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  1. Tim Harrison

    LEGO Fish Tank

    Seen this? Definitely going to have to get one 😁 https://www.lego.com/en-gb/product/fish-tank-31122?cmp=emc-c=PROMO-eid=894-d=8/10/2021-n=NEWSLETTER_WK32-sid=5961786-jid=5070-s=NEWS-t=MIX-a=ACTIVE-tst=00&j=5070&sfmc_sub=5961786&l=259_HTML&u=99755&mid=510004361&jb=4262
  2. Tim Harrison

    Favourite Aquatic Hobby Books

    Just taken delivery of this weighty tome, 780 pages of sheer joy. Always wanted a copy. Growing up Dr Axelrod was a hero of mine. It's in great nick considering it's 36 years old and has travelled all the way from the States in a brown paper bag :rolleyes: Imagine my surprise when I opened...
  3. Tim Harrison

    Low-energy Soil Substrate Scape

    Just finished setting this up for my eldest son in his new home. A neighbour was giving away an old bow fronted Aqua One Aquastart 500 with stand and accessories. Thought I'd have a go at scaping a low-energy soil tank since it's been a while. It was designed to be viewed from the front and LH...
  4. Tim Harrison

    Orcas spotted swimming off the coast of Cornwall

  5. Tim Harrison

    Planting ideas for a new scape.

    How would you plant this?
  6. Tim Harrison

    New Plant Expert

    I know you'll join me in welcoming Christel Kasselmann (@Christel) to UKAPS. Christel is a recognised authority on aquatic plants and an enthusiastic aquarist. Many of you will already know her as author of the superb book Aquarium Plants, a must for any plant enthusiast. There's now a revised...
  7. Tim Harrison

    Tribute to Frederick Thompson

    We are very sad to learn that Fred passed away on 8th January 2021. He was a huge presence in the pond and koi community and we were very lucky to have him as a member here on UKAPS. His knowledge was encyclopaedic and his enthusiasm contagious; it was a privilege to share his journey through...
  8. Tim Harrison

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, from the UKAPS Team
  9. Tim Harrison


    My latest scape, originally posted on the tail end of my last scape. But since I decided to go with it I thought it probably deserved its own journal. The scape is pretty simple, just the root and 7 rocks, but very Zen...
  10. Tim Harrison

    Hardscape Challenge 2020 Winners

    Finally, we can share the top 3 prizes… 1st The Gates of Malaiesti by ralphmanning 2nd The Garden of Eden by Nigel95 3rd A Forest Pathway by Konrad Michalski Congratulations to our winners and to all who took part, it's been an excellent contest. A big thank you to the UKAPS moderating team...
  11. Tim Harrison

    Schism reimagined...

    I intended to create a wood and rock hardscape, but somehow came up with this Iwagumi style hardscape, just as well really considering my recent track record with wood. I'm going to use the plants I managed to salvage from the last scape, mainly Crypts and mini hair grass, and some epiphytes...
  12. Tim Harrison

    UKAPS Hardscape Challenge 2020

    Prizes 1st Prize £100 Aquarium Gardens voucher 2nd Prize £60 Aquarium Gardens voucher 3rd Prize £40 Aquarium Gardens voucher @hogan53 Special UKAPS Prize £50 Aquarium Gardens Voucher for the scape with the most likes How to Enter Post one Full Tank Shot of your hardscape only layout in...
  13. Tim Harrison

    Scape Contest Comments

    Hardscape Challenge We’ve been thinking that a hardscape challenge might be a fun idea to take folks minds off the virus and ease the boredom, and also add to the UKAPS community spirit :) It'd be good to involve as many folk as possible so we could make it a sort of open event, all tank...
  14. Tim Harrison

    New Global Moderators

    Hi everyone, UKAPS has 3 new Global Moderators @Edvet, @Iain Sutherland, @Stu Worrall. They are now able to help members across all forums; not just their individual forums. We're sure you'll join the rest of the UKAPS team in congratulating them and wishing them all the best in their new...
  15. Tim Harrison

    British summer time

    Well it's British summer time again. Thanks to an EU directive it could be one of the last times the clocks change. Member states get to decide whether they change their clocks for the last time in October or March. The UK is no longer in the EU but it's still likely to follow suit. Would you...
  16. Tim Harrison

    Buying Fish & Critters Online ?

