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  1. foxfish

    Cliff top walk

    We went for a relatively short but quite strenuous 3 mile walk along our south coast cliffs, the paths are very up and down but full of interesting things to see. This beautiful red granite house has a lovely road side front garden with some interesting plants that seem to like the south facing...
  2. foxfish


    Ha ha here I am feeding my fish in 1984.
  3. foxfish

    Guernsey Liberation day

    It is 75 years since Guernsey was liberated from the German occupying forces . There was going to be a huge island wide celebration with over 90 visiting, military vehicles, that along with our resident 50+ military vehicles were set to parade around our island in a huge convoy. Numerous...
  4. foxfish

    Sunrise Sunset

    We had the most spectacular experience on Monday, it was so surreal.. almost scary! https://www.itv.com/news/channel/2020-01-20/stunning-sunset-pictures-over-the-channel-islands/?fbclid=IwAR2ejCX1ofTaQY_zZNeqqqtUDChSO8WG1xXW1UOnp9gN1LXj9cESFUJ9VUE
  5. foxfish

    ID this?

    Can anyone guess what this before Darrel?
  6. foxfish

    My pump is broken

    I am not sure just how long I have been useing this pump but it has been used on several sea water tanks, lots of freshwater tanks and just recently on a large Vivarium. It is a standard three speed central heating pump fitted with an Aquaturn conversion, basically a moulded polythene front...
  7. foxfish

    Paludarium In the making.

    l have started to decorate my new Paludarium box, I built it from plywood and completely glass fibred the inside. Approx 1m x1m x 60cm. The water filled part will be 15cm high. It will have a glass top but no front doors so I will have to choose the terrestrial plants carefully.. I am very much...
  8. foxfish

    Way Hay... it almost Christmas!

    What is everyone up to then? We have a pretty big party on Sunday but a quite Christmas Day with just 5 around the table.
  9. foxfish

    House plants

    I have a question about pot plants kept in the house,... I recently re potted a big Swiss cheese plant, it was planted about 5 years ago in a 2 gallon pot full with nice soil. When I cut away the pot with scissors, all that was inside was roots! Maybe a cup full of soil but that was all! So my...
  10. foxfish

    Christmas towns?

    I was wondering if any of you might be able to suggest any Christmassy towns in the U.K. We will be travelling with the car to Portsmouth in early December, last year we went to Winchester and we thought it was the most atmospheric town we have come across so far. Any suggestions for places...
  11. foxfish

    Low tech 200l with sump.

    I had been growing this tank for around one year, I have recently taken it down but took a couple of shots before I did. It was quite unusual as the tank had a bare bottom and a suspended bed of soil a few inches off the bottom. I ran a sump but at a very low turnover rate around three times an...
  12. foxfish


    Lots of bottle nosed dolphins around our harbour this summer, some say this is a bad thing as they should be offshore hunting but there are not enough fish left offshore! Anyway we joined in the fun last Saturday.....
  13. foxfish

    Guernsey south coast walk

    We set off this morning around 8am with high expectations of seeing one or two of our elusive green lizards. The green lizard is only found in one area that extends along our south coast, they can get pretty big, around a foot long. Sarah, my partner, spotted one within 10 mins but it was to...
  14. foxfish

    UV tubes for sale around Southampton?

    Guys, I am in Southampton for a few days (visiting a friend in hospital) is there anywhere I can buy replacement UV tubes within reasonable driving distance. I live in Guernsey and nobody will post tubes to me, so I would like to buy a few while I am in England, if I can....
  15. foxfish

    Happy Christmas

    Happy Christmas everybody, have a great day & tell us what you got.....
  16. foxfish

    High light Vivarium.

    I have been growing this mixed pot plant, aquarium plant & wild collected plant tank for around 8 months. I started off with 100w of LED lighting then added 150w of metal halide about one month ago. The plants have gone mad since I added the extra light, in fact the tank has become a daily...
  17. foxfish

    Nice tree roots

    Two nice trees I came across while on holiday...
  18. foxfish

    My bare bottom planted tank.

