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  1. B

    Resolved! App?

    Does anyone know if this website has an app to download for Android?
  2. Pixel Leaf

    Images for App

    Hello planted tank enthusiast, recently I have taken upon the task of creating an app for planted tank users ( Pocket Scaper) . This app contains a library of plants and information; it also has a tracking system for water parameters. Recently I have decided to add a gallery, but I have no...
  3. TallDragon

    Aquarium management programs or apps? Anybody using something?

    Is anybody in this forum using some 'tool' to keep track of their maintenance activities, tank parameters, expenses... details which goes deeper than posting a journal on a forum, and is for personal use? I ran across http://www.aquarimate.com/ and then there is http://www.seneye.com/ with it's...
  4. ale36

    Tropica App

    hi been using the tropica app for about a week now, i wanted to know if anyone else has used it and what are your views on it are, so far its been OK for my in reminding me to do water changes!