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    Long term substrate choice

    Wanted to open a can of worms in regards to what peoples choice would be a large low tech tank. Im thinking of something that will be running for 5+ years. I've been running a 350 tank for 6 years solely on play sand. It doesn't have a soil base underneath and when I first started the tank. I...
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    LFKC Feb 10th 2013 Meet

    London Fish Keeping Club are hosting a meet. Date : Sunday 10th Feb Time : 1pm til 4pm Location : N2, East Finchley. 8-10min walk from station. As per usual there will be food and drink supplied, as well as plants and equipment to be exchanged. Feel free to bring anything you like...
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    ID Shrimp

    I was clearning a set up I have at my in laws. I have a few of these in my tank but dont remember buying any this colour. Can anyone ID it ?
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    RO unit installation in a flat

    I live on a ground floor flat. However dont have a garden. What I wanted to ask was what suggestions can people give in regard to installing the ro unit. The two main points are really the kitchen and bathroom. However which would be better suited? I would literally be turning it on during the...
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    7th April trip to Living Waters + MA Morden (Surrey)

    Following last years visit. The plan is.... Saturday 7th April. Meetup at Maidenhead aquatics in Morden about 10am, and hang around there until everyone has turned up and had a look around. When you arrive please make your way to the aquatic section (not the main garden centre entrance!)...
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    RO Water - Whats readings?

    Generally RO water is of a set level reading. But wondered if the location of where you are makes a difference at all? Im interested, well for some time to get myself a RO unit, but think I will take the plunge next month. I dont intend to get a big output, but this will aid the Rena 350l...
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    LFKC February meet

    London Fish Keeping Club hold monthly meets and I will be hosting the Feb meet. There are a few UKAPS members who regularly attend these. Details below. Date : Sunday 19th Feb Time : 1pm onwards Location : N2, East Finchley (Northern Line) 8-10min walk from station. As per usual there will...
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    Arcadia 35l low tech kitchen tank

    I decomissioned my old Arcadia 20l tank and decided to salvage what I could from previous scapes and used up a few pieces of rock that I had stored and most of the pieces of wood. I wanted to create a simple scape with wood cascading from the rock and keep simple plants like java fern and my...
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    London Fishkeeper Meet - Wildwoods 19th March

    LFKC are meeting up at Wildwoods in Crews Hill this saturday. If you are local come on by. We are meeting at 12pm and will be visiting the neighbouring fish shops located nearby. Address - http://www.wildwoods.co.uk/contact.htm Topic from LFKC can be found here -...
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    Keeping Dwarf Puffers

    Anyone keep/kept them before? I would like to keep one in a 30l planted tank. The tank will be mainly the baby plants from the mother plants and this will pretty much fill most of the tank up. What are the best ones to keep? I am after a simple fresh water DP.
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    Introducing Rummynoses into my tank

    Newly scaped tank which has been cycling for over a month. Following topic - viewtopic.php?f=9&t=14526 Finally get to introduce some fish. Tank is a 350 Rena Aqualife. Here I introduce 36 Rummynoses. Enjoy I plan to add more, prob ably will have in total 50 fish.
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    I know there are 3 types. So which is the better shoaling/most resiliant one? Any ideas on the difference on pricing and water conditions? Ive heard that the three species can be easily mis-identified because they all look very similar. There is the True Rummy Nose - Hemigrammus bleheri...
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    Lighting a Rena 350l Tank

    After reading the threads I know that many plants can still grow under a T8 lighting unit. For me Ive had T8's for my 180l tank until I met with LondonDragon who easily persuaded me to upgrade to some T5's. This was pretty easy to do. However for my newer project which is a Rena 350, the...
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    LFKC - January Meet

    Just to let the Londoners (non Londoners also welcome) know that the London Fish Keeping Club January Meeting is on Sunday the 23rd January. Check this post for more information: http://www.lfkc.co.uk/index.php?topic=1250.0 Cheers Ricky
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    Filter recommendation for 400l tank

