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  1. Harry H

    45L cory nano

    I think your tank has a lot of potential, and so far it looks good! Is there any specific reason why you placed the light on one side?
  2. Harry H

    Plant ID from video

    Hi All! Can you please identify the back ground Hygrophilla growing at the back of this tank? Thank you!
  3. Harry H

    Discus, the king of the aquarium!

    Tell me about it! o_O They cost a fortune to buy, and eat about £40 worth of beefheart a month! But I absolutely love them! Got 6 more little guys from DevotelyDiscus yesterday actually. :)
  4. Harry H

    Discus breeding question

    Hello! Not many discus keepers here at the moment, I have 15 stendkers but I am a novice as well. There are people here who used to keep discus and the experience. I don't think it would be a waste of time, it's all about learning and experience, so go for it and please share your journey. There...
  5. Harry H

    EA600 high tech jungle, fingers crossed!

    Complete rescape, with different wood but same plants. The wood was in discus tank originally, I swapped them, kept the epis that were on it. New wood is slightly too big for the 600, but I think it would do. Overal, spent no money for rescape, I will get some hairgrass for the front later. No...
  6. Harry H

    UKAPS Hardscape Challenge 2020

    Country: UK UKAPS nickname: HarryH Tank: 60x50x36 Title: Kaan's Spider
  7. Harry H

    Back after ten years .

    Very nice photos on your website, welcome back.
  8. Harry H

    When can I add amano shrimp and how many?

    Personally I would put them in now then, assuming you are doing 50% changes, you should be fine. I never had problems with that.
  9. Harry H

    When can I add amano shrimp and how many?

    Also depends on your frequency of water changes. If you let water sit there for a while, it will get toxic very quickly. I personally put in amanos after first week, while doing water changes every other day.
  10. Harry H

    EA600 high tech jungle, fingers crossed!

    Anubias flower grown out of tank
  11. Harry H

    New Year, New Scape...

    I would like to say a huge thank you again to @Geoffrey Rea, without his generosity, it would not have happened.
  12. Harry H

    25L Betta tank, first go at a "scape"

    Also think about where the filter will go, where the heater will be, in a small tank it can be an eye sore, or can be hidden behind some stems. Another thing to consider is the flow. Some Bettas ok with medium flow, my plakat used to love it, but new one hates as he is full moon with full...
  13. Harry H

    Discus, the king of the aquarium!

    Hi All, Thought of starting an active thread for the people who are currently keeping Discus or kept before and have valuable experiences to share. So, lets get going. Hands up please! :wave: H.
  14. Harry H

    EA600 high tech jungle, fingers crossed!

    Need a new mesh, I removed it couple of months ago. Not sure if I will be bothered. Tank seems to be quite stable, no algae.
  15. Harry H

    EA600 high tech jungle, fingers crossed!

    After a haircut and water change. Did not have time to clean the glass ware. Next week maybe. Bob the Betta passed away, got Bob Jr, this time blue crowntail. My 7 year old insisted full military honours in the garden, Bob now is burried next to the shed. Explosion of cherry shrimp population.
  16. Harry H

    Woodland Troll - Take Four

    Yes! Now I have seen that, it cannot be unseen. It will have green tentacles!
  17. Harry H

    Channelling my inner Filipe - Getting there!

    Looking beautiful, Felipe would be proud of inspiring that for sure!
  18. Harry H

    NatureScape - The End

    Hi Tim, Plants are looking healthy, if you end up with some anubias and buces that you think you dont need anymore, please let me know, I would use them in my upcoming low tech Discus tank. Thank you.
  19. Harry H

    Recommendations for a Nano Cube

    Did you check your local fish shop? There are many brands out there which has very similar products. If you want to high end, then you can try to find a EA300, I heard that they are not being produced anymore tho. You still need to buy your own light, filter and heater. Not sure where you...
  20. Harry H

    Ada 60P, 'behind blue eyes'

    Maturing beautifully, I really like the shadows and the green under...
  21. Harry H

    EI with discus

    Thank you nevertheless
  22. Harry H

    EI with discus

    Hmmm, I have hard water here, trying to find the best way to handle the water changes.
  23. Harry H

    EI with discus

    Do you use tap water? HM Filter? Do you preheat water? Sorry for lots of questions, just setting up a discus tank myself and trying to learn more. :)
  24. Harry H