    I'm fast approaching the stage where I would normally be considering buying fish and shrimp for my scape. Buying online is an option I've dismissed in the past but with everyone confined to barracks I may have to reevaluate. That is if anyone can recommend a reputable online store selling decent...
  17. Tim Harrison

    Woodland Troll - Take Four

    I was considering tacking this scape on the back end of NatureScape, after all I'm reusing a lot of the plants. However, it's developed in to something quite different and I'm going to add more cryps. As I was working with the Azalea root I started to see faces in it, and arms and legs, but...
  18. Tim Harrison

    Removing algae from silicone joints

    Anyone got any miracle tips for getting rid of algae along the silicone seams of an aquarium? That is, aside from Cilit Bang, a toothbrush, and elbow grease; tried that already :meh:
  19. Tim Harrison

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year on behalf of the entire UKAPS Team.
  20. Tim Harrison


    These sprang up in the middle of my lawn over night. Any idea what species they are ?
  21. Tim Harrison

    World Cup Rugby - England vs Tonga

    All poised for Englands World Cup opener against Tonga 11:15 this morning ITV :D
  22. Tim Harrison

    ADA Forgotten World Aquascape

    This slightly different take on an aquascape looks like fun. ‘Forgotten World’...a Jurassic period aquascape with an interesting fish choice...
  23. Tim Harrison

    Filipe Oliveira Workshop

    Great workshop today @Aquarium Gardens, Filipe did a fantastic job scaping the 1500, and in record time. Thanks for being great hosts and laying on drinks and sandwiches...
  24. Tim Harrison

    Tribute to Roy Smith (Greenfinger2)

    It's with great sadness that I write this. Roy (Greenfinger2) recently passed away peacefully after a protracted illness. He was 62. I only met him in person a couple of times, but I got to know him well through our personal conversations on UKAPS. He was a gentle and kind soul, and generous to...
  25. Tim Harrison

    A Brief and Incomplete History of Aquascaping

    A Brief and Incomplete History of Aquascaping I’m guessing Raymond also frowned upon deep sea divers, sunken galleons, and treasure chests too, and with good reason.” A book published in 1970 entitled The Complete Guide to Freshwater Tropical Fish, edited by Raymond Legge, makes one of the...
  26. Tim Harrison

    Where to buy CO2 in Leicestershire ?

    Does anyone form my neck of the woods (Leicestershire) know where to get 2kg fire extinguishers, cheap? I've been using my supply bought from MK, and I've just noticed the last one which is hooked up to my tank is rapidly on its way out :eek:
  27. Tim Harrison

    Carnivorous plants

    Thought I'd share a pic or two of my Drosera or Sundew. @Iain Sutherland kindly gave me a few plants that have since grown and started to flower.
  28. Tim Harrison

    Your UKAPS Highlights...

    I thought it might be a nice idea to start a thread where we can all share our UKAPS highlights. It could be a scape, an image, video, or journal etc that inspires you, or otherwise sticks in your memory for some reason. Either way, don't forget to include a video and/or a pic or two :) I'll...
  29. Tim Harrison

    UKAPS origins...

    For those of you that don't know UKAPS began way back in 2007 on the Barr Report. Tom's forum still has a UKAPS section. If you've got a moment and are curious about how UKAPS started take a look ;)
  30. Tim Harrison

    Discus in very narrow tank...

    A couple or so weeks ago I decided to pop in to a Garden Centre on my way back from AG, just out of curiosity. This is one of their Discus tanks. It couldn't have been more than 6 inches deep, barely enough room for the fish to turn around in, or so it seemed to me. What do you reckon ?
  31. Tim Harrison

    MTS...Just how bad do you have it ?

    MTS...Just how bad do you have it ? :eek:
  32. Tim Harrison

    ADA Terra Base

    This looks like an interesting concept, what do you reckon ?...
  33. Tim Harrison

    Chipped ADA Cube Garden...Help

    :arghh: I've just chipped the top of my Cube Garden :meh: The chip is about 3mm x 2mm and right on the top edge. Is it repairable?
  34. Tim Harrison

    Big Aquarium

    Hello all, I've been thinking (always a dangerous thing) about getting a larger tank. Amazingly, the other day my wife, suddenly came out with...'why don't we get rid of the corner sofa in the kitchen-diner-family room and then you'll have space for a big aquarium'. It's old and knackered...
  35. Tim Harrison