    Ive just purchased a Rena Aqualife 350. Its 350l and is the older model which has 2 x T8 lights. I plan to install the current 2 x 39W T5's that I have in my current Juwel rio 180 and basically bring all the equipment over to the new tank. The good thing is that the rena doesnt have an internal...
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    Rena Aqualife 350

    I wanted to ask if there is any owners of this tank? Im in the process of possibly buying this after viewing it tonight to check the condition of it. What are your thoughts? I currently have a Juwel rio 180, and ideally I wanted a Juwel Rio 300/400 because I have a space in my living room for...
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    Sakura Temple Ruin

    This is my journal for a low tech 60 litre tank which I keep Sakura shrimp. They are simply red cherries, but of a deeper red variation. I started with 6 sakuras from Germany. Filtration is a simple internal Heto filter which boasts 400lph turnover. Plant wise is simple vallis, crypts, mosses...
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    Planning for a 400l low tech tank

    Scenario is Im currently in the process of buying my first property and just awaiting the exchange date. For my living room I have a 200cm space in the living room so therefore I have my eyes set on a possible Juwel 400l tank. I currently have a 180l tank which is a high tech set up with co2...
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    Moss ID

    What am I? This is what I picked up from Antwerp forest. Just 2 small pieces to try out :) This is growing well.
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    Will CPD eat my shrimplets?

    I recently rehomed my friends CPD. Lovely fish and small enough to not tackle my CRS. However after 2 months of watching every night I finally have seen eggs on my CRS. Will the CPD eat the CRS shrimplets? If so I guess I gotta get rid of the CPD :(
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    Tools required for Internal filter removal

    Hi, I wanted some guidance on equipment/tools I need to remove an internal Juwel filter unit. Its for a Monolux 60 and it has 9 blobs of black silicone. Ive tried using a blade from a stanley knife, but it isnt safe and cant reach the blobs. Please help :)
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    JBL Spray Bar

    Ive got a JBL e1500 and wanted to extend my spray bar to be longer. Any ideas which is the correct outlet pipe part I need? I know they sell in AE, but they are unsure. Can anyone help or advise please? Rik
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    Installing HMA/RO filters

    I wanted to ask this question for sometime. Ive been looking at getting one installed, based on the price its around £150 or so. My question is how easy is it to install? and does HMA/RO filters work like a normal say water filter you would use in a kitchen? I was told for RO you need to...
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    ID Plec

    What am I ? I picked this little fella up from a friend who was throwing away some wood from her tank.
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    Fallen Branches

    Been to my Directors house over the weekend in Surrey and hes got lots of trees on his estate. Hes having a trim on the trees later in the month and I was wondering if I can use some of the fallen branches for my scape? I think the tree is a chestnut tree (Conkers tpye), Can I use this?
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    Aquarama 2011

    Anyone going to this next year? http://www.aquarama.com.sg/ Its on 26-29 May 2011 in Singapore. Im planning to go Hong Kong during May next year so thought might as well pop over to singapore for 2 days. Im aware a few people are interested in this.
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    Filter options

    I have a dilemna. I have 2 x 180l Juwel Rios. 1 is in my flat, and the other is in my family home. The 180l that I have in my flat contains the Juwel Internal filter and an external Eheim 2217. The other 180l does not have an internal filter and houses a Rena xp3 (for goldfish) I know that I...
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    Discus in a proposed co2 set up

    Im planning to set a co2 system for my juwel 180l tank. It currently houses 6 young discus, about 30 cardinals, 10 corys and some amanos. Temp is set at 28 degrees I have the internal Juwerl filter as well as a Eheim 2217 filters so filtration is ok(could do with more I know) Lights I have the...
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    Easycarbo can...