    EI with discus

    Yes, it looks great! I cannot see in the photo, do you inject CO2?
  25. Harry H

    EI with discus

    @Ziggy Any updates on the discus tank? Are you still dosing EI? Cheers H.
  26. Harry H

    Basingstoke/Reading area

    As far as the MA goes, the Bordon one is the best. Yes, it is in country market garden centre. Make sure to check out newly scaped EA1500 there. Owner himself is an aquascaper too. Crowder's is a much smaller and independent shop, run and owned by a couple called Shaz and Rocky, they are very...
  27. Harry H

    Basingstoke/Reading area

    Bordon maiden aquatics, and also Crowder's aquatics, closer than Southampton.
  28. Harry H

    New Year, New Scape...

    I will get rid of that couch, just waiting for wife to get over the shock! I have been told she needs more Christmas presents!
  29. Harry H

    New Year, New Scape...

    Geoff! I did tell you just before leaving, didn't I? Again, thank you for your generosity. Deeply appreciated.
  30. Harry H

    Hello from Hampshire

    Hi Rich! Welcome back! Once you have the bug, it is incurable! Looking forward to seeing your next Scape.
  31. Harry H

    New Year, New Scape...

    Can I please take that whole setup and put in my aquarium! :D One of my all time favourite scapes, love the lush deep greens!
  32. Harry H

    EA600 high tech jungle, fingers crossed!

    Still going...
  33. Harry H

    Product Review NACD aquariums

    I really dont understand these companies, or people. Do they have too much work? We are in the age of information, word of mouth (social media) makes or breaks companies very easily.
  34. Harry H

    New journey island

    Do you use tap water? age water or use filter to remove heavy metals?
  35. Harry H

    New journey island

    Hi Mark, I am thinking of setting up a Discus tank myself, slightly smaller tank, 5-7 Discus. What is your water change frequency? Cheers.
  36. Harry H

    60-P "Succession"

    You might think it is boring, but cardinal tetras would look good IMHO.
  37. Harry H

    Are you in, or our?

    Inline. But interestingly, my old brown CO2 art inline diffuser produces much finer mist in much higher bubble count than the new model CO2 art inline diffuser. Not sure why, it just is.
  38. Harry H

    ADA 45P "Winden Caves"

    I like the low light photos, looks very dramatic, feels much bigger tank.
  39. Harry H

    60-P "Succession"

    Now, that is really nice.
  40. Harry H

    300L custom tank glass thickness

    Did it came cheeper than EA1200?
  41. Harry H

    Brand New ADA 120P Setup (5th month update)

    Very nice! Following to see how it evolves :thumbup:
  42. Harry H

    support required please

    Have you tried to do a pH profile? Do you get 1 unit drop in pH? How about the flow in the tank? I would personally remove those plants and add more plants increasing the plant mass, and do pH profiles until you see 1 unit drop consistently. Maybe lower the light intensity for a while and ramp...
  43. Harry H

    Product Review ADA/ Evolution aqua 900 DIY cabinet blueprints?
  44. Harry H

    Need 45P cabinet plans

    My local B&Q (Havant Hampshire) cuts for free, only straight lines. About a month ago, I got a sheet of ply and have it cut to size for two mock tanks, they were very helpful, just make sure you measure your plans twice.
  45. Harry H

    Practical fishkeeping August 2016 issue

    Hello! Does anyone has PFK August 2016 issue? I want to check @George Farmer's discus tank setup. I could order online for £4, but I just thought to ask :) Cheers! H.
  46. Harry H

    Ada 60P, 'behind blue eyes'

    It is my absolutely nemesis plant! Never manage to grow it properly in hard water, always end up with lots of spots on it and dies eventually... High CO2, High Light, Full EI dosing, I still manage to kill it. o_O
  47. Harry H

    Jump starting new aquarium?

    I would recommend full cycling as well, but have used Prodibio Startup before with a success.
  48. Harry H

    Spot light for £50

    I use luminous Asta 20 in my 40cm cube. It is dimmable, dimmer is not the best but works. Strong enough for carper, my tank is high tech as well. LED Aquarium Lighting Asta 20 Nano Dimmable Planted Tank Lights 6500K Gooseneck for Plant Freshwater Aquarium Fish Tank Refugium (Freshwater)...
  49. Harry H

    Neon Tetra Disease?