    Old Tropical Fish or Plant Books

    I found this book today in a secondhand book shop. I instantly remembered it from my childhood as one of the books that I had out on permanent loan from the local library...that is I just kept renewing it. It was published in 1970, and like it says on the front cover "With a special colour...
  36. Tim Harrison

    Hinterfeld S2/S2 Pro & Twinstar 600s

    Has anyone used the above together? And if so how easy is the S2 to use, and what's needed to link them both up and get them working properly?
  37. Tim Harrison

    Using My New Scape Box

  38. Tim Harrison

    Meeting at Aquarium Gardens Sat 30 June

    Some of us are meeting up at Aquarium Gardens http://www.aquariumgardens.co.uk/ Saturday morning June 30. If you haven't been already, its a great opportunity to see Dave's awesome aquascaping showroom, and meet other members in the flesh. And aquascaper and artist Felipe Oliveira, and Esther...
  39. Tim Harrison

    Post Your Pics & Videos of the Great Outdoors

    It'd be great if folk could post their pics of the Great Outdoors here to share with others :) I'll start things moving with just a few iPhone snaps from a woodland walk today... Awesome aquascape inspiration Fungi Polytrichum sp.
  40. Tim Harrison

    NatureScape - The End

    Couldn't resist trying this awesome piece of gnarliness out in my new 60P. I'm going traditional NatureScape with this one, Crypts, Java fern, maybe some red stems etc. Either way, I think I'll keep it relatively simple - back to basics. There's still a few yards left in Return of the...
  41. Tim Harrison

    Reg Making Constant Clicking Noise

    My dual stage reg is making a constant clicking noise and isn't working very well. It doesn't matter how high I turn it up, it only delivers a small amount of CO2. I've cleaned the inline atomiser and changed the bubble counter so effectively ruling them out as the source of the problem. Anyone...
  42. Tim Harrison

    The Art Of Nature Aquarium - Takashi Amano

    Looks like ADA have published a new Takashi Amano photographic book - The Art of Nature Aquarium http://www.adana.co.jp/en/release/detail?id=480
  43. Tim Harrison

    Share Your Winter Wonderland Pics

    Winter scene from a bedroom, today...
  44. Tim Harrison

    Epiphytic Fern

    Went for a stroll in my local woodland the other day and spied this fern growing epiphytically on a tree bough, along with moss...
  45. Tim Harrison

    Virgin Media Outage

    Crikey it's good to be back online again. Virgin Media's network has been out in my area of Leicester for over 5 days. No explanation from Virgin just updates that kept pushing the resolution date back and further back still. Is it just Virgin Media that are supremely rubbish or have some of...
  46. Tim Harrison

    CGA320 thread / BS 341 No. 8 Adaptor

    I'm in the market for a new CO2 reg and in the absence of CO2 art I'm struggling to find one I can trust. I've seen one on Amazon that's the same as the one I currently have but it has an American CGA320 Connector. Is the adapter in the thread title the one I need to hook it up to a British fire...
  47. Tim Harrison

    The CO2 Revolution

    Hi Karol, I'm really intrigued about The CO2 Revolution. I need another dual stage regulator, and I'm thinking I'll wait and find out what your new reg is like first. Is it still on target for launch this month, and any spoilers on price point...?
  48. Tim Harrison

    Return of the Shallow

    I've given up on finding a taller tank with decent silicone work that fits my IKEA hacked stand, well at least for now, and have brought the shallow back in to service. This decision is in no small measure also due to my recent visit to Destination Aquatics in Bedfordshire where I found a great...
  49. Tim Harrison

    Tropica & Pets at Home

    Just popped in to my local Pets at Home and was astonished to discover the snail infested weir tank has gone:eek: In it's place is this below...:)
  50. Tim Harrison

    APS Optiwhite Aquarium

    I've been after an Aqua One AquaOpti for a while, and I've had a mare trying to get hold of one:( First one had a manufacturing flaw. Second one, ordered from a different company, failed delivery twice and then got damaged. Third one, from yet another company, has been on order sine 13th June...
  51. Tim Harrison

    IAPLC 2017

    Anyone entered the 2017 IAPLC? http://en.iaplc.com/
  52. Tim Harrison

    Forests Under Water Takashi Amano

    From this months Aqua Journal on line magazine, by Viktor Lantos (Green Aqua)
  53. Tim Harrison

    Flip Side of Scaping (Reusing Amazonia)

