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algae eaters

  1. neofy705

    First high tech - Following Tropica app regarding snails and shrimp?

    Hello all, (Skip to the end for the question) I've gone and set up my first high tech tank. It was quite overwhelming researching and purchasing everything but here's my set up: Tank: Fluval roma 200 Light: Chihiros wrgb2 slim Filter: Fluval 307 (full of seachem matrix as per Green Aqua)...
  2. Nathanh2150

    Is this an algae I should be concerned about ?

    Hi all Need some advice about my aquarium bog wood showing signs of algae should I be concerned about it or leave it be.. Cleaning crew I have are 6x Sterbai cory (Corydoras sterbai) 5x Otocinclus Catfish photos below show algae This is only on the bog wood and nowhere elc in the tank.
  3. Matt Horne

    Hair Algae Nightmare!!! Please help

    Hi everyone, So I've got a horrible hair algae outbreak in my tank. Its probably been there for 2-3 weeks now and is driving me mad! So firstly, here are my tank stats: Tank size: 80x40x40 Set up for about 4 months. Ferts: EI (15ml dosed just as lights come on) Co2: Pressurised Co2 (drop...