    I managed to save 4 out of 15 last time, I quarantined them into another tank and tub, and treated with But if @Edvet says it is untreatable, then I was just lucky maybe...
  50. Harry H

    Hello from Southampton

    Welcome to ukaps!
  51. Harry H

    Hello from Emsworth

    Hi Paul! We could be neighbours :)
  52. Harry H

    45P Nature Aquarium Mountain Aquascape

    @Nigel95 , A big congratulations, fantastic result. :clap::clap::clap: Side note, the wording on the certificate is really interesting. "To increase possibility and creativity in Aquascaping world, IIAC will focus more on water plants dominant layouts in the feature"
  53. Harry H

    suggestions please

    Yes, second green neons, a large shoal brings joy!
  54. Harry H

    It's educational!

    Great work! Kids love tanks, and I am sure it will be very much appreciated and loved. Inspiring the next generation. :clap:
  55. Harry H

    Hello from Southampton

    Hello and welcome! :wave:
  56. Harry H


    Hi Andrew, I saw these at a local garden centre. I took a photo as I was looking for gravel to use on sand. They had two different sizes.
  57. Harry H

    Ada 60p, talawa land

    Fantastic result! Congratulations! :clap:
  58. Harry H

    EA600 high tech jungle, fingers crossed!

    Quick phone photo. Got 5 female guppies and 2 Otto's, just to add some movement in the tank after the unfortunate event with the CO2. Lesson learned.
  59. Harry H

    A Big Hello from beautiful Brighton!

    Welcome Mike!
  60. Harry H

    Nigel's 80cm Nature Aquarium Aquascape

  61. Harry H

    Tropica plant database app

    Looks like you are learning java, it always helps to implement something that interests you, believe me, if you take programming up as a profession, you will work on so many weird and wonderful things, get the concepts right, rest is all practice. Maybe you can extend your app and add a...
  62. Harry H

    55l planted

    Looking very nice!
  63. Harry H

    Flow Recommendations

    Depends on if you use Lilly pipes, or spray bar. If you will use a surface skimmer? I would go with 307 and a ehiem surface skimmer to begin with, pointing opposite directions, making a swirl around the tank and see if you have any dead spots. You can always get the circulation pumps later.
  64. Harry H

    Gassed the fish :(((

    Its somewhat comforting that I am not the only one who did similar mistakes. @tiger15 , my tank was very lightly stocked, so I only have 2 gourami left in there, and I havent seen my amano shrimp at all last night, I think they are all wiped out as well. Bloody expensive mistake to make...
  65. Harry H

    Gassed the fish :(((

    Sounds like I messed it up big time... :facepalm:
  66. Harry H

    Gassed the fish :(((

    No, usually not that high. What happened was after I changed the bottle, and turned on the CO2, the needle did not came up. Then I turned the valve up, it did not, then turned all the way off, then back on again, it started moving, I did set it up like that about 30 as the inline diffuser...
  67. Harry H

    Gassed the fish :(((

    Came home, had dinner, played football with little one, but did not check the tank... I was putting him bed, wife started shouting from downstairs "your fish is dying!". Ran downstairs and saw the drop checker yellow, and I knew. I changed the CO2 bottle last night, and fiddled with the main...
  68. Harry H

    ADA 45P "Winden Caves"

    Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing the progress. Watching! :)
  69. Harry H

    What was an uninteresting

    It adds character, I like! :thumbup:
  70. Harry H

    New to Sand and in need of some direction

    Please take some photos when you get it. Thanks! :thumbup:
  71. Harry H

    CmLaracy's 90P ADA

    Come on then! How many of us need to ask? :lol:
  72. Harry H


    Any updates on the progress James?
  73. Harry H

    Root tabs fert?

    JBL has a wide range of root tabs as well
  74. Harry H

    A 90cm New Beginning

    Looking great. Hygrophila pinnatifida envy! I could not grow that plant for the life of me, I have very hard water, no matter what I do, they get spotty and end up with no leaves...
  75. Harry H

    A 90cm New Beginning

    No that is too loud.
  76. Harry H

    Is George Farmer scaping a tank at the Abyss Stockport?