    Just tore down Windswept...and decided to repurpose the garden furniture as an Amazonia drying table:D It's been rinsed, and when it's dry I'll sieve it to get rid of dust, and the like, and then it should be good to go another round. P.S. don't tell the wife:shh:
  54. Tim Harrison

    Cryptocoryne Wabi-Kusa

    Started to break down my current scape https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/windswept-eternity.37490/page-19 and have transplanted the crypts growing emersed on top of the stump to make a Wabi-Kusa. There's also some Ludwigia sp Mini Super Red, Rotala rotundifolia, Christmas moss, and HC Cuba in...
  55. Tim Harrison

    Nano Nature Scape

    Put this together yesterday afternoon in a SuperFish 30cm cube I had knocking around the garage. It might change, I won't be planting it for a few days yet. Not sure if it's wholly appropriate to post this in journals 'cause I'm not sure if it's going to turn out to be much of a keeper, but hey...
  56. Tim Harrison

    NACDesign Aquariums

    Has anyone seen these on eBay or ever had any dealings with them? They can also make aquariums to order. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NACDesign-Optiwhite-Aquarium-Fish-Tank-80Lx35Wx40H-cm-8mm-glass-112L-capacity-/272564051373?hash=item3f76155dad:g:cJMAAOSwCU1YnyU2
  57. Tim Harrison

    Feedback Top Notch Products & Service

    Dave, thanks for great service once again. The plants are top notch, and the drop checker is good quality glassware.
  58. Tim Harrison

    Awesome Glass Ware From IKEA

    Saw this in IKEA the other day £20.00...and thought it'd be pretty awesome for WK.
  59. Tim Harrison

    IAPLC 2016 World Rankings

  60. Tim Harrison

    Ceratopteris cornuta or thalictroides

    Is this the same plant - different synonyms? If so which is the correct scientific nomenclature?
  61. Tim Harrison

    Once in a Lifetime Offer!

    Bargain...o_O http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/STUNNING-ADA-60P-AQUARIUM-FISH-TANK-FULL-SETUP-A-ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME-OFFER-/282118892363?hash=item41af98ab4b:g:nHoAAOSwXeJXe~CQ
  62. Tim Harrison

    Microsorum pteropus 'Minor'

    Anyone managed to get their hands on this variety yet...if so I'd love to know from where. MICROSORUM PTEROPUS ´MINOR´ Growth height - 10 cm Origin country Zuchtform Usage Aquascaping, NanoCube Type Farn Family Scrophulariaceae Species Microsorum Breeding Tochterpflanzen aus Blättern und...
  63. Tim Harrison

    Quellen der Kreativität: Biografie

    Bloomin' 'eck. I've been waiting for this on Amazon as promised by ADA for an age... And this is all they have...:arghh: Anyone know when Amazon are gona' sell it in English, so I can finally offload those damn vouchers?
  64. Tim Harrison

    Radion XR15 Replacement Fan

    Bugger...the hanging cable accidentally caught in the fan and snapped off a fin...so I need a replacement fan...anyone know where I can get one from in the UK? They seem hard to get hold of here although I know Radion do a replacement kit for the US market, and even have an instructional video...
  65. Tim Harrison

    Emersed Growth Flowers

    Hi all, I've been thinking about planting some stems at the back of my new shallow scape with the intention of letting them grow out of the water so they will flower. Which stems or other plants with attractive flowers would you recommend? Bearing in mind that the tank is pretty diminutive.
  66. Tim Harrison

    Full Frame Mirrorless Vs Full Frame DSLR

    I've been reading that full frame mirrorless cameras are giving the equivalent DSLRs a run for their money. I've been giving some thought to buying a descent camera and it's looking like mirrorless is the way forward. What do you reckon?
  67. Tim Harrison

    Betta Plates @ IKEA

    Saw these at IKEA during a recent visit they come in different sizes and different colours...:cool:
  68. Tim Harrison

    Windblown Oak

    During the gales this landed on my drive, couldn't believe my luck...lovely bit of oak, I'll go scavenging for more at some point.
  69. Tim Harrison

    Another Walstad Naturescape

    Been hectic after moving house, and have serious scaping withdrawal symptoms so I spent the afternoon, well...scaping... Large pebbles from a Devonshire beach a bit of manzi, and recycled 4 spp of Crypts, 2 of Anubias, Xmas Moss and a bit of B. heudelotii. It's all a bit haphazard and not...
  70. Tim Harrison

    Nature Aquarium Calender 2016

    Have you bought yours yet? http://www.adana.co.jp/en/contents/products/calendar2016.html I'd love to, but how the bejesus does one go about purchasing one? The links just take one round and round in circles...:arghh: Edit...Oh, coming soon!:rolleyes: P.S. I'm definitely gona try and get my...
  71. Tim Harrison

    Tropica Scaping Tools - Opinions?