    I am just about to take down my much neglected 200l tank. It has been running for about 10 months, lots of C02, not much light, no added ferts. I used aqusoil to start but I have not added any other ferts in the last 10 months. It actually ran its self for 3 months while we went to New Zealand...
  19. foxfish

    Question about hard cat litter?

    What exactly is hard cat litter made from and how is it formed? I have read it is sometimes called moler clay, so I assume it is some form of baked clay? So my main question is.... can Tesco cat litter stand high heat? The reason I ask is because I am looking for materials to make a pizza oven...
  20. foxfish

    Do we really need that much fertiliser ?

    I have been using standard EI fertilisation for many years, it has been successful & easy enough, however I was wondering about something....... Every year I have several emersed tanks growing around my house and in the garden, I have featured them many times on this forum. The growth in...
  21. foxfish

    What do you want for Christmas?

    Only days to go now :) I notice my Amazon list has shrunk a little but I really want a new guitar!
  22. foxfish

    Blind cave fish

    I bought four of the little devils last week, I though they might look good in a new scape I have just put together. However they are not really what I expected, they fly around the tank 24 7... non stop buzzing around! they take food from the surface or anywhere in fact & continuously swim into...
  23. foxfish

    Anyone else play guitar or anything else?

    Anyone else play guitar or anything else? Just wondering... I can just about play a 6 string but play tenor & just started 4 string banjo. I do Z cars on the harmonica ;) & play the didgeridoo. My misses is absolutely convinced that I cant sing but it don't stop me trying LOL
  24. foxfish


    A very merry festive time to all my cyber friends from foxfish :)
  25. foxfish

    Test Kits

    I would like to establish what shop bought test kits give a reasonably accurate result? PH we know can be accurately tested especially with a probe. And we know Darrel & Clive don't trust Nitrate or Nitrite but are the kits completely useless or can they be trusted as a guide? What about Ammonia...
  26. foxfish

    How I reduced my bubble count.

    Pretty simple really - I drilled out the feed hole inside the counter! I was using about 6-8 BPS but now the hole has been drilled out I am using only 3 BPS :) It just goes to show how quoting BPS can never be an accurate guide. Obviously the bubbles are now larger & as I am maintaining the same...
  27. foxfish

    African Filter Shrimp | Atya gabonensis

    Anyone kept these? They are for sale ay my local store for £12. Interesting to watch but I don't know anything else.
  28. foxfish

    Low tech questions?

    I am still trying to get my head around how 'successful low tech tanks' differ from, say a community or even a single species tank? I mean 'successful' as in growing healthy plants. So we have a soil substrate, a fertiliser regime, one wpg, & recently it seems 10 x flow & even weekly water...
  29. foxfish

    Just how much C02 do you use!

    My 200l uses about 2kg every 10 - 11 weeks. How much gas are you burning?
  30. foxfish

    Quiz - what plant is this?

    So what is the tall spindly plant?
  31. foxfish


    We hold a pretty big party for Halloween. I have decided on a crypt theme this year & that involves lots of skulls ....
  32. foxfish

    Twinstar..what is it?

    So, inspired by this thread 240ltr Discus planted tank | Page 3 | UK Aquatic Plant Society who can tell me what this is Twinstar ?
  33. foxfish

    Resolved! Lots of me!

    Why is my screen full of my avatar? I have tried logging out but it appears on my lap top too!
  34. foxfish


    I found this orchid in the road about two months ago & placed its pot over my tanks overflow & today it repaid me with this...
  35. foxfish

    My busy tank!

    I seem to have all sorts going on in & around my lounge tank at the moment! Baby fish in a breeding cage, emersed plants growing alongside pot plants there is a ficus tree & even a half dead orchid that was given to me today! It is all due to be rescaped & sorted in the new year though....
  36. foxfish


    We had a Halloween party last night, a few pics.... PS I am the red devil!
  37. foxfish

    Granite in abundance!