    I am booked for Crowders, it is my LFS. A nice couple, Kaz and Rocky running it, they are always very helpful.
  77. Harry H

    Quickie nano

    Nice dense carpet!
  78. Harry H

    A 90cm New Beginning

    You can buy acrylic lily pipe holders from the auction site. No need for the suckers then.
  79. Harry H

    Suppliers of large wood and rocks

    I do support my LFSs, and think we all should, even though they are usually about 10-20% more expensive than buying online. Its just the available choices are very limited, and they tend to stock smaller items, understandably.
  80. Harry H

    Suppliers of large wood and rocks

    Is there any shop like above in the UK? SE maybe? I am after large redmoor branches that I can go, visit, and buy. :)
  81. Harry H

    EA600 high tech jungle, fingers crossed!

    Current state of affairs... Started getting the itch to start over with a new scape. Need to plan a trip upto AG for some hardscape soon.
  82. Harry H

    Noob in a Fish Shop

    I think this thread should be pinned as a fair warning to all who wishes to embrace the challenge! Hilarious to read, but have huge amounts of information, that a newbie would need, before making decisions about keeping a planted tank, the equipment to choose, steps to complete to setup a high...
  83. Harry H

    Aquascaper 300 Filter Suggestions.

    What kind of fish you have? EA300 is quite small, and even a small canister filter may be produce too powerful flow.
  84. Harry H

    EA600 high tech jungle, fingers crossed!

    Couple of photos after water change. Just replaced bazooka with an inline CO2 art diffuser, should I do another pH profile? I left the bubble count as it is, just about 3bps.
  85. Harry H

    EA600 high tech jungle, fingers crossed!

    Some photos after weekly WC. Added 6 green neons, they lifted the whole aquarium, there is much more movement now, amazing little guys. Replaced the dwarf gourami that I lost as well, hope this one lasts. Plants seem to grow ok, I had to move all Sagittaria subulata to right back corner, as some...
  86. Harry H

    Beginner tank :)

    Sorry to hear that...
  87. Harry H

    Beginner tank :)

    Your shrimp shed its shell, if it does look like it is translucent or white, and usually split into two portions. I had same thought when I saw same thing in my aquarium for the first time. I think your shrimp are all fine, and growing nicely. The newly shell shed shrimp would hide for a while...
  88. Harry H

    Hydor external heater

    Is that from Ebay? Looks like the plug is non UK plug?
  89. Harry H

    UK Shops for the Planted Tank Hobbyist

    Yes, that shop I frequently go to, very friendly stuff, very helpful. EA900 there scaped by @George Farmer himself ;)
  90. Harry H

    10l nanocube

    Very nice nano, well done. :clap: A koi betta in that lush green tank would look amazing! Just a thought ;)
  91. Harry H

    Couldn't be happier added video clip

    Absolutely amazing!
  92. Harry H

    40cm Cube

    Planted today, Still not sure about the sand, hoping to start a journal soon.
  93. Harry H

    Ada 30c

    If it is a cube you are after, aquaone has a decent 30cm and 40 cm cube, also comes with a glass lid. I am using the 40cm at the moment, and seen today at the local garden centre for £27.50,
  94. Harry H

    40cm Cube

    Filled the tank with water to get things started, mainly for soaking the wood. Put in a little internal filter, it's sponge was sitting in my canister in the other tank, even it's temporary, it should get the cycling process started. I have some plants in order, and managed to get 4 pots of red...
  95. Harry H

    Hello from Turkey

    Hey Arkun, hosgeldin ;)
  96. Harry H

    Hello from Surrey!

    Welcome @Mich@el, enjoy the journey.
  97. Harry H

    045L - Behind the mountains - Mateusz Salawa

    I really like that layout. It is different that two main stones are same size and almost mirroring each other. You should name it the Twin Peaks.
  98. Harry H

    40cm Cube

    No, it is Asta 20 Led. LED Aquarium Lighting Asta 20 Nano Dimmable Planted Tank Lights 6500K Gooseneck for Plant Freshwater Aquarium Fish Tank Refugium (Freshwater)
  99. Harry H

    Free Crypts and Java Fern

    Thank you anyway, someone else might need them more than me. :)
  100. Harry H

    Free Crypts and Java Fern

    @Jack G What kind of ferns are they? Narrow or Trident by any chance? :)