    Anyone road tested Tropica's aquascaping tools yet? I'm in the market to replace my Chinese bay knock-offs and these look decent... ...and bonus...I won't have to re-mortgage to afford them... Opinions welcome...
  72. Tim Harrison

    Windswept Eternity

    Time for a new scape... I’ve still got a fair amount of stuff to buy for this one, and some decisions to make so not much is set in stone. Aquarium: Custom built optiwhite 60 litres 60x40x25(h) in cms Cabinet: IKEA Besta (reinforced) Filter: Ehiem Ecco Pro 300 (750l/h) Light...
  73. Tim Harrison

    EI - Dosing Just P & K

    I was considering using EI on my next venture; I’ve always used TNC Complete. Out of curiosity I had a look at my water quality report… Nitrate 15.61mg/l Potassium 7.99mg/l Magnesium 7.49mg/l Phosphorous 7.62ug/l The figures are yearly averages. Nitrate and Magnesium values seem to be...
  74. Tim Harrison

    Radion XR15 Freshwater

    I've noticed that this is becoming a popular choice, but I share the same concern as Tom Barr about it not having enough red spectrum for freshwater. Mr. Teapot has got stunning results in Green Pekoe Pond and is happy with it. Anyone else road tested it or got any thoughts/experience.
  75. Tim Harrison

    Cleaning Up Silicone - Advice Please

    I spent a good few hours on Sunday cleaning up the silicone joints on the shallow ahead of a new scape. I'm pleased with the ADA Cube Garden-esk finish, and the remaining joints look solid, so I've gone right ahead with the water test. However, I'm still a bit nervous since I've removed all the...
  76. Tim Harrison

    Kessil A160WE Tuna Sun

    Anyone road tested one of these yet http://www.kessil.com/aquarium/Freshwater_A160_Tuna_Sun.php http://www.kessil.com/images/aquarium/product/Freshwater/Freshwater_A160WE_img01.jpg
  77. Tim Harrison

    Fitted Kitchen (Tank)

    Nice... https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-NHf3U-f6Pyg/VM5-umgMTSI/AAAAAAAAERc/yakwejSA9So/w483-h488-no/fish%2Btank%2Bkitchen.jpg
  78. Tim Harrison

    Baby Apistogramma cacatuoides

    Haven't really been paying attention to my low-energy recently - my son has kinda taken over the mantle on that one. Today we noticed baby Apistogramma cacatuoides about 8 mm in length. The adult male looked a little worse for wear - when we eventually found him - and no small wonder since the...
  79. Tim Harrison

    Feedback Bubble Counter

    Thanks for the free upgrade, and excellent customer service...
  80. Tim Harrison

    Low-Energy Dirt Tank

    The writing has been of the wall for Cryptic Haven http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/cryptic-haven-low-energy-update-pics.28695/ for some time now. A change in tank location meant it needed to be viewable from 3 sides so a convex layout was the best option, but very challenging especially since...
  81. Tim Harrison

    TMC AquaRay High Pitched Whine

    Does anyone know if TMC AquaRay ColourPlus 1500 suffers from the high pitched whine when dimmed like their other 1500 tiles? Or has this all now been fixed? Either way, is there a better alternative for similar money?
  82. Tim Harrison

    Strange Phenonema After Cylinder Change.

    I did a cylinder change today, and after the usually faff achieved a similar bubble rate and drop checker colour, and presumably CO2 saturation. Flow and distribution are the same. However, my plants started to pearl like mad, which they haven't done for a while since I reduced the light...
  83. Tim Harrison

    The Matrix

    Is Clive right...? ...are we all just latent victims of the Matrix?:eek:
  84. Tim Harrison

    Give Nature Half a Chance - From This To This...

