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  1. keymaker

    'Prairie Lands' IAPLC entry.

    Oh Mark, sorry to hear that. I sure hope you're doing better by now.
  2. keymaker

    36cm - Sheltering (IAPLC 2011)

    A truly wonderful Nano, James. So difficult to properly scape these, you did a fantastic job. Congratulations.
  3. keymaker

    'Prairie Lands' IAPLC entry.

    Congratulations on the IAPLC Top100 Mark. This is a wonderful iwagumi. Love it. I like the way you used the Crypts around the rocks. It is similar to what I had in mind with my composition. Did you also use wendtii 'Tropica'? Could you please post a full-res image for my desktop background? ;)...
  4. keymaker

    60cm - Scree Evolved (IAPLC 2011 entry)

    Absolutely beautiful George. So natural: rock composition and plant selection are in total harmony. Great tank, love it !!! :clap:
  5. keymaker

    UKAPS Members' IAPLC 2010 Showcase

    IAPLC 2010 Rank: 1169
  6. keymaker

    A Great British Biotope

    Same here. ;) Thanks for the info. I just bought a Canon 17-55 f2.8 IS lens - I am more than happy with the image it produces on my 450D. 8)
  7. keymaker

    A Great British Biotope

    George, can you tell me a bit about the photography of the tank? Did you use any other lighting besides the 24W T5? What lens (aperture and zoom) did you use?
  8. keymaker

    ADA entry 2009 - Forward Motion

    Peter, your previous work - the "Irish hills" was one of my favorites. No wonder: it brought originality and something new. A kind of European approach to all this Japanese style. Which is a valuable addition to be appreciated by anyone who is open enough to new trends in aquascaping. (I did...
  9. keymaker

    At the river side (25 liters of Ryuboku)

    Nice to see yet another fellow Hungarian aquascaper here! :) Way to go Levi.
  10. keymaker

    Mountain stream - Mini M

    Hej JEK och välkommen. Det är alltid kul att se svenskar här. :wink: You've got a really nice tank, I like your stones alot. I especially like their arrangement - with the rock on left "dragging" the "weight" of the image to the left, while the center one leans to the right... I tried to...
  11. keymaker

    My dwarf puffer haven

    ... and you've got the Predator on the 4th picture? :) Nice puffer tank! I love those fish too. How do they get along with the shrimp?