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  1. J

    Algae problem :( Photos included

    Hey guys, iv'e been having a algae issue crop up on me and i wondered if anyone had any suggestions as to what to do? the tanks a rio 180 with 2 externals (tetratec ex700 and eheim ecco) flow is around 1100lph i think. The lights are 2 45w T5 and are on 6 hours a day, no dosing or co2 however im...
  2. J

    Ok need help fast somethings really not right :(

    Hey guys i wasnt sure where to post this but ive just found my german blue ram dead today and now looking at the other fish i have a cardinal tetra who is like literaly bent into an s shape does any have any ideas what could be happening. Nothing new has gone into that tank for a long time
  3. J

    storing fish whilest rescaping

    hey guys, just a random question. What do you think i should store my fish in whilst i rescape my tank and let the ammonia settle etc. I am going top be adding aquasoil and 2 majorly matured filters. I was thinking the small sand pit/swimming pool out of argos. the fish are 6 small angels, 9...
  4. J

    Ammonia Spike and what to do with fish?

    Hey, i am soon going to rescape my tank completely with aquasoil, ferts etc. What i am worried about is when i put the Aquasoil in theres going to be the ammonia spike, the fish will be removed and placed into buckets etc. What i want to know is how long before i can put them back in the tank...
  5. J

    Aquasoil Says 1 bag per 60 litres?

    Hey i have jus got my 2 9l bags of aquasoil and read on the back it says its one 9l bag per 60 litres, i have a 180 litre tank and by using the normal method of working out how much i would need it came up that i would need just over 18? Do i need another 9 litre bag?
  6. J

    Help with scaping ideas for Rio 180

    Hey guys,i have been reading up on here for months now and finnaly bought all my kit for a high tec planted tank. i have a Rio 180 with stock T5s and reflectors. an tetratec ex700 and an small eheim ecco external to boost the main filter. I have aquasoil as substrate and 6 kilos of mini...
  7. J

    diffuser size

    hey would a rhinox 1000 be ok in a 180 litre tank i cant find anywhere with the 2000 or 5000 in stock and am unsure on other brands
  8. J

    Prodibio Stop Ammo

    Hey, has anybody used this? ive just found it on AE and was wondering if i should use it when i revamp my tank soon and change the substrate to aquasoil, maybe this will remove the ammonia that leaches?
  9. J

    Aquasoil On top of Tetra complete

    Hey i am about to start a rescape on my tank and am thinking of adding aquasoil however i have tetra plant complete capped with sand right now and was wondering if i removed the sand cap and added the aquasoil ontop of the left over tetra to fill things out (ada is expensive lol) would there be...
  10. J

    Ideas For Tank Re-scape

    Hey guys. Right now i have a Rio 180 setup with 2 45w T5's a tetratec ex700 and an eheim 2213 filtering. A 200w Hydor ETH external heater and the substrate is tetra plant complete capped with playsand. I have now purchased everything for a pressurised co2 kit and some new wood and mini landscape...
  11. J

    Playsand Going "Crusty"

    Hey i posted a couple weeks ago about what i thought was diatoms. Everytime i vac the top layer of sand and add new within days it has gone to what i can only describe as "crusty" I have Rio 180, medium level of plants, 2 filters a tetratec ex700 and a eheim 2213 to boost flow. I dose easy...
  12. J

    why is my sand browning?

    hey i have argos playsand capping tetra plant complete in my rio 180, the sand is in 2 places of high flow going light brown and and sticking together. the sand everywhere else is fine. Is this diatoms?
  13. J

    What would you do with this tank?

    Hey guys im having to shut down one of my tanks in a few days and was wondering what to do when i set it back up again. It will be planted with good substarate maybe Aquasoil as i have not tried it yet. My question is if you had an eden 501 external, easy carbo, TPN and ad aquastart 320 with 11w...
  14. J

    Azoo Regulator, Anyone used one?

    Hey has anyone used this regulator and solenoid? From the box it looks like an Azoo one http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/CO2-Pressure-Regu ... 240%3A1318
  15. J

    Will Eco-complete dry out?

    If i add the eco complete to my empty tank so i can decide on the scape i want whilst i wait for the rest of the equipment to come. Will the eco dry out maing it unusable? does it need to stay wet?
  16. J

    50% Water change at 2 weeks not 1

    Hey guys. i have just bought a rio 180 and am planning on using E.I on it however. For 2 weeks i will be away on holiday with my parents. For that 2 weeks i the water wont be changed but the fish will still be fed by our neighbour. what will happen if the tank is not does for 2 weeks after being...
  17. J

    500g, How long will it last

    How long will a 500g Co2 canister last on a 180 liter setup?
  18. J

    Aquasoil and presurised co2? is it needed?

    Hey, is it worth using aquasoil if i am not going to be using pressurised co2? the reason being in travel a fair bit and there is 2 weeks a year where noone to regulate the co2 while the family is away. Would a tank suffice on easycarbo?
  19. J

    How much power sand with Aquasoil?

    Hey guys at the moment im saving up to upgrade my current aquarium - Juwel Rekord 96 - to a Rio 180. I know i want to go Planted with Co2, high light and good substrate. I am going to use ADA aquasoil amazonia. Do you need one bag of power sand per bag of aquasoil or will one bag be enough for...
  20. J

    AquaSoil and Ammonia

    Hey, does aquasoil always release ammonia in a tank when it is first put in?
  21. J

    Shop Has Never Heard of ADA!

    Hey, i just rang Amwell aquatics in soham and was informed that they have never even heard of ADA and do not stock Aquasoil. Is ADA not as common in shops as i thought it was?