    I wanted to know what plants can dousing Easycarbon affect? Most of the time I hear it "melts" certain plants, eg Vallis. But is there an actual list of plants that will suffer from this type of fertilisation? Looking forward to hearing your experience on this. Thanks in advance. R
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    ID this shrimp please

    I had a rogue shrimp come in with some plants a few weeks back. However over time its grown and Im not sure what type of shrimp it is. Its currently residing in my cherry shrimp tank. Heres a pic of the rogue - Hope you can help ID it, as its showing eggs. I am confused what type it is, as...
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    Discus behaviour

    Having come back from holiday after 3 weeks away the first thing I did upon arriving back to UK from a 12 hr flight was do a massive water change on my 180l tank. I rehomed a single red cover discus a year ago and although at times he/she goes black, it usually only lasts for a day or two. Not...
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    RENA XP3 Leak

    Ive recently gotten some used Rena XP3 with my second hand tank and was shown it works etc. However since installing them Ive discovered they have leaked all over my floorboards and Ive had to turn it off. I dont have instructions, but was shown how to connect and top up with water etc. What...
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    Anubias gone wrong :(

    Hi, I have a Juwel 180l tank, internal filter and external Eheim 2217 Classic filter. Lighting is standard lights which are on 6 hours a day (trialling) Here is the pic of my tank and my questions are. If you look at my anubias, after a week or so it started changing colour. Is it too much...
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    Getting the right amount

    Hi, Ive recently ordered some dry ferts and some TPN. Although I have been given out a rough idea on what to dose in my 180l tank I am still confused with the teaspoon scale. I dont have a scale so cant actually work out how many grams I need to put into my tank, but the question I was hoping...
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    What are these snails?

    Any idea what these are? Can it be Assasin snail eggs?
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    Huey Hung Filters

    Has anyone had experience with these filters? Im kinda torn at the moment, I have an Eheim 2217 filter and internal Juwel filter inside my 180l tank. The Eheim has a spray bar attached to it currently. My friend suggested that I abandoned both filters and install a Huey Hung sponge filter. My...
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    Central London Aquarists

    Join in the Central London Aquatics Forum. http://clas.plastic-creep.net/forums/ Its still in its infancy stage and slowly stirring up interest but those in London do join! We have monthly meetings and visits.
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    Fluval 302

    Anyone come across this model before? My Director used to keep fish many moons ago and came across an external filter and asks if I would like to have it. Would it worth my while to take it and see if it works and restoring it? :roll: Please help :) Ive seen the pics and the colour of the...
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    Moss Wall fittings

    Hi there, I wanted to know where some of you get the mesh used to make a moss wall or carpet from? Im based in London so do I simply go to DIY store or is this specialist?
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    Water testing kit strips

    I was wondering how I am meant to read these. I got a few strips from a friend and he said just google the results.... Anyways, I was thinking if members could post pics of their test results from strip kits. This can give me an indication and something to compare with. Else should I just go...
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    Juwel rio 180 filteration

    Hi there, I am after some advice. I am wanting to upgrade my filter to an external filter. As you can see it is a 180l tank and I have the standard internal filter that came with the tank. Any suggestions on a decent (somewhat quiet) filter. I am hoping to keep some discus in there as my...
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    180l cycling

    Im hoping to pick up a 180l tank this week rather than the 125... (arghh am I mad?) Anyways, I have a 80l tank right now (big jump)and of course I will have to cycle the newer tank. Since its an existing tank and has a fully mature filter (1 years old) I was hoping to transfer around 60% of...
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    Black Sand

    I am interested in changing from black gravel to black sand. However wanted the users opinion on which is the better ones to look out for? Its for a 125l tank and wasnt sure if it was worth reusing the black gravel and mixing it with sand but think it would look a bit weird. Anyways bottom...
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    Fresh start

    Hi there, New to the board. I have shuffled my tank around and need some direction from the forum to improve. I have attached a copy of the image. Been experimenting from this To this as of last night - I am thinking I need a carpet of Cuba or hair grass. The tank itself is around 77l...