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  1. Ed Seeley

    Tank plumbing

    Hi everyone, I'm looking at a new tank for my new house. I have a great space under the stairs in my living room that will let me fit in a 5ft long, 2.5ft wide by 2ft tall tank! A friend's going to custom-make me a cabinet for underneath and at the side of the tank and the plan is to have the...
  2. Ed Seeley

    Journal My new pond

    Thought some of you might like to have a look at my new pond build. I've moved house so need a new pond! This is going to be very different from the last one and designed to be as maintenance free as possible with the best possible results. I'm going to have a sieve (a filter with a 300...
  3. Ed Seeley

    All Japan Show Winners

    Thought some of you might like to see (and maybe even drool over) the winners from the All Japan Show from this year. This show is the pinnacle of koi in the world and only the very best even get taken to the show. This page has the Major Winners including the Grand Champion Which is the best...
  4. Ed Seeley

    Ashes Final Test

    Well as I'm typing this we've survived the first over so my heart beat has settled down a little! If you're not a cricket fan then I know this is probably a bit hard to understand but there's nothing like cricket to build and sustain the tension of a sporting event. All of you football fans...
  5. Ed Seeley


    I've finally got round to uploading some of the photos from my recent trip to Uganda. I flew into Entebbe Airport, right next to Lake Victoria, and then drove to Kampala and onto Masaka town where I was staying with the headteacher of our partner school, Meeru Primary School in Masaka District...
  6. Ed Seeley

    DIY Pond filters

    Before telling you how to make your own pond filter you need to work out what you want your pond filter to do and what you want out of it. There are a wealth of different designs you can have, some even ran by no more than a large air pump, but they all work slightly differently and require...
  7. Ed Seeley

    Get together @ Maidenhead Aquatics, East Bridgford 22nd Feb.

    For everyone in the Nottingham/Newark area come along to Maidenhead Aquatics @ East Bridgford (In the Bridgford Garden Centre, Fosse Road, East Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, NG13 8LA) Sunday 22nd February at 11am come along and have a good chat and get a look at Saintly's newly set up scape in the...
  8. Ed Seeley

    6 Nations Kick off!

    So anyone else a fan of real sports then and will be glued to the tv this afternoon to watch the 6 nations kick off? I can't wait as I love international rugby and all the matches are live on the BBC this year. Much better than watching football with them falling over like big girls when...
  9. Ed Seeley


    So who's got it yet and how much? We've got a thin layer here and some big flakes starting to come down! Apparently the South side of the city has very little so far though!
  10. Ed Seeley

    DIY Project DIY Reactor - pictures, assembly and testing

    I decided to start a new thread for this so it doesn't get cluttered up with the other one. First of all let me start with the plan so you can see the development of it. This is the line-drawing of the reactor design. It has a half metre length of clear PVC, Grey PVC socket and bend at...
  11. Ed Seeley

    Anyone want a DIY Reactor?

    Rather than pollute and sidetrack Behjold's thread any more I have decided to start up a new thread here. Further to Simon's suggestion I've been looking at buying clear PVC pipe to make up a reactor and pricing things up a little further and I reckon I can do a reactor as the drawing below for...
  12. Ed Seeley

    DIY LED lighting?

    I need some help from the more electronically minded of you. After looking at the Maplin links quoted in another thread here I saw these LED Bright strips. I was thinking an array of these might be perfect for lighting a tank. Don't suppose anyone has used them in a DIY job in there house or...
  13. Ed Seeley

    F1 is a complete joke.

