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  1. Gaina

    New Fluval Roma 125

    I set up my new aquarium this week (Fluval Roma LED 125) and placed a few plants from my old aquarium in there along with some hardscape just to get a sense of perspective whilst I decide what I'm going to do with it. My aim is to create a loose Southeast Asian biotope in a 'jungle' style. I...
  2. Chris Jackson

    The Lazy Asian Biotope

    Hello, Lazy revamp time for a very old 4x2x2 tank. It may seem strange but I have not done a full re-scape with new substrate in well over ten years...! In 2003 it was like this.. For IAPLC 2006 I got a pleasing #299th for this.. Since then it's waxed and waned in different forms...
  3. Chris Jackson

    Rosy Barb biotope

    Hi, I have 120x60x60 tank that has been running for many years and is currently inhabitied by around 25 Rosy barbs most of which have probably been bred in this tank. It's been running in a somewhat neglected low tech state for the last year and whilst I quite like the lot less than perfect...
  4. Iain Sutherland

    NA 120cm - Asian Dreams-IAPLC # 251

    Edit* some specs :geek: Natural Aquario 120 x 45 x 55 superclear glass Natural Aquario Cabinet in matt grey Natural Aquario Light Arm Natural Aquario Stainless Steel inlet and outlets 3 TMC Aquaray 1000nd led tiles on MMS rail and hanging kit TMC Aquaray 8 way controller Eheim 2080 Tetratec...
  5. iPlantTanks

    Fry in the Stream

    Most of my plants came today so could help starting this journal. I'm converting my bare bottom fry tank into a mini aquascape, and for a change I've gone for a stream/river look. I've ordered some lovely looking sumatran driftwood that look like fallen branches and roots. A mixture of java and...