1. S

    Saurek`s 90p iwagumi

    Greetings fellow scapers. It`s been a while since my last journal. It was 125g tank which is empty for about two years now - I have to get a new room - so forced to abandon it. And decided to shift into the smaller dimensions - main reason was the size of the stones - you have to get really big...
  2. Stu Worrall

    Stu's 90x45x45 Seiryu Range

    This is my most recent scape. Previous one here - Stu's 90x45x45cm Tropica Tank | UK Aquatic Plant Society Hardscape: Seiryu Stone Co2: Pressurised via diffuser into UP atomiser Lighting: ADA Solar 1 - 150w NA Green Filtration: Eheim 2078 Cal Aqua Inlet, ADA P2 Lily Heating: Hydor 300W...