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  1. Spider Pig

    Persistent GSA/ GDA

    Have had my tank set up in it's current incarnation for about 6 months now but still having problems with GSA on leaves and glass, and GDA on the glass. Currently dosing 2 x EI using PMDD+PO4 formula: "This is an example of EI for a 12 week supply for a 20 gallon tank for those with teaspoon...
  2. Spider Pig

    Fluidised sand bed filter

    Has anyone used one of these in a planted tank? Just wondering as thinking about my next tank and what sort of filtration I want for it. Read the basics about these in a book and thought that they might be useful in a planted tank (or any tank for that matter) given that they seem to be much...
  3. Spider Pig

    SAE eating moss?

    Has anyone had any problems with SAE eating moss? I've been trying to grow moss in my tank for a couple of months now, some as a moss wall and some tied to features. The stuff tied to the features grew very stringy then turned brown and died. The moss in the wall is nice and green but all the...
  4. Spider Pig

    Advice/ opinions on co2 reactor

    Thinking about getting a co2 reactor for my tank and was wondering firstly how these compare to glass diffusers in terms of efficiency and maintenance, and secondly, which one to get. I know there are some slick glass models out there but I think they are a bit out of my price range- looking at...
  5. Spider Pig

    Crypt melt?

    Are these brown leaves a sign of crypt melt and if so should I remove the leaves? These are crypt wendtii green and I got them from greenline about 7 weeks ago. Seemed ok for the first couple of week then gradually turned brown and got loads of GSA on them. Think I’m on top of the GSA problem...
  6. Spider Pig

    +5 Close up lens/ filter

    Does anyone have any experience of these? http://www.jessops.com/Store/s30152/0/F ... lse&comp=n Basically thinking about getting one of these before I can save up some money to get a good macro lens. How good are they as a cheap alternative for a true macro lens? Also how do you work out the...
  7. Spider Pig

    Poor taiwan, xmas moss growth

    I've have some taiwan moss and christmas moss in my tank for 2 weeks now and both have pretty much degraded to brown strands. However a clump of pelia has just started showing signs of new growth. Is this the end or is it a case of watch and wait? If it is the end then what did I do wrong-...
  8. Spider Pig

    First planted tank- Two Towers

    So here’s my set up journal of my first proper planted tank. Here’s a picture of the tank beforehand: Here’s my plan for the new set up, which like all good plans, is only a vague guide: Equipment Specifications • Tank- Juwel Vision 180 (92cm W x 40cm H x 55cm L), 180L •...
  9. Spider Pig

    Best moss for moss wall

    What is the best moss for a moss wall? I was thinking about either weeping moss or christmas moss. The latter looks better in photos but I see in the tropica catalogue that it is rated as being difficult to grow.
  10. Spider Pig

    Advice/ opinions wanted on plans for planted tank

    Planning to convert my community set up to a planted one and would be grateful for any comments/ advice before shelling out pennies. Current set up is standard juwel vision 180L with 50w t8 lighting, 600lph juwel internal filter, plain fine gravel substrate, stocking: 3 zebra danios, 4 Sterbas...
  11. Spider Pig

    Plants from ebay: aquaticmagic

    Has anyone bought plants from this shop and if so what are they like? I've seen people have got co2 regulators from them before with good feedback. The prices look good and they even do free postage on some of the plants. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/AquaticMagic_F ... idZ2QQtZkm
  12. Spider Pig

    co2 regulator and beverage bottle co2

    Does anyone know whether there is a standard connector/ fitting for beverage co2, and if so what is it? Only ask because came across this gas supplier which seems to offer good value refills (local)- http://gascylindersuk.co.uk/store/catal ... p?cPath=22 17.50 for 14lb co2 including postage...
  13. Spider Pig

    Suitable co2 level

    Just reading an interesting article on tropica website: Co2 and light stimulate plant growth part 3 http://www.tropica.com/default.asp It looks at the respective effects of co2 and light on plant growth (not suprising). However they did an interesting experiment on growth rates of riccia...
  14. Spider Pig

    Effects of micronutrient fertilisation alone

    What would be the effect of using only additional micronutrient fertiliser in a 2 wpg tank with co2 (30ppm), N/P/K being provided by fish waste? Would all the plants grow until the NPK is a limiting factor or would this imbalance suit algae disproportionately leading to problem algae? Asking...
  15. Spider Pig

    CO2 diffuser with DIY CO2 set up

    What is the best/easiest/ cheapest way of getting co2 into the water with a DIY set up. Just set it up with and airstone on the end so bubbling away nicely but probably not v. efficient. Saw this article: http://www.aquatic-eden.com/2006/10/met ... arium.html This would suggest putting the...