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  1. tim

    My kitchen nano

    Morning folks, thought I'd share a quick pic of my kitchen nano, I needed a small tank to hold my shrimp when I rescape my 60p, so Mrs Tim gave permission for the mini m to go in the kitchen. Using a 10w led floodlight and internal filter, Cheers for looking :-) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. tim


    I'm sure he had his eye on my pencil fish :lol:
  3. tim

    A few scape's in one place (scape #3 page 3)

    Morning folks, purpose of this thread is for me to try a few different scape's and plant's etc etc all in the same tank, so i thought it best to keep them all in the same thread :) Tank spec's as we all like them ;) ADA 60p on a tmc cabinet jbl cristal profi 900 with cal aqua glassware co2 jbl...
  4. tim

    Feedback Thanks co2 art

    Received my latest order today guys, quality products and service as always :clap:
  5. tim

    name this stem please

    Hi folks, after an id off this stem plant if anyone has any ideas Untitled by timyapp, on Flickr']Untitled by timyapp, on Flickr[/URL] probably ended up in the tank with some rotala i chucked in from a wabi kusa, thanks in advance.
  6. tim

    low tech 40x40x30 scape

    morning folks, i was planning to wait a while before starting a new scape in this tank but i wanted to keep my pygmy corries in the tank and when stripping the wood down i found a fair few buce plants i had nowhere else to rehome so thought i would crack on now as i have a week off so plenty of...
  7. tim

    About time 90x45x45 scape

    Morning folks, journal of my new scape in my 180ltr, the journal title alludes to time, (read lack of it for the last year or so) but also as in length of time. I plan to run this scape for 12-18 months at least, before probably downsizing this tank for a 60cm. The specs. 90x45x45 pure Aqua...
  8. tim

    Feedback great plants and customer service

    hi folks, quick thanks to aquarium gardens after my recent order, very impressed with the quality and amount of plants per pot (normally only use tropica or aquafleur) also must add Dave's customer service is exceptional, asked a query on a Saturday and got an answer and solution within an hour...
  9. tim

    miniMal (thread closed)

    hi folks, new project time for me, as you may guess from the uninspired title the tank is an ADA mini M purchased for a bargain price from a member on here (cheers Daniel). the title also refers to the effort ive put into the setup of this scape so far :lol: hardscape of manzi and landscape...
  10. tim

    Floating plants

    Evening folks, I've had a few tubs of various plants going for a little while mainly moss and hydro trip Japan, started to notice a drop in growth I'm assuming due to lower winter temps, so I've decided to float them in my low tech, a week in the moss looked very happy so I've added a few more...
  11. tim

    Anyone tell me what this is ??

    Afternoon folks, found this little bug chilling out on my lampshade, just wondered if anyone knows what it is. Cheers tim.
  12. tim

    Temporary tanks (two become one) Finally come to an END

    Evening folks, couple of quick pics of my temporary homes for the livestock from my 3ft tank, after moving I think I underestimated the time needed to re scape the 3ft so I'll chuck these two up in their own thread. Pencil fish temporary home 40x40x30 tank. Pygmy Corries and cherry shrimp...
  13. tim

    12 ltr cheapscape, all change page 2

    Hi folks following on from buceps bluff I've knocked up another little scape in my 30x20x20 clearseal tank, only expense was £4 on the two pieces of redmoor root, everything else was at hand from previous scapes. Testing the wood position Florabase brown added (accidental purchase thought it...
  14. tim


    Inspired by Antonis thread http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/my-kokedama-venture.31999/ I thought I'd give my own a go :) Mud pie mix of worm castings from the garden and some tescos cat litter Some moss I found growing on a local fallen tree Lined a bowl with cling film to shape the mud pie...
  15. tim


    Hi folks, thought I'd get a journal up for my latest scape in my shallow tank, specs 60x20x20 clearseal tank, cristalprofi 700 with gush glassware, co2 via a co2 art atomiser, boyu light unit, hardscape mini landscape rock and manzi. Hardscape Moss tied to manzi and some moss stones added...
  16. tim

    25 litre tree scape

    Hi folks, as in the title always fancied doing a tree scape so I've dug out my nano shallow and come up with this set up this morning. Specs 60x20x20 tank 3x14w t5 (using 1 tube for now) Cristalprofi 700 with gush nano inlet/outlet set Co2 1bps through inline atomiser. Plants micranthemum Monte...
  17. tim

    Bucep's bluff thread finished :-)

    Hi folks, following on from blue jelly island. Tank specs 30x20x20 12ltr Boyu nano external filter with acrylic pipes 3x8w t5 luminare will only run one tube Substatre colombo florabase Hard scapes in hopefully have the plants by next week. Plant list bucephalandras, anubias bonsai and...
  18. tim

    A record of my low tech experiment

    Hi folks, just starting this thread to record the progress of my little low tech experiment. Tank specs 48ltr fish box acrylic tank, boyu 3x8w t5, cristalprofi 700 external. Setup this a couple of months ago after reading this thread Co2 in a low tech | UK Aquatic Plant Society and being a...
  19. tim

    grasslands nano thread closed.

    evening folks, starting a thread for my latest project. scape was inspired by amanos grasslands scape at the sumida aquarium (google it you know you want to ;) ) tank specs clearseal 60x20x20 25 ltrs cristalprofi 700 boyu 3x14w t5 (2 being used) co2 via up atomiser tropica substrate capped with...
  20. tim