    I seem to have quite a choice of hard scape rocks literally on my door step, one side of Guernsey is made up of red granite & the other side is blue granite, there are pockets of pink & black too with plenty of mineral stone like quartz too.
  38. foxfish

    If you have 25 mins to spare....

    Then watch this...... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQIPYkQD ... re=related
  39. foxfish

    Help finding ADA substrate?

    Hi guys, do any of you know anywhere around Solihull where I could but ADA products? I will be driving up from Portsmouth via the ferry from Guernsey to Hayling Island & onto Solihull, so anywhere on route really.. thanks ......
  40. foxfish

    Sea fishing

    Living on an island means the sea plays a big part of my life & fishing is one of my favourite pastimes. One fish I have yet to catch is a Gilthead bream, they are not a common fish in our waters but there are a few caught every year. So in the Autumn months we set out to try & catch this...
  41. foxfish

    CRS, how long do they live?

    I was wondering just how old a CRS (or other breeds) can reach?
  42. foxfish

    What ever next!

    My local garden centers are going to love these .... http://www.glofish.com/
  43. foxfish

    My first vid - completely off topic......

    I thought I would share my very first attempt at an edited video..... I realise a new camera that zooms while filming would be great but, I have learnt a lot just from this one experience. I hope it shows just how beautiful the channel islands can be when the sun shines.....part two & three to...
  44. foxfish

    Electronic bubble counter

    I think it is about time someone produced some method of counting C02 bubble rates - as soon as you get to 200lt it become virtually impossible to count the bubble rate using a conventional counter - anyone got any ideas?
  45. foxfish

    Snails - love or hate them?

    So who is bothered by sails? Who keeps sails for display? Who uses assassin snails? Who used burrowing trumpet sails? Anyone bought a giant apple snail......?
  46. foxfish

    DIY Project High flow DIY reactor - now with video

    Here is my solution for a high flow C02 reactor, very simple to build & very efficient in design :) The tapering neck of the bottle is the key as the gas bubbles try to rise up they are continuously swirled around by the downward flow of water but due to the diffused flow as the neck...
  47. foxfish

    Household GU10 LED lighting

    I have 3 x 9w GU10 bulbs + 2 x 39w T5s over my 220lt tank, all the lights are 50cm above the water. Here is a pic of just the 3 LEDs on.
  48. foxfish

    10'' cube

    A little cube with bonsai soil & 38w light
  49. foxfish

    Best reg?

    Any recommendations for a new regulator, I want to buy another one & was wondering what was recommended regardless of cost? NB must be fully adjustable to at least 4 bar.
  50. foxfish

    TMC nutrasoil

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TMC-AQUAGRO-N ... 746dc56c92 So who has tried this one then?
  51. foxfish

    Suggest me the name of the good action movies??

    Mission Impossible 3.....
  52. foxfish

    LEDs in abundance!

    Check out this site for an amazing array of LED lighting .... http://www.ledlightingdream.com/par38-l ... #more-1576
  53. foxfish


    I have noticed on several occasions that certain shops sell 'pot type plants' as aquatic aquarium plants. Today I saw various variegated plants & some really nice green fern type plants, as we no these plants will not survive underwater for very long but can I assume they would be perfect for...
  54. foxfish

    More emersed....

    Interesting to see the pogo develop into a stem....
  55. foxfish

    Lily pipes - how do they work?

    I was thinking about making up some acrylic pipework but first of all I need to understand the benefits of lily pipes. I have read several times on this forum that the lily pipes produce some sort of vortex - how does this work?
  56. foxfish

    Accuracy of test kits?

    I have read quite a few post on this forum stating that standard test kits are not to be relied on! However it seems that the vast majority of forums still quote their tank parameters based on using commercial, readily available test kits? So are they any good or not? What can we test for &...
  57. foxfish

    My amazing drop checker!

    Well actually I don't even use one! What I do use is this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/270812409073? ... 1439.l2649 Cost £18 delivered & it is just great. I know my tap water is supposed to be Ph 7.5 but, my device tells me 7.56, my tank in the morning is 7.8 & at mid lights on 6.42 = love it!! A...
  58. foxfish

    Looking for a sword type plant...