    From this... To this in a couple of months... That is the Rotala sp. 'Green' at the back, successfully nursed back to health:nurse:...
  85. Tim Harrison


    Just had thought...There are so many good images posted on this forum every week, from individual fish species to complete scapes etc... ...Would it be feasible to collate a bunch of these images - and perhaps a little explanation blurb - in to an Amano style coffee table book? I'm sure those...
  86. Tim Harrison

    Does the Rosy Loach Eat Snails?

    I've heard it said that, like many loaches, this diminutive member of the family eats snails. Does anyone have first hand experience of this or know it to be fact? Even molluscicide isn't working on the little blighters now:arghh:...I hate snails:sick:
  87. Tim Harrison

    ADA Aquascaping Video

    Not sure whether this is a re-post, and I suspect many have seen it already, but I thought it was worth posting just in case. A masterclass in layout design and technique...
  88. Tim Harrison

    Half Dead Plant Sent by Seapets

    I have to say that most of the online aquatic plant suppliers I used for Tulgey Wood were excellent including the plants from one or two of our sponsors. However, this very sorry looking specimen was sent to me by Seapets. I also have to say that their customer service is appalling. I...
  89. Tim Harrison

    Victor Meldrew Needs a New Atomizer

    ...I don't believe it...I don't bl**dy believe it...:arghh: ...I've just finished scaping Unnamed Naturescape and plumbed it in only to discover my inline Hydor heater leaking. Then, as if that weren't enough my inline Up Aqua atomiser blew a seam immediately afterwards. And that's not...
  90. Tim Harrison

    Tulgey Wood - Trimmed

    Thought I'd start a new journal. I kinda lost interest in my iwagumi - Primordial - and paid the ultimate price; it got smothered in 'orrible black algae, so I tore it down. Now I get to create something new; every cloud has a silver lining. This is how far I've got so far...
  91. Tim Harrison

    LED Colour Rendition a la James' Cheap T5s

    I think that it is high time that we had an LED version of James' brilliant post Cheap HO T5 fluorescent tubes - Update with photos | UK Aquatic Plant Society There is no doubt that LED lighting is the future but so far I've been underwhelmed by its colour rendition. At the very least are...
  92. Tim Harrison

    Bar Steward Black Algae on Eleocharis sp mini

    Any advice on eradicating this algae... I got a bit complacent and have been a bit remiss with husbandry over the last 2 weeks and this black algae has started to coat the tips of my eleocharis sp mini. It started where flow is the highest and has spread. Not quite sure what it is either...
  93. Tim Harrison

    Where have the little avatar fish gone?

    ...and another thing I've been meaning to raise...I know it's been a while since it all changed but where have all the little avatar fish gone and all the different names depending on the number of posts? ...I was really looking forward to becoming a whatsit Ninja...in fact it was my life's...
  94. Tim Harrison

    Meek-geek Inherit the Earth...

    I believe that when God said that the meek will inherit the earth he actually meant the geek...let's be brutally honest guys we are all geeks of the first degree...and proud...I know I am...Discuss!
  95. Tim Harrison

    Different coloured seiryu same scape

    I'm thinking of adding to my existing seiryu/ryuoh stone from an on-line vendor and was wondering if it really matters that much if the colour doesn't match when trying to create a naturalistic look?
  96. Tim Harrison

    Primordial - The beginning of the end.

    pri·mor·di·al(pr-môrd-l) adj. 1. Being or happening first in sequence of time; original. 2. Primary or fundamental: play a primordial role. 3. Biology Belonging to or characteristic of the earliest stage of development of an organism or a part: primordial cells. n. A basic principle. My first...
  97. Tim Harrison

    eSHa Gastropex - shrimp safe?

    I've been using eSHa Gastropex to kill the snails in my tanks. I thought I'd removed all my cherry shrimp beforehand but as it turned out I missed a few and despite catching the full dose they are fine...and appear totally unaffected. A quick google and it turns out that, yes it is supposed to...
  98. Tim Harrison

    Cryptic Haven Low-energy Update Pics

    Finally got round to stripping down my existing low-energy scape and starting a new one...Scape-Horn; so called 'cause of the pointy rocks...did you see what I did there?:D I'm using my usual mix of 1:1 moss peat and aquatic compost. Its 60mm at its deepest and the sand cap is a similar depth at...
  99. Tim Harrison

    Spectrum...doesn't matter...does it?

    I've been reading on this forum for some time now that spectrum doesn't matter. I'm not entirely sure what this means. I can't be the only one who is struggling with this so I think it would be a great help if we could pin it down to a precise explanation.