    Opinions on this led unit please

    Hi folks I'm looking for a lighting solution for a 60x20x20 cm shallow nano and wanted to get some feedback on wether you guys think this is worth a punt or not so to speak :-) 60cm Slim LED Light LED-03-30 - All Pond Solutions Any feedback/ opinions great fully received.
  21. tim

    Eggs dropped

    Hi, wondered if any knowledgable shrimp keepers could shed some light on this recurring problem, I have a few blue jelly shrimp one of which was berried until she dropped the eggs today Ill cross fingers that some of these eggs hatch, this is the second batch of eggs I've found in moss from...
  22. tim

    Wabi kusa attempt

    Insipired by this YouTube Started with DIY substrate ball Colombo flora base wrapped in a cut up wash bag for baby clothes Some tana sand and petrified wood and a few Plants later ( no pics men can't multitask :lol: ) Spraying twice a day at the moment with ro water shouldn't need ferts as...
  23. tim

    Aquarium maintenance

    Like to have someone do my tank maintenance like this :-)
  24. tim

    90 cm fresh start. Thread finished.

    hi folks, thought id start a new thread for this 90x45x45cm optiwhite 2 cristalprofi 900s filtration fe co2 jbl reg fluval diffuser and bubble counter koralia 1600 nano power head substrate colombo florabase and unipac senegal sand mini landscape rock and manzinita wood thanks for looking all...
  25. tim

    Blue jelly island :-) journal finished

    Hi folks, I've been missing my nano of late ( mostly the low cost of rescaping when you've had enough :-) ) so it's back out of storage. The specs 12 ltr clear seal tank 11w clip on light 150 ltr an hour mini external filter with acrylic in/ outflow pipes Unipac Senegal sand Dragon stone and...
  26. tim

    my pygmy puffer tank

    was asked by a member on here for some pics so here goes its nothing original, emmersed planters added about a month ago with a very cheap half dead lily from homebase. little guys are very shy,but awsome little fish IMO the tank is slowly evolving to the sort of look i want for it,i will add...
  27. tim

    any chance of these surviving ??

    hi, i've had a nice little colony of snowball shrimp going strong for a few months now and noticed a couple of days ago a berried shrimp has dropped some eggs (apologies for poor pic) I'll be doing some more reasearch into possible reasons for this, please anyone on here feel free to chime in...
  28. tim

    90 cm optiwhite journal- new layout page 3

    hi thought i would start a journal for my new tank purchased from a well known online retailer antipofish;) cheers chris going to be a while untill i can do what id like with the tank so for now ive basically filled it up with the plants and dragonstone i had in a few tanks i had to collapse...
  29. tim

    Hydor heater question

    Hi does anyone know if there is a way to fit the 300w hydor to 12/16 filter tubing without leaks reason being I have a 90cm optiwhite that I will be running with two cristalprofi filters but would like not to have two heaters or does anyone think the 200w would be ok for a 180 ltr tank any help...
  30. tim

    nannostomus beckfordi jumpers ?

    hi, i have a group of these in a tank i will soon be transfering into a larger opentop tank and would like to know if they are likely to jump quite attached to them interestin charecters but wouldnt like to see them come to any harm any help greatly appreciated cheers
  31. tim

    co2 reg issue

    hey guys n girls im using a jbl m602 reg on my 60 ltr tank and ive noticed since changing my bubble counter to an up aqua bubble counter after 5 mins off co2 being off working pressure climbs from the 1.5 its set too up to 3 bar is this something to be concerned about my other m602 reg on my...
  32. tim

    1 year of ukaps

    just thought i'd share these all we're running pre discovering ukaps a year ago apart from the big edge reading ukaps has helped my multiple tank syndrome become less stressful so a big thank you to ukaps members who share so much information havent needed to ask many questions because the...
  33. tim

    double edge thread gone single thread finished

    starting up a journal for my 23ltr and 46ltr edge tanks 23ltr has the light bar from the 46 so double the leds 23ltr used to look like this got tired of the slow growth of low tech and algae in the tank as its in the kitchen gets natural light for about 8 hours a day so its been rescaped and...
  34. tim

    12 liter shrimp nano final update

    thought i would try and keep a journal for this tank after my "spec"tacular failure just practice really ready for setting up cherries new tank plants are lilaeopsis novea-zealandiae micromanthemum umbrosum and cryptocoryne pigmea an anubius invitro pot i picked up from my lfs pot stated its...
  35. tim

    which bubble counters are people using ?

    looking to purchase a couple of new ones as i set my co2 back up today and found no gas after playing around for a while found my jbl bubble counter leaking switched it for my glass one reason i dont like glass is ive snapped 3 in 12 months :lol:
  36. tim

    fluval edge led light bar

    managed to get the light bar from the 46ltr edge to replace the halogens on my old 23 ltr some pics of new lights for any edge owners out there the light bar,made my kitchen look like wembley stadium :lol: tank looks much brighter should have got before and after shots but i guess any one who...
  37. tim

    lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae trimming question please

    any one got any tips on trimming this plant do you cut it right back like hairgrass to encourage spread or wait for new runners and just remove the old leaves any tips appreciated
  38. tim

    tank repair

    hey everyone after a bit of advice stupidly cracked a tank whilst cleaning it out was half way along the bottom so i figured replace the glass which i've ordered so question is can i just remove broken piece apply silicone and job done will there be problems with new silicone sticking to the...
  39. tim

    fluval spec is no more

    replanted my spec after seeing some on ukaps all comments appreciated. jbl aquabasis tesco cat litter substrate with aqua essentials mini landscape rock plants are staurogyne sp eleocharis acicularis and hemianthus callitrichoides
  40. tim


    hello from isleworth and thanks for the wealth of info at my finger tips