    I am looking for a South American species of plant that will grow out of the tank & survive the relatively dry air? Obvious choice being the Echinodorus species but, I was just wondering if anyone had any other ideas? My tank is actually designed to display such a plant as the light is...
  59. foxfish

    Who has a motorbike?

    I was just wondering if anyone is into bikes or the IOM TT? Here is my old bike I sold it last year but thinking about building another one...
  60. foxfish

    Lets start at the beginning...

    Lets start at he beginning... I have decided to build a new tank, I have though about what I want to achieve with the tank so I do have a basic plan. (1) I want to have access to all sides for glass cleaning & maintenance. (2) I want a fine sand area for my breeding Corydoras. (3) I want a...
  61. foxfish

    Where is ceg4048?

    I don't think Clive has made a post for about a month, I for one am missing his input :(
  62. foxfish

    Anyone like a nice little V12 motor?

    Well check this one out....... http://www.wimp.com/tiniestengine/ I wonder how much that would cost to buy? The best paperweight ever!
  63. foxfish


  64. foxfish


    I have tried this sort of thing before with no response from you bunch of humbugs but, never say die .... :? Who is looking forward to the festive activities then :thumbup:
  65. foxfish

    Algae problem - unsure why

    You can definitely up the fert dose as I was double dosing the same fert mix at one time with great results. Also you can up your water change, try 50% twice a week for a few weeks or even more if necessary. If the problem persist perhaps try dosing some liquid carbon as well!!
  66. foxfish

    Flow around the tank.

    We all know how important it is to get the flow inside the tank just right but, how to achieve the best effect? Full lenth spray bars definitely work & seem to be the best option for tanks with tall plants at the back as the circular flow can still be achieved. Lily pipes seem to be great for...
  67. foxfish

    How old are your fish?

    I was just wondering how long folk have managed to keep the same fish for? I lost a cardinal today that was at least three years old but to be honest there were 30 of them three years ago & some only lasted a few months!
  68. foxfish

    Custom tank manufacturer?

    I am looking for a quote for a made to measure tank, anyone have any suggestions as to a good manufacturer. I have tried Google without much luck!
  69. foxfish


    Spammers everywhere!!! ?
  70. foxfish

    Cheap MH lighting

    I notice quite a lot of interest in metal halide lights on the forum recently! When I swapped over from reef keeping I also used a MH for a time but found the light to imposing on my living room ambience. This was probably due to the distance I had to suspend the 250w light above the tank to...
  71. foxfish

    Green machine vid

    I found this vid interesting, you can really get the scale of the tank near the end when you see the amount of fish & how tiny they look http://www.youtube.com/user/TheGreenMac ... ZDexLMZFrU
  72. foxfish


    Anyone doing a Halloween party? We have a pretty big one every year with about 35 folk in fancy dress..
  73. foxfish

    Join the club

    I thought I might have a go inside the house & planted a pot of HC, still in the pot but overflowing now. I just pushed the whole pot into some bonsai soil with a 9w light on for 10 hours about 5 weeks ago.
  74. foxfish

    Dyeing cat litter

    I was wondering if I could dye some cat litter, perhaps dark brown or black? What type of dye might work?
  75. foxfish

    Who misses Star Trek

    Since 2008!! that is a young spammer!
  76. foxfish

    Popular substrate?

    So who is using what at the moment? It is not easy or cheap to get Substrates where I live so I would like to know which one is working for folk..
  77. foxfish

    cryptocoryne undulata broad leaf

    Can anyone show me a picture of an established cryptocoryne undulata broad leaf living underwater?
  78. foxfish

    Fluval Stratum

    Any one tried out this substrate? http://www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/fish/aqua ... als/210283
  79. foxfish

    Household bulbs

    I have been fitting some of the latest 7w Phillips dimmable LED GU10 fitting bulbs around my house, they are by far & away the most powerful LED replacement bulbs I have come across :shock: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/PHILIPS-DIMMABLE- ... 3a62f571a2 I also see that Phillips sell a 4w 12v bulb with...
  80. foxfish

    "Disaster" or a new dawn?