    And anyone who knows me knows how much I love F1 but this run of Ferrari bias, and I can't think of any other way to explain the recent (and not so recent) stewards decisions, is completely ruining the sport. I watched a great race today where a brilliant driver messed up his race in the first...
  14. Ed Seeley

    Discussion about my school from Wild type scalare angels thr

    ***I've copied these posts from a discussion on Wild Type Angelfish from the 'Where to buy' forum as it was going very off-subject and I didn't want this discussion from the one of Wild Type angels! If anyone else wants to see the original thread then it is here*** Mine are at school I'm...
  15. Ed Seeley

    Happy Birthday Lisa

    Happy Birthday Lisa, All the best people are born in August!!! :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  16. Ed Seeley

    Growing on pond with DIY Shower

    Thought I'd share some pics and info on my Growing on/Quaratine set up. I've just changed the filter to a newish type that is pretty revolutionary as it needs no cleaning. It's called a shower filter and it's basically a trickle filter on steroids. The idea is that you chuck lots of water...
  17. Ed Seeley

    Invasive plants on the Schedule 9 list

    ALIEN INVASIVE SPECIES WHICH THREATEN THE UK’S FLORA This thread is taken from Plantlife web pages (Original Web Page) and it lists the 20 most damaging aquatic and terrestrial invasive aliens, describes the problems they cause, gives an indication of their spread in Britain based on New...
  18. Ed Seeley

    Is Hell exothermic or endothermic?

    This was posted on another forum I look in on and it made me laugh so I thought I'd post here for you guys to enjoy reading. You gotta love this students reasoning! So Hell has already frozen over so I'm able to relax. Except for the fact that I wonder what would happen if logic such as this...
  19. Ed Seeley


    This was posted on a koi forum I visit and I thought that a few people here might agree with it and add their signatures too. They're risking life and limb keeping us safe the least we can do is look after them properly if they need us to.
  20. Ed Seeley

    Apisto Heaven

    Well maybe... This weekend I took the plunge and cleared out my old 180 litre tank. It's a 36" x 18" x 18" tank with a homemade wooden hood. Lighting was two, 18W T8 Interpet Daylight pluss with a 55W T5 power compact Daylight plus too. Filtration is an Ehiem 2128. CO2 will be pressurised...
  21. Ed Seeley

    Simple DIY CO2 Reactor

    I needed a CO2 reactor for my 180 l tank and so, as I usually do, I went down the DIY route. I had a gravel cleaner (now unused), a spare top from it's predecessor, an airline connector, some Bioballs (Pond biological filter media) and some spare 12/16 Ehiem tubing and realised these could make...
  22. Ed Seeley

    Setting up a 'higher' tech planted tank

    Setting up a 'higher' tech planted tank ***To see the article look here in our articles section*** I want to start this article by stressing that there are literally thousands of ways to set up a planted tank. This is just one, fairly simple way to get a system that will work and work well if...
  23. Ed Seeley

    Nanochromis transvestitus

    I'm assuming the Nanochromis transvestitus in your EI article are yours? How long have you had them and any luck breeding them? (or keeping them from killing each other actually!) What size tank are they in?
  24. Ed Seeley

    New source of Wild South American fish with potential.

    Just thought I'd add a link to something that I think could be a really valuable source of fish for our tanks, especially things like Otos, cories and tetras. TA Aquaculture, who I use for all my dried food and Brine shrimp (they sell really good quality stuff for very good prices), are...
  25. Ed Seeley

    Ed's Rio 180

    Well as I picked up my tank today I thought I'd start my journal of it's development off. Nothing much will be happening until the substrate arrives from Richard and the plants from Aquaspot world, but the hardware's almost all done! I have to start here by saying how brilliant Maidenhead...
  26. Ed Seeley

    Ordering from AquaSpot World

    Has anyone here ordered plants from AquaSpot World? I am looking at placing a decent plant order and they have some great plants I can't get here and the prices are great once they're all converted from US dollars! I have got in touch with them and they say they have sent stuff here no...
  27. Ed Seeley

    What size glass diffuser for Rio 180?

    Simple question! What size glass diffuser would I need for a 40g tank? I'm planning to put it underneath the outlet from the Juwel filter to distribute the bubbles. I'm looking at either a Rhinox 3000 or 5000; or a Dazs Spiro. If the Sprio's up to the job I might try one of those as I will...
  28. Ed Seeley

    Which type of Aquasoil and Powersand?

