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  1. stu_


    English cricket recovers under an Aussie. English rugby recovers under an Aussie. English footie.....
  2. stu_


    Chris Waddle's verdict. Classic rant !
  3. stu_


    Hi Every autumn my city council takes part in a free tree scheme for local residents.There's a variety of saplings given away.Birch,crab apple,hawthorn, mountain ash, field maple, blackthorn, wayfaring etc. Unsure if this a countrywide scheme or just a local one. Maybe sound your council out.
  4. stu_

    How do you pronounce UKAPS?

    The first rule of Ukaps is:You do not talk about Ukaps..... Pronunciation problem over.
  5. stu_

    rugby world cup

    Well done New Zealand, first country to retain Bill. Didn't think they would,but they just had enough to fend off the Ozzie fightback.
  6. stu_

    rugby world cup

    Hoggie, I feel for you. After the intercept try,I really thought you had it. To lose to an accidental offside ( which I know is a pen offense ), sucks.
  7. stu_

    rugby world cup

    Probably should have posted this to start with before I launched into one. Well done Oz,thoroughly deserved win. @Troi.Guess we'll have to disagree about the foreign selection policy. My simplistic view is that they'll be a player drain to France,with the result that our clubs will simply fill...
  8. stu_

    rugby world cup

    I went into last night's game more in hope than expectation. Sadly I lot of what has happened in the last 2 games you could see coming. The coaching staff has had 4 years to plan for a home world cup,and yet we end up with a midfield that had no game time together,and an openside who's only...
  9. stu_

    rugby world cup

    What a weekend. Went from a high on Friday,whilst being in the middle of a bunch of Argie fans. (They know how to celebrate.) To a low ,watching us implode in the last 20 minutes yesterday. Can England bounce back in a win or bust game next weekend.? Enjoyed the USA & Canadian performances as well.
  10. stu_

    rugby world cup

    Couldn't get tickets for this one,though I am going to Japan v USA. Mixed loyalties today,everyone loves an underdog and Japan play in the same strip as our local team. Against this the Scotland skipper plays for us. Japan faded a bit today when put under pressure.Only 4 days turnaround is...
  11. stu_

    rugby world cup

    The question is will the AB's choke like they do at every world cup outside of New Zealand ? South Africa v England/Australia final for me. Paulo;Portugal are much better at 'Sevens' the reduced form of the game.Which will be an Olympic sport at Rio '16...
  12. stu_

    poor gold fish

    FWIW, and I stand to be corrected,but it's not banned. Only illegal to give to an unaccompanied child under 16. So they're still given as prizes.And still wrong. http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/content.php?sid=3926
  13. stu_

    poor gold fish

    Not meant to be a personal dig but before we start pointing fingers,we need to get our own house in order. At the last 'fun' fair I went to,goldfish in plastic bags were hanging in the sunshine,waiting to be won.
  14. stu_

    Salty UKAPS?

    Any use ? http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/recommend-a-salty-site.27585/
  15. stu_

    "Hands off my hobby"

    I must admit, this had so far passed me by. http://www.ornamentalfish.org/hands-off-my-hobby Piece in PFK http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/content.php?sid=6690 Bit more reading. https://projectpiaba.wordpress.com/ The online petition...
  16. stu_

    Land Rover 90

    The only thing i can add;is careful how you drive it.... (i was taking this pic)
  17. stu_

    Game of Plants...

    Congratulations you win the prize for possibly the longest single post in Ukaps history. I think I just worn my fingerprint off,getting to the end of it :D Crypt Amoricum 10 Bolbitus heudelotii 10 Lilaeopsis brasiliensis 10
  18. stu_

    Anyone tell me what this is ??

    The Scarlet Tiger flies during daylight too, which help to spot it. I keep one corner of the garden pretty wild, it's all nettles;brambles;log piles & mature ivy. They seem to like it
  19. stu_

    Anyone tell me what this is ??

    Currently my fave moth,we get these ever year.
  20. stu_

    Water butt dosing?

    Just to get this right,you want to EI dose your rainwater butts to water the garden ?:D Imo you should get a bunch of stinging nettles,Chuck em in a bucket of water and wait a couple of weeks till you get a foul smelling brown liquid. This can be diluted 10:1 to give you a liquid feed.
  21. stu_

    Get your garden out

    Couple of teasers for you, now FGS as yet
  22. stu_

    Get your garden out

    It's either a bit early or a bit too late for my garden, ATM. Snowdrops, gone over.No spring stuff appearing yet, apart from the Daff's Did pull the last of the carrots at the weekend though
  23. stu_

    Plants to attract Butterflies in the garden

    Try looking on here http://butterfly-conservation.org/292/gardening.html
  24. stu_

    Plants to attract Butterflies in the garden

    The buddelia and nettles are good.you can get wild flower mixes in packets,corn flowers work well imo.others I've used are Cone flowers (Echinacea),Marjoram and Oregano.The last 2 taste good as well.:D
  25. stu_

    NFL Fans

    Ah the joys of being a sports fan, what's even worse is the state of Gloucester Rugby ATM and the Ashes lurching from 1 fiasco to another
  26. stu_

    NFL Fans

    Wouldn't be surprised if they're the 'London Jaguars' franchise, sometime in the next 5 years :shh: It's the Cowboys for me.Got everything crossed that i can get hold of tickets for the Wembley game in Nov this year.
  27. stu_

    the joys of fleabay

    Bouldering for 3 year old's ?
  28. stu_

    Storm of the century

    Pretty sure we're all doomed, i half expect to see the four Horsemen riding down my street this afternoon. I've stopped the papers & cancelled my PFK subscription On the plus side, if the end is nigh, at least that gives me an excuse not to do the weekly water change (i reserve the right to be...
  29. stu_

    Overworked and underpaid...

    Geomatician Which means i get to use Lasers & occasionally metal detectors. :)
  30. stu_

    So what did we get for father's day

    A man after my own heart The best of both worlds
  31. stu_

    So what did we get for father's day

    Got myself a shallow optiwhite tank.Picking it up today ! "Because i'm worth it" :lol:
  32. stu_


    I'm not. I repeat not. At all envious....
  33. stu_

    Trying to get on the property ladder.

    Sounds about right to me. We've just had the kitchen redone, and i made sure the sink was 1.5x, the standard size :lol:
  34. stu_

    Websites gone down?

    Would appear so. In the short term, this?
  35. stu_

    England or Wales? (rugby)

    Got a horrible feeling that it's going to be down to who kicks more, Farrell or Halfpenny. Robshaw vs Warburton should be an interesting battle at the breakdown. Heart = England Head=Wales (just)
  36. stu_


    New posts,moves (bumps) the thread back to the top of the list. More likely to get noticed and therefore answered if the thread has had little input.
  37. stu_

    Anyone in and around Southampton

    There used to be a members map on here.But for the life of me, i can't find it anymore