adaptor and he does say it's for a cga reg... We'll see. This has become a complete circus.
  33. fish fodder

    Very confused!

    If I can remove the nut from the regulator and replace it with the nut from the horn it should work but I'm having great difficulty doing that.
  34. fish fodder

    Very confused!

    So I've ordered the same as you? ARRRRGGGHH :-(
  35. fish fodder

    Very confused!

    Here you say it's the other way around lol CGA to DIN converters? | UK Aquatic Plant Society
  36. fish fodder

    Very confused!

    I noticed you had/have the TMC converter? I just ordered one in the hope that the reg is a cga and that the FE isn't a non standard thread. Ali, if the converter doesn't work then it should work for you if you do indeed have a cga reg so you could buy it back off me if you can't return your...
  37. fish fodder

    Very confused!

    Are there different types of FE thread in the uk? I was under the impression that they are all the same?
  38. fish fodder

    Very confused!

    Cheers... Just tried again and it definitely won't fit lol... The first thread is fine then stops
  39. fish fodder

    Very confused!

    It's not new but was told its din.... Really confusing me. I'm not sure if the reg is non uk standard or the FE is different... I haven't seen anyone else have a problem with FE threads
  40. fish fodder

    Very confused!

    Pee'd off
  41. fish fodder

    Very confused!

    Will I be able to get an adaptor?
  42. fish fodder

    Very confused!

    Looking at it the FE does have more thread so I guess yes
  43. fish fodder

    Very confused!

    Are you asking or telling? If you are asking I have no idea. All I know is that it doesn't fit at all.
  44. fish fodder

    Very confused!

  45. fish fodder

    Lloyds emmersed Crypt tank

    Absolutely wonderful !
  46. fish fodder

    Seven Moss Cube

    Hi, the mountaray won't fit over the plastic I'm afraid, There is literally enough space to slide onto bare glass
  47. fish fodder

    TMC Mountaray bracket dimensions

    It's 15cm... One mountaray is designed for a mini tile so I'm led to believe... Not sure if that's to be used with the mms though
  48. fish fodder

    Very confused!

    Now just read something about BS431 but the number on the FE is BS5045! This is hurting my head
  49. fish fodder

    Very confused!

    Hi guys, Just bought a couple of fire extinguishers, removed the horns to put a TMC regulator on and it doesn't fit! I have had my doubts about the fitting on the regulator but was assured it was a din fitting... Now, do fire extinguishers have different fittings? It was manufactured in the uk...
  50. fish fodder

    TMC Growbeam Ultima Twin

    Not sure on the dimensions but if you were to get two I would be inclined to mount them on a tmc mountaray...but if they aren't long enough you may have shaded spots.
  51. fish fodder

    Tetratec replacement advice?

    In defence of the tetratec I have had one running pretty much non stop for around 7 years and have only had to change the impeller once. Never misses a beat :-).... In regards to any that leak it's a flaw in the head unit that pushes water back up or overflows slightly thus making people think...
  52. fish fodder

    TMC Growbeam Ultima Twin

    There would be more spread the higher up they are
  53. fish fodder

    UK Shops for the Planted Tank Hobbyist

    The one problem I found with tropica's find a stockist feature was that many near me are pets at home.... Now if you are lucky you could get some nice species a couple of days after they come in but leave it any longer and they are ridden with algae and dying
  54. fish fodder

    My 60L

    How about a frosted background?
  55. fish fodder

    Aquatics live cancelled.

    Chicken and rice is nice for the right price but done eat it twice (sorry, just trying to lighten the mood)
  56. fish fodder

    Minimal Planting Suggestions

    Or a mix of mosses using the blender technique
  57. fish fodder

    New aquascaping journal...

    I think I did a little sex wee
  58. fish fodder

    Advice please

    I'm in no rush so I think I'll stick to what I'm doing :-)
  59. fish fodder

    Minimal Planting Suggestions

    I'm having good results with tropica's 1-2-grow weeping moss and I know others on here love it too.... I love fissidens but not sure on what lighting requirements it needs
  60. fish fodder

    Advice please

    Nutrasoil topped with small grade gravel. I'm going to be using tropica's specialist fert when the profito runs out
  61. fish fodder

    10L Shrimp nano - Planting!