    So my tank (Rio 180) is ordered and should be with me towards the end of the week apparently! (I will be pretty impressed if that's true, but this Maidenhead aquatics have been superb so far!) So I'm now getting down to the scape inside. The plan, as I've said elsewhere on here, is going to...
  29. Ed Seeley

    DIY T5 lighting

    Hi everyone. After all the help on whether or not to get a juwel tank I've realised the majority were right and I need to do a custom built job. Putting aside the tank, cabinet and filtration etc., as I think I have a good idea for all of that, I need some help with the lighting. Obviously I'd...
  30. Ed Seeley

    Juwel Rio 180

    Hi guys, Well Christmas is here and I may be lucky enough to have permission to stick a metre long tank in the lounge! As such as Juwel Rio 180 black looks like the perfect choice, but is there anything I should know about them? I have already spotted that the new High Lite units seem to use...
  31. Ed Seeley

    Fuel Protest petition

    Hi guys, Whatever your views on global warming and pollution from cars everyone here I'm sure relies on fossil fuel transport to an extent. As such we are all paying through the nose thanks to ridiculouslly high tax on fuel, coupled with various world political situations... As such there is...
  32. Ed Seeley

    Ultimate nano?

    This is a great tank posted on APC. Thought you guys might like to see it. Rastamans tank Scroll about halfway down and guess the size from the first photo; then carry on scrolling down...
  33. Ed Seeley

    New Card Scam

    Hi guys, I read this on another forum and thought I ought to pass it on here. Read it and let others know!
  34. Ed Seeley

    Go Lewis!!!!

    Well after last night's disappointment let's hope Lewis Hamilton can get back to winning ways and clinch the F1 championship! If any of you haven't tried it yet you can get a lot of the pit timing info on your computer live at http://www.formula1.com/services/live_timing You have to register...
  35. Ed Seeley

    Languishing Cube

    I could do with your help guys. This is my PFK cube. Today is day 256 since it was set up. Specs are; 25litres RO water remineralised with Seachem Equilibrium HOB filter with Purigen and siporax media 11W Power compact Hagen Yeast CO2 E.I. fertilisation Tetra complete substrate I'm really...
  36. Ed Seeley

    Wood for tank

    Hi guys, I'm looking for some wood to look like roots in my tank. I've seen the Redmoor wood AE have but Richard's only got medium and big bits left and it seems a lot when I'm going to chop them up! I've found this site, http://www.anvil-art.co.uk/collectionprice.htm that seems to have some...
  37. Ed Seeley

    In praise of Otos!

    I've got one of the PFK cubes in my living room that I've always had problems with really. It sort of splutters from one kind of ugly mess to another! Anyway start of the summer holidays I decided to re-scape it and then start EI on this tank (as I just about have the time to keep up with 50%...
  38. Ed Seeley

    T6 lighting in a Jewel light unit.

    Hi guys, The bulbs in my main tank are coming up for replacement soon and I was looking on the Aqua Essentials site and saw these T6 lights, http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/index.p ... cts_id=200 Has anyone used them? Are they really that much brighter? I ask because I have the 70cm Jewel...
  39. Ed Seeley

    CO2 kits

    Hi all, I've just been to Weld UK (http://www.welduk.com/index.asp), who supply welding gear to trade and DIY and are a great source of disposable CO2 tanks which are identical to the JBL ones in all but label. You can even remove the black plastic base from the JBL tank to fit these! I went...
  40. Ed Seeley

    Journal My New Filter and Pond - Lots of pictures

    Thought I might post a few pictures of my pond as I've finally got time. The decking over the filter isn't finished yet, but that will be done first week of my summer holidays. A view from an upstairs window of the filter, and pond and stream. Vortex chamber, Brush chamber, Flocor...
  41. Ed Seeley

    The most unusual fish that works in a planted tank...

    Rather than have a best/worst fish for a planted tank I though it might be fun to start this bit off with a slightly more unusual question.... "What is the most 'unusual' fish that you have, or want to have, in a planted tank?" They could be very rare fish, hard to source or things that people...