aquascaping contests

  1. Carbondioxide

    CO2 ART Aquascaping Contest 2020 - does your aquascape have what it takes to win?

    We know you like aquascaping and who doesn't like to win prizes right? The UK slowly returning to normal, now is the time to bring your aquascape out of quarantine and let us see what all that extra time spent at home has done for your beloved planted tank. This is our first contest and we want...
  2. viktorlantos

    HAC 2014 - Hungarian Aquascaping Contest Result

    Cheers guys. After a little delay we finished the contest and gave out all the awards to the bests. HAC Aquascaping Contest is a local contest which we organize and sponsor since 2009. The contest grown up with our local community and our company too. We live in symbiosis. :) This year we've...
  3. Scapefu

    Aquascaping contests?

    Hi everyone, I'm compiling a list of the aquascaping contests from around the globe. In an effort to not miss any, I'm asking for your help. I'll start with the easy ones: International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest by Aqua Design Amano Aquatic Gardeners Association Aquascaping Contest by...