1. C

    Aqua gro shrimp and plant soil, experience?

    Hi, I've brought aqua gro shrimp and plant soil, does anyone have any experience with this brand of soil and have any tips when setting up my aqua scape? Thank you.
  2. George Farmer

    New full-time career in aquatics

    Dear all, It's with a great sense of excitement that I announce a change in full-time career from the Armed Forces to the aquatic industry. From 1 April 2014 I will be the AquaGro Brand Manager for Tropical Marine Centre (TMC). The role is very diverse and there are some extremely exciting...
  3. CalebWM

    Newbie Nano Help

    Hi guys, this is probably a very common thread but I want some help deciding. So, is this a good kit for the money TMC Aquagro MicroHabitat 8 (Advanced) | Charterhouse Aquatics Would this need CO2? Would it require dosing of fertilisers, if so which ones? (I don't know too much about ferts at...