    Remember this... Well last Saturday I noticed this.... I built the tank about 12 years ago & it operated as a reef tank for about three years, since then the tank has been a freshwater plant tank. So I guesse a leak was always a possibility however definitely not welcome! :shock: Only one...
  81. foxfish


    I just wondered if anyone has tried designing a minimalistic style tank, I don't mean the actual tank or stand but something like a big tank with just one plant? Or a small tank filled up with just one specimen plant?
  82. foxfish

    Hydro flo

    Has anyone tried a Hydro flo ?
  83. foxfish

    TMC AquaGro CO2 Power Diffuser 1500

    Has anyone tried one? Do they just make a mist or completely dissolve the gas? What size are the pipe connections?
  84. foxfish

    Help with filter choice

    Hi guys, I have a problem with a 4' tall tank (2 x 2 x 4) I want to install a power filter but I wonder if the regular models available can coupe with the pressures involved? The issue is not about power so much as the fact the filter will be sitting 6' below the water level & will be under a...
  85. foxfish

    The tank that Jack built

    The tank that Jack built http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-no ... e-12820354
  86. foxfish

    Dry salts direct into tank.

    Is there a basic chart somewhere on the forum showing quantities required for direct dosing dry powder straight into the tank?
  87. foxfish

    interesting - perhaps?

    Our American friends seem to approve http://www.greenleafaquariums.com/plant ... equipment/
  88. foxfish

    LED replacement T5 tubes

    I have seen these being used on American forums, on both reef & plant tanks. has anyone any experience using them? http://www.earthled.com/DirectLED-t5-le ... ement.html
  89. foxfish

    Anyone looking for a really big tank?

    I came across this on a freediving site http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie ... CA:DE:1123
  90. foxfish

    Show Your Pets

    OK I am a ferret whisperer! Here are few of my clients...
  91. foxfish

    Sparrow hawk

    Our gardens resident sparrow hawk took a feral pigeon today, she spent all day eating the pigeon but I just couldn't get close enough for a decent picture. In the end I took the pic by shooting through my spotting scope! She is just the little spot below the base of the tree.
  92. foxfish


    Bet not many of you know about ormers? They are a type of sea snail & are absolutely delicious to eat. We went with an old fisherman friend to some offshore reefs & caught a nice haul. Ormers can only be collected a few times a year so as to conserve stocks - to day was one of those days :)
  93. foxfish

    Really big shrimp = my new year tea!

    Apologies to all shrimp lovers but, here is the family's new years day, evening meal.
  94. foxfish

    Merry Christmas

    I hope you all have a great holiday...
  95. foxfish

    My old scape

    I have found a few pictures of my tank as it was set up in 2001. Unfortunately I cant find any of the mature tank but, theses pics show the first few months. I still have the tank & sump running to this day however the tank has moved location across the living room. For some reason I had it in...
  96. foxfish

    Bonsai soil

    I went into my local garden centre to buy some bonsai soil, when I got home I noticed this...
  97. foxfish

    4dkh water

    Where do you buy 4dkh water for your dropchecker? I have bought some from aqua essentials before but, at over £8 delivered I was wondering if there is a better (cheaper) option?
  98. foxfish

    Cryptocoryne Green Gecko

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has had success with Cryptocoryne Green Gecko https://aquarium-gardening.com/details. ... &keywords= ? How tall do they grow?
  99. foxfish

    In line Atomizer

    Anyone using one of these? I installed one a few weeks back, it seemed to need a lot of pressure to get going but worked very well in deed - however I have to keep adjusting my needle valve to keep it consistent. I assume the device is getting clogged but how do you clean it?
  100. foxfish

    My log!

    I collected this log to use as a yule log this Christmas but - I had an idea... I thought I might hollow it out & fill the hollow with soil & plants so step one.....