    Look forward to it
  62. fish fodder

    Advice please

    Hi and happy thursday :-) I have had my 90 litre tank running for three weeks now, have been dosing easy carbo every day and profito every week, lighting is a tmc 1500 ND tile which is on 5 hours a day and only one plug at the moment until I get a controller. Plants are P. Erectus, S. Repens...
  63. fish fodder

    Butterfly plec/hong kong plec

    Cheers guys, I don't have any algae in that particular tank (yet) was just curious
  64. fish fodder

    Butterfly plec/hong kong plec

    Hi guys, hope you're all enjoying the sun. Are the above suitable for a planted tank? Are they good algae cleaners? Cheers
  65. fish fodder

    When someone loves a scape - and we kind of mimic that

    I'm lost for words!
  66. fish fodder

    Few of my works

    Very impressed
  67. fish fodder

    Dosing regime needed

    How long have you had the blyxa?
  68. fish fodder

    grobeam 600 on an ada 60p

    I take it it's 60cm yes? If so how are you planning to have the grobeam? I only ask because they won't fit if you will be using a mountaray. Have you considered a tile?
  69. fish fodder

    IAPLC 2013 - Results are out!

    I don't think a recreation of dog mess, old shopping trolleys and empty beer cans would go down to well as my scape then lol
  70. fish fodder

    Opinions on "close up filters"

    I wouldn't say they were a waste of money by any means but you do get what you pay for, they are great for beginners or those on a tight budget IMO.
  71. fish fodder

    IAPLC 2013 - Results are out!

    I would be terrified to enter lol
  72. fish fodder

    What has UKAPS done for you?

    UKAPS has kept me awake beyond my bedtime :-)
  73. fish fodder

    Steve's Shrimp Pile - Planted

    You got a link?
  74. fish fodder

    Steve's Shrimp Pile - Planted

    I know you got some now but here's to show you how much you get in a pot.... To get an idea of scale the area in the photo is about 35cm
  75. fish fodder

    Steve's Shrimp Pile - Planted

    I would say 2 yes, I bought one pot and was very surprised at how much you get in them. Had about 15 plantlets but I spread them out quite a bit
  76. fish fodder

    George's TMC Signature

    Just gets better
  77. fish fodder

    Regulator making me hulk out!!

    He says he removed the solenoid
  78. fish fodder

    Return to the hobby: 35L Planted

    There are loads of crypt sp available. I'm starting to fall in love with them if I'm honest :-)
  79. fish fodder

    Steve's Shrimp Pile - Planted

    I would imagine it took many frustrating hours to get the layout right. lol
  80. fish fodder

    Regulator making me hulk out!!

    I like the hammer approach
  81. fish fodder

    Steve's Shrimp Pile - Planted

    Piiiiiiiics pleeeeeeease
  82. fish fodder

    Drop checker question

    That's fine mate, neither am I. You answered my question anyway :-)
  83. fish fodder

    Drop checker question

    Am I correct in thinking you don't need one of these if you only dose liquid carbon?
  84. fish fodder


    A t shirt would be cool. And the tweezers/scissors if they are any good
  85. fish fodder

    Return to the hobby: 35L Planted

    Looks very good to me for a first attempt! You should be chuffed
  86. fish fodder


    I thank you
  87. fish fodder


    Any UKAPS merchandise to be had? I remember a few years back you had a scissors/tweezers set
  88. fish fodder

    Have I got this right?

    Really? That is even better !
  89. fish fodder

    Have I got this right?

    Easy then lol
  90. fish fodder

    Have I got this right?

    Hi, I've been trying to get my head around EI, some say it's a pain others say it's easy as pie so in simplified terms is it a case of buying a starter kit from a sponsor, mixing it up as per instructions, dosing to the relevant size tank everyday and big water changes at the end of the week?
  91. fish fodder

    Sun kissed Wabi Kusa

    Love it!
  92. fish fodder

    so far 1 massive dissapointment . happier now

    Unfortunately that's the risk of mail order :-(.... Don't look as bad as I imagined though
  93. fish fodder

    check out my wood!

    Can't beat good wood ;-)
  94. fish fodder

    my new 50 cm cube 2 days old

    Coming along nicely
  95. fish fodder

    What mounting/brackets can I use to suspend these lights?

    You won't be able to use the mountarays because they overhang the aquarium....
  96. fish fodder

    Slow release/dissolving food blocks any good?

    Don't bother.
  97. fish fodder

    finally ordered my plants!

    And you still have to pay for priority shipping? I'd ask them to throw in another pot of something.....a week isn't exactly priority delivery